Saturday 10 November 2012


The Noble ComREDs
Doesn't sound a lot, but it would make your life different
What could we do with £19 billion?
You're right Peter. It makes no sense at all. So let's not do it.
Union bonus No 1. Our money gets spent in England!
Union Bonus No 2: She looks like she's swallowed a wasp. I hope she has.
What? From the Scottish press or the opposition? Yer joking, right?
Union Bonus No 3: We get to replace the sewers in London. AND refurbish the Houses of Parliament.
Ireland back in prosperity. Union Bonus No 4: Getting to stay poor
This one is a caption competition. Just keep it (reasonably) clean. 
What do you think about that, Plebs?
Union bonus No 5: They may not control; it, but they control; how much we get to run it
The poor old BBC. Since that nice Tory man George Whistlestop took over, it's just been one long disaster.
Close it down. 
Click on the pictures to enlarge as ever... and have a go at the caption competition. First Prize: a no-expenses paid weekend with Niko.

Also, a couple of Hungarian friends in Budapest are doing a project for University. It involves completing a survey about tourism in Hungary and the Czech Republic. If anyone fancies having a go at it, I know they would be most appreciative. 


  1. Caption

    Gave Johann a kiss and she sooked my lips off


    I said keep it clean!!!

    No seriously Ha ha...

    Erm...did you want a weekend with Niko very much then?

  3. Whoopee have I won?
    I will be free the second friday after the third monday next tuesday
    Please make the arrangements I have expensive tastes however so nothing but the best please
    Thanking you in anticipation xx

  4. Yeah... yours was definitely pretty much the best of all then err yeah...well anyway, moving on....

    So it's arranged.

    With Niko I think you can guarantee it will be only the very best.

    Have fun...

  5. Hate to be a nit picker Tris but I think you really should have included Union Bonus No. 6. .........Expenses!

    I give you the following as evidence to the great Westminster swindle!

  6. Fair criticism Arbroath.

    But, in my defence I have to say that if I tried to cover every benefit of the union in one article, it would be too long to read.

    I'm particularly interested though in Dr NO, OK, he's only Mr NO. Ali Darling.

    Clearly he has more than one vested interest in retaining the union. Not only is he, under the present situation guaranteed a seat in the House of Lords, but he has done so very very well for himself out of this union.

    I wonder if he is aware that the rest of us tend not to be able to make that much out of the state...

    I wonder if he knows that many fellow Scots only half around half of his weekly food allowance of £100 to get them through a whole week.

    The trouble, as always, with these people is that although they are supposed to represent all of us, they simply have no idea what life is like for us.

    Off topic I see that George Whistlestop has earned his name. He was a pointed, did a whistlestop tour of the BBC, was found to be not only to be wanting, but laughably incompetent as well, and he resigned.

    Bye George.


  7. Tris,

    The caption for the Lards photo should be "Did you ever see such an undeserving, hypocritical, useless, conniving etc. etc. bastards in one montage?" and to think that my, and your, taxes keep them in luxury.

    Sorry about the bad language but I cannot think of anything more appropriate.

  8. PS: In the unlikely event of winning a caption competition I won't be able to go to Niko's - he's suspicious enough about my trysts with Mrs N. at the bingo!

  9. tris

    Alex told the truth

    Yes well the truth he says today is always a different one tomorrow.

    I know we will call it an Alex fact it means whatever he decides on any given day.

    Err! in terms of the debate

  10. Democracy

    The Nationalists do not know what that means a vote for Alex is a vote for a


    one party state and the prisons overflowing with the opponents of the snp.

  11. THE budget for the SNP’s flagship policy to build new schools, roads and hospitals has been slashed to just 6 per cent of its original forecast for this year, Scotland on Sunday can reveal

    Nat version of truth

    Yesterday, a Scottish Government spokesman claimed that – taking into account future spending – the overall expenditure had not been reduced, but he added: “It has taken longer than anticipated for some of the NPD projects to reach procurement and construction.

    taking into account future spending –

    what the feck does that mean sometime never.....

  12. John: The caption is superb.

    You are now joint winner along with fairforfochen, even although you chose the wrong photograph...

    Obviously you can't both have a weekend at Niko's, in view of your emr...personal, erm, well, we'll think up something else for you.

