Saturday 24 November 2012


Sooooo, first of all there was their new logo, quite truthful, for a change
Then there was their new campaign, which left itself open to the odd bit of ridicule here...
...and here...
...and here. Wait a minute...Johann??? Who can tell the difference
Just a little reminder of the last post
And another reminder that we may run our own Health Service, but we are dependent on them for our money
Er, well what are you wasting your time for... Let's do it.
From a Labour man, Niko. I've been telling you. 
If you want the Tory take on it, here's Johnny Crude Bum.
Good news on Westminster voting intentions, from a very sizeable sample. Guess who's winning... 


  1. tris

    cant help but fell the Scottish conservatives are struggling with their identity.

    Mrs Niko says looks like an X factor flag.............Damn she has a point clever Mrs Niko

  2. Wonder how long it took the Tories to come up with the "new" DOUBLE CROSS logo Tris?

    I wonder, now that the Tories have Re logoed themselves can we expect Labour to follow suit?

    If Labour also re logo themselves will their "new" logo be the TRIPLE CROSS or a DOUBLE NOUGHT. Hope it is the later, then we can all have a game of noughts and crosses. :lol:

  3. Ahhh Niko. I'm afraid, ignoramus that I am, that I've never seen an ex-factor flag... or if I have, I can't remember it.

    But, it would be appropriate. A bunch of rank amateurs who think they are going to be someone.

    The difference is that the ones on the TV show have a chance of that actually happening.

    More seriously, they are desperately trying to find some sort of identity, and the daft thing is that by rejecting Murdo in favour of Dave's choice of Ruth, they lost the only chance they had to have one.

    I tried to talk to them about this on Tory Hame, but no one answered my post... Maybe no one read it.

  4. Oh boom boom, Arbroath.

    I suspect that no one at Tory Central... that phone box at the top of Leith Walk, thought about the consequences of having a errrr "double" cross as their logo.

    It is amazing how naive people can be. "It looks pretty, and it's very modern...coooool; that will do us" (Even if they are neither pretty nor modern, or maybe because of it!)

    The thing is, you see, that despite Ruth following Dave's diktats to the letter, they want something that will show their independence (ooops sorry, nasty word); something that will not look like an English Oak. And you would have to admit, this doesn't look even remotely like an English Oak.

    Heaven help us from daft works coming up with a new logo. She came up with some new policies and buried Labour's founding principles for once and for all.

    I guess they could just have the Tories old one... They seem to like Conservative cast offs.

  5. X marks the spot with pics of Cameron, Clegg and Millband underlined with Better Together in London.

  6. They are certainly better (for us) together in London, or even better still somewhere far away: Basra, Kabul maybe?

    I hear Miliband's brother gave an interview on Danish tv (in English of course) and called the UK, England...

    What a twerp...

  7. Thing is Tris, if you rotate their "new" logo 45 deg then it kinda looks like a tree. Granted it is a bit of a stretch, oh all right a BIG BIG stretch.:lol:

    I hear Sandy Island is a great place for them to visit Tris. :lol:

  8. Hmmm... No, it doesn't, Arbroath. It really doesn't!

    I'm told Wee Willie booked Sandy Island for their next conference.

  9. I can't believe that Tris.

    Their last conference was held in a phone box in Rothesay and even that was too big for them. If they went to Sandy Island they'd all get lost.

    Hmm, wait a minute, Lib/Dems conference lost on Sandy Island that does have a sort of nice ring to it after all. :lol:

  10. The principle thing to remember is that for all the hot bluster, the priorities of the people of Scotland are being ignored by the SNP executive in Holyrood.

    (cue hysterical cybernat reactions at my using executive instead of 'government')

    Scots want action on energy security, all the while the SNP block new generation nuclear (just wait till all the lights go out in a decade)

    Scots want action on sustainable welfare; all the while the SNP pretend we can just fork out money for millionaires.

    Scots want more devolution within the UK, the SNP are pushing a Jacobite Agenda threatening to rip Scotland our of the UK.


  11. Scots want action on energy security, all the while the SNP block new generation nuclear (just wait till all the lights go out in a decade)

    Tell us Dean is a nuclear power station a stand alone generator?

