Saturday 8 December 2012


In front of labour Headquarters. Can you see Lammy? There are proper Labour people
You tell them, hen. I'll hud yer coat...Ewww, on reflection, you can hold it yourself. People might think it was mine. 

Don't worry Lammy. They'll work out who you are one day...maybe

Hmmm, that could be because you ARE useless, Ed
Thanks heaven for photoshop. Imagine in the days when they would have had to pose for something as repugnant as this shot.


  1. The Labour for Independence posters are quite striking to look at and would make good billboards in the 'Labour voting' areas.

  2. They would, Marcia. Brilliant idea.

    I think you should get over THERE and volunteer for THEM, never mind Bugger Together or whatever it's called.


  3. The jam poster should of had 'May contain nuts' as a warning.

  4. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ...Quip of the week, CH....

  5. Our Scotland where the hell do you get that fanciful idea.Not from any Nationalist discourse.

    With the snp 'OUR' Scotland is non existent you mean a snp ruled totalitarian state surely.

    Showing a few pics of a few supporters of different political parties.Does not as poll after poll year after year shows.

    The most defining feature of the snp 'THE SNP' campaign has been the
    aggressive attack on any and all partys who do not share their extremist vision.
    You insult denigrate revile all and every party which has a legitimate right to decide a different future then yourselves.

    And now you have the unmitigated gall to ask of those you hate and despise.To vote for and to live in fear, uncertainty and oppression under a undemocratic snp party.

    I dont bloody think so

  6. Two questions, Niko?

    Is your bed up against a wall?

    Did you get out of it on the wrong side this morning?

    The reason I as is that that was utter drivel, which could only have emanated from a seriously concussed person.

  7. Is the last pic a photo of Ed meeting his mummy after a "hard" day at the office?

    With Niko's continual failing attacks on SNP is he related to Willie Bain. After all was it not dear old Willie who said the reason for Labour's existance was to attack the SNP and to hell with everything else?

  8. Ha ha, Arbroath.

    It's true. Bain said that Labour vote against anything the SNP say as a matter of principle, even if it is in their own manifesto.

    That shows the level of politics from Scottish Labour.

    The REAL Scottish Labour of course is working with other home grown Scottish parties in the yes campaign.

  9. That's what we'll call him from now on CH.

  10. I hope there were no tongues involved in that last photo.


    In your criticism of the SNP and independence do you want things to remain the same i.e. Labour and Tories fighting for the right-wing vote?

    In the event of independence being gained how do you see Scottish Labour reacting?

    Can you really see Jo Lamont as First Minister of an independent Scotland or would there have to be a completely new Scottish Labour party?

    I hesitate to say this but I think, out of a pathetic bunch, I would rather see big Jackie as leader as I'm pretty sure Malcolm Chisholm would not be considered.


  11. On the day Ed Miliband decides to do the right thing and fight for all the peoples of the UK.Unlike the snp little scotlanders who fight tooth and nail to keep for the wealthy a council tax cut.

    All you lot have got is a piss take on other parties representatives elected by the Scottish people.But that part of sovereignty you lot ignore.
    At the end of the day this seperation of yours is going to be decided by people who vote for the UK parties.
    And their is fecking lot more of them than you lot.

    Ed Miliband to wage war on George Osborne over benefit cuts

    Labour set for Commons showdown as church leaders and charities protest at assault on welfare

  12. I wish you hadn't said that John.

    In a REAL Scottish Labour party, don't you think that people like Lamont and her friends would be thrown over for proper Labour people.

    Folk like Chisholm might find themselves back in favour, but I don't think he'd want the job now.

    Jackie Baillie is the best of a terrible bunch, but she's too much of a liar for me to take to.

    I might join a proper Labour Party in the future, or if not join it, I might support it.

  13. I'm initially pleased to see that Miliband is fighting this, but of course that doesn't immediately make him a socialist, does it?

    I mean when he was in government he didn't renationalise electricity or gas, or trains or buses. He sat in a cabinet that doubled income tax for the very poorest. He sat in a cabinet that oversaw a massive difference between rich and poor. he served Blair. He voted to slaughter hundreds of thousands of Iraqis for Mr Cheney's oil.

