Sunday 2 December 2012


Gary Coburn, a No Campaign supporter, wrote on the Better Together site that he wanted to fire bullets at independence party leaders.

The threat was posted on Thursday — but it was removed only it last night and in the meantime other posts were edited suggesting that it was given the OK by Alistair Darling's campaign team.

Better Together said: “ We've strict rules about what can be said on our Facebook page. The user will be banned.”

And they talk about Cyber Nats! Coburn is obviously an evil Brit Nat.


Cynical Highlander pointed out this article in the Herald. Given that the level of cheating on any kind of sickness benefit is absolutely tiny and indeed pales into insignificance next to the figures for cheating on expenses in the Lords (by some accounts from noble members themselves, standing at around 80%) or the Commons (which according to the Daily Telegraph stood at around 50%), I can't help thinking that perhaps the Westminster executive might like to look to its own failings before looking at other people's.

There is no doubt that, in certain cases, activity can help to improve the quality of life of people who are either physically or mentally ill, but it seems clear to me that that  has to be very strictly controlled by people acting only in the interests of the sick person, and not in the interests of fulfilling any target, numerical or financial. 

I hope that, but doubt if, this will be the case. I do know that if someone close to me were forced against their will into this scheme and their condition was exacerbated by it, I would be looking to find the doctor, or health professional who had advised it with a view to having them struck off.

I'd also like a list of companies participating in this slave trade so that I can boycott them.

Not unassociated with the above comment, I saw some interesting figures.

British Soldiers killed in Afghanistan: 438.
Sick and disabled who died within weeks of being found "fit for work" by Atos: 1,700.
This seems to indicate that Atos are more dangerous that Al Qaeda and the Taliban  Maybe we should direct out next war at them.


  1. Tris

    Just in case you missed this.

    I think bitter together will mark this down as yet another union benefit.

  2. tris

    As I said before at work we had four disabled employees and due to orders falling off had some redundancies.
    Three of them were laid off as it was said to them they were not as flexible or able to adapt to other types of work. (all a load off bollocks to the rest of us)

    Anyway the last one left well we have a laugh and joke as you do the day the others left.we and them joked you will be next all in light hearted banter. But the fact is he and we all expect it to happen if more go.....

    makes me puke they are being forced through hoops they will never achieve and if they did then they will make more difficult hoops for them...


  3. Ah yes. I did miss it, Dubs. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

    So that will be Birkenhead, Southampton, South Wales, Flamouth and bristol... up and down the country... erm yep, except Scotland.

    I note too (from Yes Scotland):

    "The Ministry of Defence are planning to scrap proposals that would have seen thousands of army jobs coming to Scotland.

    "In a move that will be a blow to the anti-independence Better Together campaign, a Sunday newspaper has reported that plans by the MoD for a so-called “super garrison” at Kirknewton, outside Edinburgh are expected to be shelved.

    "According to the Sunday Times (, army chiefs are set to scrap the plans that would have led to thousands of soldiers being posted near the Scottish capital. The newspaper reports that the MoD are advising the UK government to abandon the plans, which were initially announced by former Defence Secretary Liam Fox.

    "Under Mr Fox’s proposal, five brigades returning from Germany would have been re-located to central Scotland, this was reduced to three this summer by new Defence Minister Philip Hammond. However the MoD is now urging the UK government to instead re-locate the troops to Salisbury Plain in southern England.


    It seems that Philip B.V.I. Hammond, doesn't much care for Scotland. Which I suppose is alright as we don't much like him either.

    I wonder if Spud has anything to say about that...seeing they promised Scotland jobs.

    Are they trying to break us completely?

  4. Well, we're totally in agreement on that, Niko.

    We really are talking about people's lives here. People are dying at a frightening rate, and no one is doing anything about it.

    These people will be used as slave labour by companies who can make a killing by not paying for their staff.

    As I said, I'd like a list of companies who are involved so I can boycott them... and advertise them on here, and hopefully on other people's blogs.

    They have also reduced the help that sick people get to pay electricity and gas bills. In many cases it has been halved.

    This will mean more deaths.

    But none of it will affect any of them.

    And in the meantime Boris is demanding that they reduce the top rate of tax so that they can compete with India (to whom they still give bloody aid!!!!)

    I want to hear what Salmond, Lamont and Davidson have to say about this. I want to hear their criticisms of the way we treat our sick.

    And wait for it. If Cameron thinks that he has got away with killing off the sick, he won't be long in attempting the same with the elderly.

    Dean once said to me that it was wrong to hold Cameron's poshness or great wealth against him. I maintain that the trouble with these people is they have never actually properly met anyone who might be harmed by what they are doing.

  5. tris

    People like Cameron (English male white middle class mainly in the south east of England)

    Believe WE our type are less than amoeba like scum. They dont give us a fleeting thought..Its not hate for us we dont rate that high in their mentality. I mean when we walk along the street is their any concern over the microscopic life we have just crushed.

    they want it all every fecking bit of it and nothing for the plebs. let alone the in their words mental defectives.
    They allow them a miserly pittance so they eat cheap unhealthy food cheap shoddy ill fitting clothes live in the worst housing. Are unable to defend themselves and so are abused........

    society 'US' lets them live that way and then reviles and demonises them.


    People like Cameron (English male white middle class mainly in the south east of England)

    Sit on top of us ALL and laugh their bollocks off

  6. tris

    a tiny glimmer of hope perhaps

    An Opinium/Observer poll finds more than half of voters (53%) believe cuts to welfare spending have gone far enough. Just 29% believe they should continue to be cut.

  7. Yeah, pretty much sums it up, Niko.

    You're right, I think, in that they don't actually hate us. They just don't see us.

    We are the service class; the people they don't really see as we wander between them picking up their dirty champagne bottles adn discarded petits fours.

    I read that one of prince Charles' girlfriends actually believed that non aristocrats were a sub species of human..I think it was the one that was related to the duke of Wellington.

    She wasn't really unpleasant to the underlings (according to one of Charlie boy's servants) she just treated them rather like she would treat some animal, but maybe not as affectionately.

    So it is with people of Cameron's class. We don't really know what it is like to be stinking rich from the day you are born; to go to the most prestigious school in the world and one of the best universities, where they mix with other people with money, titles and indeed sometimes princes and kings.

    They, on the other hand, have no idea what it is like to live on an estate (unless it's a country one) to have a second hand car, or no car, to worry about electricity and dental bills...never mind what it must be like to live in a slum with a crack cocaine factory next door to you...

    I know Cameron knows about disability. It must have been terrible to watch little Ivan suffer as he did, and Cameron did claim DLA just like other people who couldn't afford to have a disabled kid.

    But Ivan never had to sleep in a cold damp house with a party going on in the flat above and a row in the flat underneath, blood and vomit in the stairwell and needles in the back green.

    And Cameron can have no perception what life is like for people who do have to live like that.

    It is good that 53% of the population think that the cuts have gone far enough. But that's not enough to sway Osborne. I'm disappointed that it is not nearer 85%.

    It would be interesting to see a geographical breakdown of that percentage.