Wednesday 30 September 2009


Hypocrisy abounds at Labour Central; Mr Brown, it seems, would like everybody to be behind him but thinks that it is people who decide and not newspapers. So he is not overly worried that the Sun has deserted him in favour of Mr Cameron.

Strange then that he found it necessary to cancel his appearance at a party thrown by News International and even stranger that his boss the Right Horrible, Graceless and Ignoble Lard Meddlesome thought it appropriate to give the NI Chief Executive, Rebecca Brooks, a piece of his mind, going so far as to call her a c**t, or as he himself later put it in a most convincing manner, a “chump”.

Yes your Lordship, I can just see you calling up NI after your glorious leader’s speech and umpteenth re-launch had gone belly up and calling her a chump. “I say Rebecca. You’re a bit of a chump, what!” Yeah right! That’s maybe what a real lord would do, not a little oink like Mandleson.

So then, just to prove that there were no hard feelings, Gordon himself did what was probably a pre-arranged interview with NI’s Sky TV, complete with a face like a broken scone. At the end he glared at the interviewer, stood up and strode away (despite warnings), without having the mic removed... A Nokia moment was only a few seconds away.

So no problems there. Everything’s fine. Newspapers don’t win elections. Clearly that’s why the Prime Minister looks so happy.


  1. It's going to be a long cold lonely winter for Gordon. And little Darling.

  2. If newspapers (and especially the Sun) don’t win elections why did Tony Blair spend so much time wooing them before 1997. And why was he and I presume Gordon so happy to have them onside up till now?

  3. He He. Good one Conan.

    I wonder when the smiles will be returning to our faces?

    (That is the right song isn't it?)

  4. Munguin.

    I think that they do matter, not so mich as they did before maybe, but they still matter.... I think maybe the Labour lot are telling porkies in an effort to look like brave little soldiers... and failing miserably of course.

  5. Munguin is spot on.

    Every party would love a national paper to back them, even the Sun. Its all gone wrong for broon.

  6. I wish the SNP had a paper to back them Spook. There's no doubt at all that some positive press would do no harm instead of all that negative nonsense we get from the Scotsman and Herald.

    I thought the Sun was more likely to concern itself over dear Jordan and Peter, but I suppose they do get in the odd political thing when the Andres have an off day or a day off, or whatever they have. (How to make a career out of breaking up.)

    Anyway good blogs, although they don't reach as many people and the MSM, must make some difference.

    Thank heavens for good bloggers I say.... ;-)

  7. Thank you danny!