    He was in a government that didn't deal with the banks' and their madness, but did introduce Atos and their profit making regime into sickness with the result that people die every week because the government refuses them sickness benefit. And he didn't seem to object Lamont saying that we were a load of scroungers who wanted something for nothing.

    So yeah Niko, I haven't read what he says yet (I will do), but he's not St Ed yet.

    Let him put up a spirited fight for taxes on people like the royals (how can William afford to get his wife treated in a private hospital where others would have to sit in a waiting room for hours) and bankers and top business men, pop singers and actors; let him fight to have Atos binned and have proper doctors test what sick are capable of, and the DWP take into consideration that just because someone can more their arm, doesn't mean that Tesco is going to employ them to do it.

    Let him fight the halving of the help with electricity bills that the very sickest get.

    Let him fight for government control over electricity and gas prices and water in England. Let him fight against the privatisation of the English Health Service and increasingly their schools...

    Let him prove that he's a Labour man.

    Let him show that he cares about the people of North England, or Wales and of Scotland who don't live in a land of milk and honey that is SE England.

    Of course it will cost him a lot of votes, possible a million or more, but at least he will be true to himself and his father and win some respect.

  14. I note the following:

    "In a high-risk move that could come to define his leadership, Miliband appears ready to order his party to oppose real-term reductions in income for millions of the poorest and most vulnerable...

    "...Senior Labour figures stopped short of confirming that Labour would vote against the cuts in the Commons in January.

    So what will they do. Stamp and scream.

    They should make it clear they will vote against them. They are condemning people to death.

    They should be calling for Osborne's sacking on the grounds he is a clueless moron heading for a triple dip recession.

  15. tris

    They should vote against which i expect them to do 'IF' they dont not only will they have lost a member but they will lose this lifelong Labour voter.

  16. Well, I'd feel the same over the SNP Niko, so in that much I can agree with you.

    (I wouldn't stop supporting independence though... I'd support Labour for Independence, or Scottish Socialists.)

  17. The Icelandic Success Story

    Iceland’s special prosecutor has said it may indict as many as 90 people, while more than 200, including the former chief executives at the three biggest banks, face criminal charges.

    I hope they include Brown and Darling.

  18. CH: Oh yeah... Life in an Icelandic jail for them...

    Still, like everything in Iceland, even their jails will be very civilized.

    With reference to the labour party story, I see they have taken their lead from the English Church and Charities.

    I'm happy to see that at long last the CofE has opened its eyes to what is going on around it, instead of gazing at its belly button.

  19. Hold on a minute, whats this about Labour fighting the Torys benefit cuts.

    In his reply to the Autumn statement(in December?) Ed I speak a load of Balls said that they would not reverse the torys benefit cuts.

    Also in the fight against the torys pension tax that from 1st April 2013 will cut the pension of millions of pensioners 38 Scottish Labour MPs could not be bothered to turn up to vote. What were they doing? why were they too busy? Answers on a postcard to John Smith house.

    Labour will not stop ATOS forcing terminally ill people into work, as Labour were the party who employed ATOS in the first place.

    Lets hear no more rubbish about Labour defending anyone, they are just as right wing as their pals the torys, thats why they are all "Better Together"

  20. Yes Dubs...that's what Ed Bolls said, but according the Guardian, Ed Mills has followed the Church of England and a group of charities into opposition to the latest cuts.

    Now it could be that while they will not reverse any of the previous cuts, they won't support the next lot (or presumably the one that will have to come after the next one).

    It is possible...

    I would like to know why 38 Scottish MPs wouldn't vote against pension reductions. Is this the start of the "demonize the old" campaign?

    Any Labour supporters have a reason for them abstaining from that vote? Do they want pensions reduced? Do they reckon that is a fair way of sharing the pain? What are they doing to MPs? What to Lords? What to the royals?

    I think one of the most ridiculous things I've heard this week is that people who are working for Remploy are being paid off to save money. Then they will be told that, as they could work for Remploy they must be fit for work, so they will be put on the open market, on the basic dole money.

    At a time of low unemployment people with special employment needs are low down the list; at this time where employers can have their pick of people, life will be even harder for them.

    They've thrown them on the scrap heap. The bastards.