Wednesday 21 November 2012


'So', says Andy Auchterlonie on Facebook, 'you think you should vote NO to Scotland being independent? Then you better be aware what exactly you will be voting for by voting NO...............

1. Privatisation of the NHS.

2. Privatisation of the Royal Mail.

3. Privatisation of the Post Office.

4. Privatisation of Scottish Water.

5. Privatisation of the Forestry Commission.

6. Roads and bridges tolls with a vengeance.

7. End of free student tuition fees.

8. End of free care of the elderly.

9. End of free travel for the elderly.

10. End of free prescriptions.

11. Trident at a cost of £30+ Billion.

12. Toxic waste dumping in Scotland.

13. More foreign owned, heavily subsidised, nuclear power stations.

14. More scrap nuclear submarines being dumped in Scotland.

15. All 33,000+ civil service jobs in Scotland being moved south.

16. Faster oil extraction to spend the revenue before we can become independent.

17. Massive increases in PFI/PPP expenditure building huge debts for future generations.

18. All planning powers taken back to Westminster to allow them to do whatever they want in Scotland.

19. Drastically reduce Holyrood powers.(best keep the natives under control)

20. Huge increases in Council Tax.

21. Most FE colleges will be closed.

22. All private firms will be encouraged to relocate south with tax breaks for those complying.

23. Sickness, disability and unemployment benefits slashed in Scotland.

24. Winter Fuel payments triggered by average temperatures in Torquay.

25. Lots of, all expense peerages, for all the Bitter the Gither quislings.

26. Keeping your local MPs on the London gravy train. MPs like Gordon Brown, who earns £65000 for being an MP, £120,000 for being an ex PM, and UNLIMITED EXPENSES. Or Margaret Curran, £65000 wages and UNLIMITED EXPENSES (she claimed £155,000 last year).

27. Finally you will be voting yourself out of work, having no benefit system to fall back on and a future of uncertainty, all whilst London and the SE of England lap it up at our expense.

OK, maybe I don't agree with everyone of these claims... 100%, but make no mistake, if we vote no, we will have to privatize; we will have to cut. You can't have nuclear weapons and play at being the worlds's deputy policeman, and look after your own people. 

It can't be done on the kind of money Scotland/Britain has at its disposal.
There will be no real benefits system and with all this QE, which will have to go on and on, you can forget having a pension of any worth. So get used to the idea of poverty, and big business owning everything and cheating you at every turn.



  1. Well I don't know about you Tris but here are some reasons that will certainly do it for me!

    Oh wait a minute I think I've seen one or two wee itsy bitsy problems with this idea.

    I think this will best explain the wee itsy bitsy problems I'm talking about.

  2. The principle that welfare is for the poorest and not an entitlement for the middle classes is something I support.

    Thus I support Johann Lamont.

    Every penny spent on middle class welfare is a penny stolen from the genuinely impoverished.

  3. Dean,

    So it would be back to means testing with tory-friendly businesses doing the testing - ATOS perhaps?

  4. The problem with that philosophy, Dean, is that middle class voters end up having less and less stake in society, grow more and more resentful of the more vulnerable in our society and buy papers like the daily mail that vilify benefit recipients and immigrants. They end up voting for political parties that bring us to where we are in England.

    Not something we want for Scotland.

    You'd think a political party that has had to completely re-invent itself simply to capture votes in the South East would get that but, hey, the SNP are in favour of universalism so Scottish Labour has to be against it.

  5. not so much ad no more

    Never! Never! Never!

    in the style of

    Gravy train you mean the one filled with the snp liars

    universalism whats that cut FE funding for working class peole to give the wealthy middle Council tax bribes to vote for the snp.


    I know we are wasting our time they are extremist Nationalist and if they win we will be hanging from from a tree

    but we will fight the good fight and they will lie cheat steal and lie some more........And in the end good will prevail and they will be rejected by the good and decent people of Scotland

  6. Deano

    You be careful out there especially 'IF' Catalonia votes towards destruction of a nation.

    The nats will be out in force howling at the moon looking for any stray Unionists.


  7. I saw that last night on Auld Acquaintance, Arbroath. I have to admit I was gob smacked.

    All of the ideas, at least at first glance, seem reasonable, but the trouble is that we have no right to implement them. Unless of course this SCOTTISH LABOUR plan is in fact an ENGLISH Labour plan and Johann has signed up to, proving, if proof were needed, that SLAB is just LAB with a patronising tartan background.

  8. Dean: John and Don have answered the question. Additionally means testing is incredibly expensive, or very inefficient, or both.

    It saves very little, particularly if, as John suggests it is done by private companies, which need a huge cut for profits.