  12. ch

    A stake through Aex Salmonds heart

    Apart from opposition in Madrid, and heading for fewer seats than he won in the last elections two years ago, one of Mas's biggest difficulties is uncertainty over whether a newly independent Catalonia could remain within the European Union and the euro currency.

    The European commission president, José Manuel Barroso, said in Spain last weekend that EU treaties required breakaway states to join the queue for membership.

  13. The Guardian and truth and very often at opposite ends of the spectrum Niko.

    Guardian newspaper accused of manipulating article on Catalan independence

    The article, entitled Catalonia: 'A country can exist quite happily without a state of its own', gave readers the impression that Mr Tree is opposed to Catalan independence, however the writer has taken to Twitter to denounce the Guardian for cutting his article in such a way as to make it say the opposite of what he originally wrote.

  14. The new logo for the Conservatives in Scotland and the name, "Scottish Conservatives", is just another game of smoke and mirrors to put a kilt on the Conservative party in exactly the same way as Labour put a kilt on Labour with the name, "Scottish Labour". There is of course no Scottish Conservative, Scottish Labour or Scottish Lib-Dem party. Search for any of these in the Electoral Commission's register of political parties and you won't find them.

    It says on the new Conseravtives in Scotland (to give them their proper name) site:

    What we stand for: We are a patriotic party of the Scottish centre-right which stands for freedom, enterprise, community and equality of opportunity.

    Right wing parties are often the ones who play the patriotic card however for the Conservatives in Scotland their problem is that they are patriotic for the wrong country. I think "double cross" as the name for the new logo is quite appropriate.

  15. Oh dear the Catalonia election results are coming in and unfortunately despite Niko's best hopes the INDEPENDENCE parties are slotted to win around 98 seats out of 135. OOPS!

    Anyone for Independence? :D

  16. There's only the five of them, Arbroath. I think that we could find them a rowing boat.

  17. Well at least they wouldn't get lost in a rowing boat, unlike certain other "Scottish" parties I could mention but they are still trying to find Sandy Island. :lol:

  18. Dean:

    First of all, if you call them the Scottish Executive because you want to belittle them, then I guess you should expect people to be cross. Labour did that when they gave them that title at the same time as giving the Welsh "government" title if not status.

    It was petty really.

    If you are doing it because the government of a country is, in other words, an executive, then why would anyone make a fuss about it. David Cameron heads up the English and UK executive and Alex Salmond heads up the Scottish executive.

    There are a lot of problems with nuclear. It costs an arm and a leg to start up. They say that building just one power station in England is going to cost £14 billion (and that's before the over runs and up pricing and all the other things that invariably go on with government contracts.

    Once it is up and running it is cheap to keep going. No doubt about that. Although clearly it is a bigger risk than the other types of generation, if things start to go wrong. Look at what happening in the 50s at Windscale. In the days of terrorists being able to get bombs and aircraft with seemingly little bother, the thought that someone who hates Britain might want to, and could, blow the country up, is another risk factor.

    It is not only incredibly expensive, but also terribly dangerous to decommission. And then the radioactive waste lies around for thousands of years.

    Hmmm, there seems to me to be a very good reason to try to develop safer ways of generating power.

    So.... we have a country which is windy, and has so much coastline (and waves), and as an independent country we have plenty of gas.

    Nuclear should be far down on our list of priorities in my opinion.

    Of course I trust that Mrs Lamont is going to wail and gnash her teeth at the fact that France and Japan are bidding for the nuclear power stations... No one from Scotland/England/Britain.

    The fact that there are no British companies that would know how to start that kind of thing is neither here nor there with her. ... ah, but wait. It's her good friend the Tories who are doing this job... so she doesn't have to object for the sake of it.

  19. Wrong again Niko.

  20. Ah CH.

    The Gruinard, weel knewn fur it's spolling mistaks.

    And of course from printing a load of tripe that suits its agenda.

  21. PS: The trouble with the loss making Guardian (nay, one of the problems) is that once you could do that kind of thing and, apart from the few friends that you could inform, no one knew that they had trafficked your article till it said what THEY wanted it to say.

    Now, dear Guardian, we have Twitter, and Facebook.

    They don't seem to have caught up.

