Wednesday 14 November 2012


Congratulations to Mrs Moran. 

She's been found guilty of stealing £53,000 from us, but bless her, she's too sick to be able to appear in court, and so she's not to be punished, at least for now and possibly not ever. 

I make no comment about her mental state: she's always appeared to me to be slightly unhinged, but I'd like to point out that the last time she was so ill, so depressed, so unable to get off her backside and do her job as an MP (despite still being paid for it), she managed to  turn up, dressed to the nines, and brimming with confidence, to apply for a lobbying job...(or so she though, because it was actually a sting by "Despatches", and she made a fool of herself, yet again in front of the British public).

Why is it that some criminals can plead that they are depressed simply because they have been caught, and that is enough to have them excused from trial, and yet no matter how depressed others are it's down to the Sheriff court and off to the pokey with them? 

It's amazing what scraping the make up off, letting you hair go grey and putting on a shabby old coat and hat can do to add 40 years to your age and make you look like you've given up.

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  1. Interesting that she is using the mental health scam as a reason as to why she can't go to court and by implication should not be sent down. Funny how her "mental health" issues were never an issue whilst she was screwing the British taxpayer for £53,000.

    I see that the "issues" raised are to do with her Luton and Westminster addresses, there is nothing about her Portsmouth address fiddles. After all was that not the reason Ester Rantzen stood against her in Luton. It wasn't just the fact that she was screwing the taxpayer over two houses but the fact that she was screwing us over three houses.

  2. I know someone who has mental health problems. They have been in and out of hospital. During one episode, they caused major traffic disruption during a suicide attempt.
    They were fined in the Sherrif Court for that incident.

  3. She has brought all MPs' into disrepute. Shame on her.

  4. Juteman I take it your friend isn't one of the elite. So of course being an ordinary Jo/Joe they would face the full extent of the law. We can't expect our "betters" to face the same justice as the rest of us, you know. You'll be telling us we're all in it together next!

  5. Arbroath...Was the dry rot episode not at Portsmouth where her boy friend or husband or whatever he is/was had his house?

  6. Juteman. I know exactly the same sort of thing. And let's not forget the man who was sectioned under the Mental Health Act, as a result of which he could not attend his Atos assessment.

    He was, in his absence found to be fit for work, despite being comatose!

  7. Bang on the button Nadean:

    How is your current project going? had sex with anyone interesting...or were they all pretty dull?

  8. All in it together, Anon?

    Oh you are a one... I must remember to tell that one down the pub. Everyone will roll about laughing.

    Mind you, upon reflection, I wouldn't want to be in anything with David Cameron, would you?

  9. Tris

    The sad thing is that 2 years down the road there has been little public anger within the news even though I don't know of anyone who is not angry at this.

    Our democracy is so broken that it is frightning, our courts are obviously broken, the Police don't work, young people can't find work or some don't want to and the papers are banging on about an MP in the jungle. Not that is wrong but with this case and energy fixing there are stories that need to be investigated and reported.
    In Europe ordinary people are fighting for their futures, hardly covered and when it is it's to make out that somehow these people are parasites and scroungers. I really do dispair at our lack of action against corruption and unfairness in our country.
    Obama tells the wealthy you will pay more, weather they do or not is beside the point in some ways, he is setting some kind of example. We give tax breaks to the rich and no one cares.

    Moran etc and symptoms of all that is wrong in our country but maybe the biggest symptom is our resignation to this state of affairs. I guess we now live on powerlessness times.

  10. If found guilty she should face the appropriate sentence.

    I will say this however...

    isn't it worrying that the only institutions still left with high levels of public trust are both unelected? The monarchy, and the judges?

    Is this a statement about how our political and journalistic classes have utterly failed us?

    Moran is a perfect case in point.

