Saturday, 17 November 2012


We are still all in it together though, right?
Yep, all RIGHT in it together... except old Merv, who's not made a habit of being right about anything
"I tell you, my nose grew this long, but I don't think any of the thick Nats noticed...
... because of the body guards who stood in front of me, right through my speech"
Oui, Si, Ja, Sea, Ken, Jes, Hai, Oo, 是, Na'am
Does that mean I'll not be able to blog on Petula Clark any more?

Well, Spock is never wrong. That would be illogical
Quick word of congratulations to David Cameron and Theresa May on the splendid and obviously brilliant idea of having elected police commissioners which went down so well will the English and Welsh public. Bravo guys. And it only cost £100,000,000...


  1. Item 6 -

    What's wrong with cricket?

    I can't believe that (e.g.) Indian or South African cricketers regard the game as exclusively British.

    I was once told by an English cricket statistician that more people play club cricket in Scotland (per head of population) than do so in England.

    #5 - agus "tha", is docha?

  2. I had no idea of that statistic Barney.

    I know that the only folk I see in Dundee playing cricket are a group of Indian lads, or the Dundee HS lads. The University may have a team too.

    When I was a school in England cricket was compulsory, and loads of lads played it at the weekends.

    I guess it was taken out to the "empire" by the English. It's a bit of a chilly game for Scotland...all that standing around.

    So I must admit I've always thought of it as an English game.

    Meanwhile one of my mates was off today to play shinty for the uni against St Andrews. I'm not sure what the score was, but if Dundee lost, they are a the bottom of the table! You don't get the chance to feel the cold at the shinty!!!

    Dunno about the Gaelic, Barney. John's our resident Gaelic translator.

  3. That's balls or bales Barney but to be honest I am now stumped and feel silly mid off as I go with my long leg to the boundary. I'll get my coat!

  4. Quite so CH... You're beginning to sound like Jolly Old John Major there. Next you'll be talking about spinsters cycling to church n a Sunday, and that will bring a tear to my eye.

  5. tris

    I see the racist white English Torys have hired a racist white Australian
    as reported in the daily mail.
    The tory diary posted a story on it which has disappeared.very snp

    Lynton Crosby accused of “racist rant”
    4 minutes ago

    The man David Cameron has picked to head his Election campaign once launched a foul-mouthed rant against Muslims.

    Outspoken Australian ‘fixer’ Lynton Crosby used the phrase ‘f****** Muslims’ in a diatribe while working for London Mayor Boris Johnson

  6. “The rules are simple: they lie to us, we know they're lying, they know we know they're lying, but they keep lying to us, and we keep pretending to believe them.”

    Does it for me.......

    Better Together forever

  7. "Better Together forever"?

    Kinda depended on your definition of "better". If by "better" you mean, being ruled by the English Tory ruling class, then I suppose you are right.

    I liked the Mail's line at the end of the article where they say that it's all part of his charismatic style... And I was thinking that it's probably not charismatic if you are any one of the many minorities that Mr Crosby detests.

    Still, he'll probably go down well with certain elements of the Tory party. Mr Fox and his friends...

    Ahhhh, bitter together indeed.....

    PS: If he wants to get on with the core vote. he should drop the F-word until the ladies have retired to with withdrawing room and the gentlemen have started on the port (from the left, of course).

  8. Mr. Spock pretty much settles it for me.

  9. Barney Thomson

    They do in Freuchie and Falkland, it is tribal.

  10. Absolutely, Danny. There can be no dubiety now.


  11. Oh yeah, I'd forgotten about that Wolfie.

    In Dundee it's something that you don't see much of. Dundee High School, the university and some Indian lads in the park.

    It's maybe because there is no big team to encourage kids to play. I know Scotland do play as a country, but it's mostly at the same level as county cricket in England.

  12. i used to live there.

    My son-in-law (next March) plays for them.

  13. tris

    Another potential stumbling block for a separation has been raised by doubts over whether an independent Catalonia could remain in the European Union. When asked on Saturday at the Iberoamerican summit held in Cádiz, European commission president José Manuel Barroso replied that the bloc would stand by rules drawn up in 2004, ie states that secede would have to apply for membership

    José Manuel Barroso replied that the bloc would stand by rules drawn up in 2004, ie states that secede would have to apply for membership

    pretty damn clear even for the liars of the snp

  14. It is strange though, that it has never caught on here like it has in other Anglo-colonial countries.

    The fact that Canada doesn't play either suggests that maybe it has something to do with climate.

    We're lucky to get a game that lasts 90 minutes going without rain stopping play.

    Three day cricket in Scotland would have to be played over a couple of weeks to allow for rain.

  15. Och Niko Catalonia isn't Scotland.

    Just do what CH tells you and look to the sky....

  16. Niko,

    If the Better Together campaigners stop telling lies about us we will stop telling the truth about them!

  17. Well said John...

    That's pretty smart stuff for a Sunday evening! :)

  18. tris - cricket in "Strathmore and Perthshire" - (Aberdeen as well it seems) -

    There seem to be fewer clubs around than I recall but there are still some others about that are not on this list. Crieff seems to have gone to the wall but Comrie are still going. Cricket is even more popular in the Western Union and around Edinburgh.

    From admittedly well-lubricated comments from those that know a lot more than me, the three best tracks in the UK are The Parks in Oxford, Arundel and The Grange in Edinburgh.

    Cricket is not an exclusively Unionist sport!

  19. I was surprised to see so many clubs Barney. As I say, it's something that I just don't remember seeing here.

    When I started school in Scotland we certainly didn't play cricket, and weren't taught it. When I moved to England it was compulsory, and we had a maths teacher who insisted on having the radio on when there were matches of importance.

    (Incidentally, after having her for a year the whole class got disastrous marks in maths and several fathers, including my own wrote a strongly worded letter to the headmaster, which resulted in said cricket fan no longer teaching in the school.)

    I've always seen it as an empire thing, and as I say, in the colder parts of the empire it has taken off less well than in the warm parts.

    :) No one could ever deny that it's pretty cold here!!!

  20. Thanks for your research Barney...