Saturday 1 December 2012

Nua Bùtha Scalpaidh

Munguin's Republic is delighted to announce that the new shop on Scalpay is opened. 

We just hope we got the photographs right.

Accessible from Harris by bridge, you can walk to Eilean Glas Lighthouse, see Bonnie Prince Charlie’s cave and call in for refreshments.
Scalpay has a unique, warm and welcoming timeless atmosphere, not to mention a very distinguished resident!
General stores open 9am – 6pm Monday to Saturday, plus 8pm – 10pm on Saturdays only.
The cafe is open from 10am – 4.30pm Monday to Saturday.
You will note that NOTHING is open on the Sabbath!


  1. You will note that NOTHING is open on the Sabbath!

    Thats when the pics were taken then.

  2. LOL. It's not Leith High Street you know, CH!

  3. Doesn't that just make you proud beyond measure to be British. Rule Britannia I say.

    I just had a wizard idea chaps: the ordinary unemployed can be used to dig graves for the sick who die as a result of the forced labour.

    Britain... you just have to love it....

  4. " You will note that NOTHING is open on the Sabbath!"

    Not even the churches ?

    Does the shop still sell spangles and aztec bars ?

  5. You'll have to ask John m'Lud... It's a wee bit too far for me to go.

    I suspect the churches do a roaring trade on a Sunday. We could send them some of ours that are empty to cope with the overflow.

    What on earth are Aztec Bars?

  6. Aztec bars were brilliant !
    Probably before your time though tris. Although they did make a brief comeback in the early 80's. They were like a mars bar but had a layer of caramel I think. In a purple or dark blue wrapper.
    A lot of sweeties seem to be under threat these days. I'm a bit worried about caramacs as they seem to be endangered and getting more difficult to source. Poundland do 3 for a pound ( used to be 4 until recently)

  7. I suppose Monty, those that don't sell enough just get the chop.

    Munguin is always mithering on about Fry's Five Centres, which were like their orange and peppermint bars and fry's Cream, but with a variety of fillings... strawberry, raspberry, pineapple, lime...

    They seem to have disappeared.

    Caramac, I haven't seen for years. mind you they were a bit on the sickly side for me.

  8. No spangles or Aztec bars although the old shop which closed some twenty years ago may have stocked them. As for churches doing a "roaring" trade the days of the hell-fire preachers are sadly gone.

  9. Should have said thanks for the plug, Tris! Some nice pictures on the wall but if you are ever in these parts there is a lovely cafe called Skoon Cafe where a friend of mine from Paisley has an art-gallery stocked with his brilliant pictures. It's a bit out of the way like most places up here but well worth the visit.

  10. I was just hoping that I got the right shop. I really hope that I can get to the islands one day.

    My Hungarian friend's parents are hoping to tour there this summer, and he's invited me along, but I have already got a holiday in Paris to pay for and one in Bulgaria, so I'm not sure I can afford that.

    I'll certainly tell them... about it.

    I'm not entirely sure that Munguin's republic will have garnered a lot of custom for them but it was a nie break from writing about politics... :)