  11. So they did not have ATOS assess her then?

    I try to live by the motto Do not critise me until you have walked a mile in my moccasins

    Today I am finding it extremely difficult

    She is reported, amongst other things, as cooking meals and walking a dog
    I have known people with severe depression getting them to eat was difficult enough without expecting them to be able or interested in cooking meals, and walking a dog would have been the last thing on their mind

    There again these people actually had depression and she does nothing for peoples understanding of this debilitating illness

    This was pre meditated theft on a grand scale which she denied and denied again.Not an oversight nor an error THEFT

    I am sure she could have treatment in jail, if required and a period of reflection would have been good for her soul

    I remember how well Jim Devine looked when he was released He hadn't looked so well in years

  12. Folk trust judges and the monarchy? :-)
    I remember reading that around 70% or so of prisoners in jail were suffering from a mental illness on admission to prison.
    The most infamous story i can remember is the Guinness case. His layers got him released as he was in the last stages of altziemers.
    He made a full recovery after he was released! The only case in the world of someone 'recovering" from altziemers!

  13. Bruce:

    Very good points.

    And the thing is that the government relies upon the fact that apathetically we accept it all.

    The way I see it is that the gas companies have stolen money from us. Simple. They operate as a cartel and not content with that, the fix the wholesale price of gas.

    But there is more mileage in the newspapers telling us what Mad Nad has been up to in the jungle, because that's what we are interested in. Allegedly.

    It's very sad. But as long as we concentrate on the trivia we let slip all the REAL problems that the government can't or won't tackle.

  14. Dean. It's not entirely true that we have faith in the courts, which often seem to hand down the weirdest sentences, and operate in the strangest ways...judges seeming to feel free to express their opinions on all sorts of stuff they know nothing about.

    As for the royals, again, I'd have to say that many of them have let us down. I don't mean the Queen or her husband, but Charlie flying about in private jets at a cost of £20,000 from Aberdeen to London (when the Queen would have taken a scheduled flight), Andrew getting drunk and making a fool of himself while on government business, and sleeping with anything that moves then demanding that his daughters get free personal protection while they trot around the world amusing themselves, the Duchess of York selling her husband's services, Prince Michael and his wife selling their connections. Not to mention Harry getting his bare backside over all the papers.

    Quite a lot of junior royals there want a good kicking.

    I just don't trust anyone.

  15. It’s amazing! I can’t for the life of me understand why the Crown Prosecution Service did not bring up the relevant episode of Dispatches as clearly showing that Moran is NOT mentally ill and unfit to stand trial but is in fact swinging the lead and quite happy to be open to business when another gravy train seems to hove into view. This simply makes a mockery of the English justice system.

  16. Atos, Fairfor, is not for the likes of Mrs Moran. Atos is for plebs.

    It is true that the test involves questions about ability to cook, and eat unaided... and any connection with hobbies and interests.

    Of course I couldn't possibly comment on Mrs Moran's suitably, but I suspect that had the same criteria been applied to her as is applied to the hoi poloi, she'd have had no chance.

    Again, you really have to ask if the courts can be trusted here. Did they not hear that she cooks and takes care of her dog?

  17. Yes, amazing Juteman.

    The man should be the subject of scientific investigation. Whatever it has that cleared up his alzheimer's should be made available to less rich sufferers.

    It is his patriotic and humanitarian duty to assist with this research.

    On the other hand, maybe the doctors that said he was ill should be struck off.

    I certainly wouldn't want them anywhere near me.

  18. You watch, Munguin. When it is (as it will be) decided that the charges are to be dropped, Old Mags will be out touting herself for business. I bet you.

  19. Business ? I'm free !

  20. With reference to Juteman's 70% of prisoners being mentally ill. I recall a survey carried out which stated that 90% of prisoners serving short sentences had a degree of mental illness and that 70% of them had significant degrees of mental illness.

    There has been a significant rise in prison population since the Care in the Community farce where the community, at best, did not care and at worse were not at all tolerant of mental fragility.

    It is estimated that those suffering from mental illness are, on average, ten times more likely to be victims of crime.

    A friend of mine who works with the homeless was telling me that, in East Dunbartonshire, a whole ward of patients classed as being mentally ill were, without warning to them or friends and relatives, put into taxis and taken to the nearest homeless unit.

    Can you imagine the bewilderment and anxiety caused to mentally fragile individuals by this callous action?

    However, mission accomplished under care in the community and possibly bonuses depended on targets being reached.

  21. see the Nat lynch mob are out in force attacking a psychologically fragile lady..must make you lot feel very proud of yourselves.

