Wednesday 5 December 2012


Job for Niko?

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Sooooo... anyone want to volunteer? You get travel expenses and a free lunch, and in these times that might be a very tempting offer. 

The trouble with volunteers that require payment to volunteer is that they are just as likely to take your lunch, claim their bus fair and pop off home, having done very little.

I noticed in the Metro today  that the 222,000 are visiting food handout centres this year...double last year's numbers. Most of them are working, and some are having to walk 10 miles to get there, as they can't afford the bus fares. (Bus fare for 10 miles quoted as £5.62, where it would cost me about £1.50 in the car)

I wonder if any of the people on Workfare are working there for their benefits... Now wouldn't that be a laugh?


  1. I could volunteer and enjoy a bus ride through to Glasgow from Dundee a couple times a week and spy on them but they would expect me to use by bus pass.

  2. You could tell them you didn't have one, Marcia, as you are not a "something for nothing" kind of Scot, that Ms Lamont appears to believe we all are.

    I wonder what you get for lunch... Might it be some Sainsbury British Scotch Broth (no kidding) that appeared on their shelves during the London Olympics?

  3. No idea if this will work, if it doesn't feel free to delete it, if it does, well; you might want to delete it anyway.


  4. (Or follow the link. As young people like to say, woteva.)

  5. Tris, I think for lunch I will be offered Lancashire Hot Pot followed by Bakewell Pudding to follow. My hair will give my pension age away so they will ask me to use my bus pass as their funds would be depleted by me asking for first class rail fares each way or even a megabus fare.

  6. Noooooo Pa. It didn't work. Try again. No, seriously, I'll try to sort it.

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  7. God, you're so trendy and kool!!!

  8. Ha ha ha ha Brilliant.

    Cross parties... they are indeed very cross parties. In fact downright angry, I'd say.

  9. What a lovely foreign menu...

    Oh well, you'll just have to not volunteer Marcia. That's a pity. You'd have enjoyed being a part of these cross parties...

  10. My powers of photoshop know no beginning.


  11. They certainly don't Pa!! :)