    Additionally, as Don points out, the middle class pensioner who currently gets free bus travel, thinks that it is a good idea; but the minute that they don't starts to resent the fact that his/her taxes are being used to subsidise others. This is particularly true when something has been running for a long time.

    Yes, of course they accept that the poor only get help with council tax. It ever was thus, but something like bus passes, which they have been paying for for others, is a different matter.

    I can't remember who said it, but it's true "Services exclusively for the poor, are poor services".

    Keeping on the theme of bus passes... If they were removed, then FAR fewer pensioners would travel, quite apart from the border line cases who wouldn't be able to afford the exorbitant cost of a bus fare (in Dundee halfway across the city, single, is £2,50).

    The result would be that daytime bus services would probably be savagely cut by the private operators. We all know that they shut down bus services when they don't make a profit. Without the "subsidy" of allowing pensioners free travel, most of these bus services would not make a profit except at rush hour times.

    Goodbye universal bus services.

    Of course it is an irritant to think that someone as rich as Michael Forsyth can avail himself of this benefit, it is, all-round, a better idea to keep it universal.

    Incidentally, the Labour Party was founded on the principle of universal benefits, and in the 13 years when they were in power, some of it in Scotland and England, they never tried this trick.

    Mind you, the Tories might try it. I suspect it would have to be forced in the SNP.

  9. LOL John. The Atos bus pass test. Target (shhhhh we don't have a target) 90% to pay, regardless of if they will die next week.


  10. I would have thought, Don, that given the fact that in order to get UK power (and fingers on buttons, seats at big tables, and photo calls at the White House), Labour has had to betray what it used to be about, forget the poor and the unrepresented, and concentrate of the stockbroker belt and the leafy lanes of Oxfordshire, and that this goes down like a stone in Scotland, Lamont would have been pleased to draw a line between English Labour, and Scottish Labour.

    But nah, like Ruth and whatsisname, from the dumlibs, she blindly follows her English boss down the road, desperately looking for a stockbroker in Coatbridge.

    Labour....ha ha ha ha ha , what a joke of a name.

    I'm not sure that they shouldn't be sued for using it.

  11. Niko: Why would we wait till after the referendum. The next time I see you, you're strung up, so I'd keep away from lamp posts if I were you. is a comfort to me to see you and Dean so close together, enjoying one nation conservatism together.

  12. Tris

    All the Lab?Tory rubbish about benefits and something for nothing culture forgets one very important point.

    There is no cost to the Scottish Government until the service is actually used.

    Yes all these Scottish millionaires can get free bus passes, but there is no cost until they are actually used.

    Mind you I could not get on the bus to Cowdenbeath last week for all the millionaires using the service to get to Aldi for their messages.

  13. Tris

    All the Lab?Tory rubbish about benefits and something for nothing culture forgets one very important point.

    There is no cost to the Scottish Government until the service is actually used.

    Yes all these Scottish millionaires can get free bus passes, but there is no cost until they are actually used.

    Mind you I could not get on the bus to Cowdenbeath last week for all the millionaires using the service to get to Aldi for their messages.

  14. tri

    See the First Misleader of Scotland has been exposed again oh dearie me.

    The First Minister is facing calls to make a second public apology inside a week after he told MSPs last month there were "about 18,000 people employed in renewable energy across Scotland".

    He used a loophole in parliamentary protocol to correct the Official Report, or record, to give the accurate figure of 11,000 three weeks later – but did not announce the alteration

    The problem is Alex Salmond Raison d'être(thats a French saying) is to BS flim flam twist and spin .
    He is as bent as a cork screw he cant speak truthfully.

    He is going to find the chamber at Holyrood a more difficult arena without carte blanche to lie his head off

  15. However, Niko, The Labour Party, in its entirely, having nothing more to do that carp and criticise from the sidelines never gets its figures wrong, or indeed twists and spins and lies...

    Of course they don't.

  16. Amazing how many millionaires one meets in Aldi Dubs, don't you think.

    I got rather fed up with the Liberals banging on about this. Caron, for example, niggled me about how she and her husband don't need any handouts...lucky them. Well, don't take them, I say. No one begs you to take advantage of these things. The bus driver doesn't care whether you flash him a card, or give him a £10 note, he gets paid just thes same.

    And if you are so rich that you feel it is wrong to have free medicine (instead of payng a fraction of the cost of it, by paying your prescription charge) then fine, ask the chemist to calculate the cost, and if you are incredibly rich, then pay the full amount to a health charity.

    Some medicines are incredibly expensive...why should people like Ms Lamont only pay £8 for 2 months' supply, when the real cost is £5,000?

    By her logic that is unconscionable.