  22. Hm Doug.

    What a surprise. No Scottish Conservatives...just like there is no Scottish Labour.

    Just a figment of their imaginations made to seem real since they discovered that Scots are fed up being hidden under the English identity. (Take note David Miliband and stop calling us bloody England).

    "What we stand for: We are a patriotic party of the Scottish centre-right which stands for freedom, enterprise, community and equality of opportunity."

    Uh huh... well I'm glad they told us, because I would have had no idea that they gave a stuff about community, or society, which they once told us didn't exist.

    Enterprise I can certainly believe. At the cost of everything else. I see that Cameron has changed the law in England to greatly diminish the right of people to ask for reviews of planning decisions... on the basis that we must go for growth above all.

    Well, I hope someone builds a nuclear power reprocessing plant in his back garden, but of course they won't!

  23. Seeing as any referendum is unconstitutional and cant be held so what???

    'In 1934, the Spanish army put down an independence revolt led by the then Catalan leader, Lluís Companys, which added to simmering tension before the 1936-39 civil war. The dictator Francisco Franco had Companys shot in 1940'

    now thats the way to deal with you lot

  24. It has been expected, Arbroath.

    They have a vision of a Europe of small nations that people can feel affection for and connection to.

    And that they have some control over.

  25. Well, that's OK, Niko. If that's what Labour thinks should be done with us, fair enough.

    It was clearly what the British government believed should happen to Irish people who didn't want to be a part of the perfidious empire of England.

    So, what's all the criticism that you think an independent Scotland wouldn't be democratic, if that's the way you'd deal with people who are dissatisfied with the way they are forced to live.

  26. Violence never ever solved any problem only made the matter far worse for others Niko. Still no reason why we are better together hmm.

  27. The one thing that the promoters of nuclear miss is that they cannot run without a dedicated fossil fuel generator 24/7 ad infinitum meaning that they are not baseload only an addition just like wind etc.

  28. Umm! Alright over the top but arbroath get me so mad Grr!

    still no excuse I unreservedly apologise and withdraw my uncalled for remark.

    and now retire to the naughty corner for a period of reflection

    “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”
    ― Martin Luther King Jr

    Err your not gonna tell brownlie I hope

  29. Any Catalan referendum is invalid. The results unconstitutional.

    Madrid must put an end to these perfidious rebels.

    One Spain, united. Just like one UK united, just like ONE EUROPE.

    Let us abolish nationalism. Let us have one Europe, united free of borders. No amount of self-interested modern day Jacobites or Carlists must stand in our way.

    Solidarity, Peace, Unity. Europe.

  30. Oh, I didn't know that, CH. So you have to have another kind of power to power nuclear?

    (I'm a scientific ignoramus!)

    Oi Niko...don't you dare!

  31. LOL Niko.

    Your apology is completely accepted. And now, we'll not tell Mr Brownlie as long as you promise to behave...

  32. Sorry Dean. That's wrong in every way.

  33. Didn't know you were a proponent of one world government Dean but it's nice that you've seen through the commonly expressed oxymoron expounded by many unionists of being against all nationalism while promoting Britain as a nation.

    If you're against nationalism why stop at an inward looking bounded European nationalism? One world government is the way to go.

  34. One doesn't need a scientific background tris just a bit of thinking outside of the box. The only way to get power from uranium is by using a secure outside source to work the power station which is why it is such a nonsense to even contemplate it unless one wants WMD, Iran!

  35. Dean wants the likes of Blair, Bush and others to run the world and we can all live in la la land.

  36. Has Johann been on a diet? She looked more rotund last Thursday as she swept out of the chamber. Maybe it's the worry over losing the referendum that's getting to her

  37. Hmmm... still beyond me, CH. But I take your word for it.

    God knows we want rid of these wmds!

  38. Well, CH, it wasn't up to much when Blair and Bush got their hands on it, but it sure as hell has gone well downhill since.

  39. Fairfor... I dunno. I try not to look at her much.

    She must be worried about the conduct of some of her people. She's had to speak sharply to two this week, for opening their daft mouths and spouting off.

    Telling the Presiding Officer that she is out of order is just NOT DONE.

    I've just put a new post up and there's some stuff in it which should worry her a bit!