Thursday 24 September 2009

The Hapless Education Policy?

We all know now of the supposed U-turn on class sizes forced on the Scottish Government.

It had been hoped that an agreement on class sizes restricting them to 18 might have been rolled out across the country. But that of course would have required “agreement” not just from local authorities and schools but from parents. But that, of course, was not to be. It seems that some people are determined to get the most for their own no matter what the cost to everybody else. So some parents have managed to successfully challenge the agreement in court and so now even where 18 could have been a permissible number it is not to be (put up to it by the opposition?). Instead class sizes now are to be restricted by law to 25. Better at least than the 30 left us by Labour. At least it’s a real reduction and not one of 0% that we might expect from Labour.

This is dressed up by Labour and the Tories as making Fiona Hyslop’s position untenable. They are also lambasting the First Minister for supporting his colleague. More untenable than an Attorney General who flouts her own law with the tacit support of a Prime Minister? More untenable than a Tory MSP who seeing the bigger picture wants instead to be an MP in government and so gets himself selected as the Westminster candidate for his constituency, despite his leaders many and oft criticisms of the First Minister for having both these positions? And of course no slap down at all from his otherwise vocal leader.

Somebody wants to tell these people that they are not living in Disney Land and that people see straight through their crocodile tears and pie crust promises.


  1. Uh! so you can't tell the difference between a Westminster candidate and an actual elected MP(Alex)

  2. That's it Niko, you stand up for these poor downtrodden Tories when that nasty wee furry beastie Munguin gets stuck into them.

    The point is Niko, he aspires to doing something which his leader has criticised Alex Salmond for doing.

    This makes her look a wee bit silly.....

  3. The crux of all this is because Fiona Hyslop has achieved far more in 2 and a half years than Labour and the Fib dums did in 10.

    She must be the only education secretary on the face of the planet who has been called to resign despite lowering class sizes by 20%.

    Thank Christ nobody pays attention to Iain Gray.

  4. Hello Mr M & welcome: not hating the Torys (sic) today?

    I can tell the difference between an elected MP (Alex Salmond) and a prospective parliamentary (Westminster) candidate for the Conservative Party (John Lamont). What I mean is that Annabel Goldie (you know the leader of the party you purport to hate in Scotland) moaned about Alex being both at the same time. But is apparently quite happy for one of her group to become one should he be successful in the forth coming General Election. This would mean that for about a year Mr Lamont will be both an MP and an MSP something that Ms Goldie claimed Alex was not capable of doing. I assume that means that Mr Lamont is capable of doing both then? Well in that case he should really be leader of the Tories instead of Annabel.

    I guess that Lamont is fully aware that the Tories will never be anything other than 3rd in Scotland. While there is every likelihood that they will form the next Westminster Government. I assume he thinks he will be a better Secretary of State than David Mundell (well that should not be difficult).

    I look forward to your further support of the Torys (sic) on here.

    I’m terribly sorry Mr M, I have just looked at your blog for the first time in a while and I see that you have changed your own unique spelling of Tories to Conservatives and English ones at that. That would explain your whole hearted endorsement of their Scottish Counterparts. You have become a tartan Tory doing a fandango with a red rose in your mouth.

  5. Very true Spook.

    I don't know though Iain Gray has managed to get 0% more apprentices noticed by Alex than Wendy Alexander did and has managed at ask -20% more useful questions at FMQ than Lord Ffoulkes. That equals out to a incresed performance of over -75% over the Great Helmsman

  6. Munguin...

    Hmm i never looked at it from that angle, very interesting oh so furry one.

  7. Spook.... no one, absolutely no one (except the furry one) has looked at it from that angle... or ever will I should think....