    Hmmm... a weekend with wee Wille Whatsisname?

  13. No idea what that means, Niko.

    But then I rarely understand anything any of them say.

    I'm sure they will be doing their best for Scotland though, Niko. You know that, don't you.

    Eck is the man. And the spokesman for the Scottish Government is erm... the second man...

    But Scotland on Sunday isn't even fit for chip wrappings.

    As for one party state... that's what we have in the UK, isn't it, as the Liberals have been absorbed into the left wing of the Tory party, and Labour into its right wing!

    At least in Scotland with proportional representation other people do have some strength and legitimacy in parliament.

  14. I have decided I no longer wish to be the winner, thank you.

    It's the middle of the afternoon and the prize sounds so grumpy What on earth is he like in the morning?

    Maybe he would be better suited to Johann They could sook some of the bitterness out of each other She has already had a bit practice with call me Dave

    Meant in the best possible taste of course (whatever that means)

  15. Well....we've never had a prize turned down before, but I think I can understand.

    I'm afraid that Ms Lamont hasn't entered the competition so I really can't give her the first prize, and John can't accept that because of, er, the bingo.

    There is a cash alternative. If I can just find a farthing I'll post it on to you.

  16. Thinks "How many chins are you growing then?"

    Gift the prize to Ruth Lamont as she might kick some sense into Niko.

  17. LOL CH... He's getting right old looking even with his botox treatments.

    OK, Ruthie Lamont it is!

    I wonder if Niko's any good at box kicking?

  18. Here's a wee poser for you Tris.

    When is an irrevocable decision NOT an irrevocable decision. If your stumped Tris here is a wee clue:

    “This is not about picking a government for the next five years. If we decide to go down the independence route it is an irrevocable step – you’re talking about a completely different constitutional relationship, maybe for the next 200 or 300 years.”

    You may recognise this statement from a certain Alistair Darling's speech at the launch of the NO campaign, sorry Bitter Together, sorry Better Together campaign.

    Now If you don't mind skip forward to another speech by someone also called, coincidently, Alistair Darling in Prestonpans on Friday night.

    “Speaking as he delivered this year’s John P Mackintosh Memorial Lecture in Prestonpans, East Lothian, on Friday evening, [Darling] said the ‘most obvious problem’ with a common currency was that ‘sooner or later it takes you to economic and then political union. So Scotland would leave the UK only to end up in the same place as it began, with all the trauma that would entail.’”

    Now back to the original question. When is an irrevocable decision NOT an irrevocable decision?

    Answers on a post card to:
    A. Darling.
    Home address


    A. Darling
    Flipped address


    Flipped address


    A. Darling
    Flipped address


  19. "Cameron has a go at 'chewin a wasp', the latest craze sweeping Westminster said to have been started by Margaret Curran."


    "If I suck my own lips in hard enough, would my head fold in half?"

  20. disappointed Tris.

    Your better than this, misleading collection if 'facts' (use word advisedly). This is why I barely comment (either on union or indie blogs)... 'cos your all partial (I'm joining the collective apathy of my generation, and want to live abroad

  21. Dean,

    I was going to join the collective apathy but, yawnnnn, I couldn't be bothered.

  22. I think the two in the Conservative Pledge Card photo have been asked the question "What about the poor, the disabled and disadvantaged?"

  23. LOL CH...I suppose they do actually say things like that... ? I wonder if Andy Coulson plays cricket?

  24. LOL Arbroath... Fair point. He's such a fool, plucked from nowhere and given jobs he couldn't do.

    And now no one knows where to find him.

    Hypocrite that he is.

  25. Would you like to elaborate Dean.

    And while you point out where I have been misleading, perhaps you like to comment on some of the downright lies that Better Together have been using starting with that fool Alexander using eleven year old figures for Scotland and one year old figures for England and Wales...

    Nothing misleading about Better Together?

  26. Yay Pa... There is a distinct possibility you have a winner there. Do you think you and Niko would last the weekend without strangling each other?

  27. Aye John... and the answer would be...

    Don't know old chap. I expect they all winter in Antibes, don't they? That makes them the problem of the French...

    ...Now, what was that wrinkle you were telling me about in the BVI?