Friday 25 September 2009

What a dirty little tyke

What a dirty old man the prime minister of Italy is. Ok, I admit Michelle Obama is a site for sore eyes by anyone's standards, and I accept that she's quite tall and he's, well.... he's quite short. But it was pretty obvious what the dirty old git was looking at... and .... what is he doing with his hands? What is priceless though is the look on the President's face.
Mr Obama has a very expressive face and he should watch it. It gives him away.
His expression when he was standing just behind Brown today when he was talking about... well, to be honest I haven't a clue what he was talking about because, as usual when Brown comes on, I turned the sound off so that at least I don't have to listen to him patronising me.... anyway, the expression on Obama's face was just incredible. Somewhere appropriately between disdain and disgust. I wish I could find a pic of that to share.


  1. lol, that picture tells a storey alright.

    "Mamma Mia come to daddy"

  2. I think he counts as one of (if not the most) repulsive political figures. A dirty smutty little man.

  3. Lordy Spook, can you think of anything more revolting?

    Aye, you're right there Mungy. He's also an international joke, a little, no, a lot, like the UK PM.