    She has been through the judicial process and they have determined her fate.But being a Nat mob you are unwilling to accept the verdict and just want to satisfy your blood lust like the mad bad ravening beasts you are.
    Instead of abusing an ill elderly lady why???? dont you sort out that bullying Mike Russell who drove with malice aforethought a disabled man out of his job.

    Mike Russell who once threw a blogger who worked for him to the wolves to save his own slimy skin.

    I see he at the present time hiding behind SNP committee convener Stewart Maxwell skirts.

    God damn you all (the Nats that is)

  22. tris

    off topic but

    Sir Mervyn King what a Wa'ker for feck sake ............a zig here a zag there here a zig there a zag in out sake it all about..

    couldn't believe me ears or me eyes watching him

    were does w monetary policy end and fiscal policy begin now we ask.More member of the government than an independent Banker (with a W)

    One asks (thats me being all posh good eh?) with more than touch of Irony



    Because the Scottish pound can be linked before it becomes a standalone currency.

  24. That was quicker than I expected Mrs M!!! I'd give it a few days... Oh and do something with yer hair. You look like a bag lady. One is tempted to suggest you've gone too far with the depressed look.

  25. Och bless you Niko... Thank you.

    Erm. I accept the court's verdict. She is guilty as charged, thieving old woman. She's as depressed as the next man, but more privileged.

    How about some single mother with no money to spare who is so depressed because there's not enough for food. So she lifs some cheese and milk and bread from a supermarket... Does she get off with it? Nope.

    How about the people who protested in London and other English cities last year against the Tory government's nasty austerity for the poor plans. Did they get off with it?

    Living on the kind of money some of them have, they too are depressed. In fact great sections of the population are depressed. It doesn't seem to excuse them being banged up for any little crime, a deal less serious than stealing £50 grand+.

    Stop supporting the rich and privileged Niko.

  26. Yes, John, and the shame of that is that it happened in Scotland, under the SNP. Even if it was in a Labour council area. No excuse.

    Care in the Community was of course, introduced by Thatcher, who had heard that it worked in Italy.

    Unfortunately it seems that she forgot about the 'care' element of it. That's a surprise.

    A huge number of prisoners are also educationally incapable of 90% of the jobs which are available (not that there's too many of them any more).

    Huge numbers suffer from depression because of the broken down lives they lead. Dysfunctional society with little hope for them.

    The Mail recently reported that people were happy to go to prison, because the regime is so friendly, gentle and easy going... It never occurred to them that it might be because outside their lives were so rotten. Outside their lives had no structure and were filled with dear and poverty and misery.

    No, the Mail wants the regime to be harder and to hell with making their lives outside better.

    Just like the Tories want benefits to be lower so that no one can be better off on them.

    How about wages should be higher so that no one would be better off on benefits?

  27. Well Niko: First of all I agree about King... He's a total loser. He hasn't got ONE single thing right in the time he has been at the English bank.

    At one stage he threw up his hands in horror and said...I don't know, when he was asked what would happen next.


    he has been responsible for QE, which has descimated the pensions of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Brits, QE which has done absolutely no good whatsoever, as far as I can see.

    Added to which a recent report said that the BofE was not fit for purpose.

    Well clearly he will go to the House of Lords 'ere long.

    As to why we are keeping...or proposing to keep the pound, I won't write it all out here, and I can't get a picture to print in a comment box, so I've put it at the bottom of the text, just for you.

    And while you're on, Niko, you might remember that little children read this blog... hmmmmmmmm>?

  28. I've no doubt that in time the Scottish pound will have to leave the currency union, CH.

    At present the output figures are more of less the same for England, Wales and NI... and Scotland.

    But they may not stay that way.

    Once the economies start to really diversify, a separate currency will be needed.

    Ireland did the same sort of thing. Although it called its currency the punt, it was to all intents and purposes the pound, and kept parity with it.

    Once the economies diversified it had to float the punt, and the value changed.

    I imagine that the same thing would happen in Scotland.

  29. I listened to Ben Dyson. I suppose he must be right (although he was wrong about banks not printing their own money).

    No wonder we are in this mess, if there is nothing to back any of this money up. it all means nothing.

    I'm surprised the pound is worth anything at all.

  30. OH yeah CH... That is going to be very interesting!