Thursday 24 September 2009

.....And Sent Him Homeward, Tae Think Again......

One step behind
According to the Daily Telegraph (and a considerable number of other sources) Mr Brown has been roundly snubbed by President Obama.

The American President has found time to meet with the Russian and Chinese Presidents, not unreasonably as along with him they are the real powers of the world. He was also prepared to drop a level and hold talks with the new Prime Minister of Japan.

However, according to the Telegraph

“British officials made five attempts to secure official talks with the US President and even agreed to a policy change in an attempt to land a joint appearance between the two leaders said diplomatic sources.”

Not only does this fool have British officials groveling and making fools of themselves in order that Jimmy can be seen with Mr Obama to “increase his popularity”, it seems that he is prepared to change British policy in order that it can be done.

OK. Here’s a wee bit of advice Toom. It would take one hell of a lot more than a wee photie of you and the President together to make you popular. It’s a lost cause. Probably no one in the whole world likes you. Not the country, nor the members of your party. The only people who may have some sort of strange affection for you will be Mr Cameron, Mr Clegg and possibly Mr Salmond. By being as awful as you are, you make their lives just that wee bit easier.

According to the Telegraph, the President is angry with Brown over the Lockerbie situation.

Well, I’m sure that, for political reasons Mr Obama must show some dismay over Mr MacAskill’s decision. American law appears to prefer vengeance to compassion and it may be difficult for the average American to understand the Scottish decision. I doubt if Mr Obama, a compassionate man, really feels that, but Mr Obama is not just a compassionate man, he is also a lawyer and an extremely clever lawyer at that. I find it impossible to believe that he would be unable to understand that the decision was a Scottish one and nothing to do with the London Executive (given that crime and punishment is largely a matter that is devolved from Federal to State government in his own country).

British Prime Ministers of both parties have banged on about a special relationship between America and Britain for as long as I can remember. I suspect that it will, despite this horrific snub, survive for the simple reason that, as an American mate of mine pointed out....

“The special relationship is built on the fact that our President tells the Brits he wants something done, and they do it. In return they get to play at being semi important.”


  1. Well first things first. Welcome back to the blogosphere Munguins Republic and a big welcome to Tris who i believe is one of your new contributors.

    Any help over spelling and grammar then don't hesitate to call me, i will happily pass you onto someone else lol :)

    Now pleasantries over.. What an embarrassment indeed for Gordon Brown.

    I agree, it will take a little more than a cheap photo shoot with Obama to to get Gordon Browns popularity figures back up with us voters.

    I think the reason Obama has snubbed Brown is because of the deals the UK has made with Libya. I know it was purely a Scottish decision to release the bomber but the fact Brown has not condemned Macaskill for it Obama may have got suspicious of Brown not wanting to upset British trade deals with Libya by condemning the release.

    Anyway the UK is a small fish now to the USA. China will soon have a bigger economy than the USA, Russia is on the rise economically and military, France, Germany and Japan have all come out of the credit crunch so hanging about with Brown must seem like hanging about with the School freak.

  2. Thank you for the welcome Spook. Munguin is too busy driving around in his armour plated Rolls to do all the hard work of running a blog. He has brought me in as his assistant, unpaid of course.

    It's all down to your encouragement (or should I say pestering) both to me and to Munguin. So thank you Spooky, or not as the case may be.

    You make a good point that Brown could be in the bad books with Obama over the deals he has made with Lybia, but I bet the US is not far behind in the trade stakes.

    Whatever, it is a huge humiliation for him, and it couldn't happen to a nicer bloke!

  3. Tris...

    Of course the Americans are snooping around for trade deals, Obama has to keep the voters happy and the last thing he needs is to be seen with Brown.

    humiliation is the right word for Brown.poor guy. :)

  4. Could it be that Obama wants to hang about with the big guys who don't do deals with states that fund and sponsor terrorism?

  5. Aye Alan, it could well be that he's ashamed to be seen with Brown, Obama being a reasonable decent man by nature.

    Of course it could be that, as has been reported elsewhere that he simply doesn't like the man, finds him boring and depressing and prefers where possible to avoid him.... Don't we all?

  6. Well as you, yourself would say Spook.... wee shame!

  7. Tris..

    Do i really say "we shame?"

    I cant mined saying that, oh well..

    Wee shame..

  8. Spook... you're a daft as Muguin.....

  9. Tris/AMW can you people please try to spell my name correctly! I'm beginning to think you are doing it on porpoise. What's going to happen when I receive my KBE for services to blogging and it's arise Sir Manguin or Sir Muguin????

  10. Ahhhhhh, I can picture it now.., the Palace of Holyrood House...the band playing in the minstrels' gallery.... suddenly a fanfare and Her Majesty the Queen enters, followed by the First Minister. Arise Lord Munguin Manguin Muguin of Furriness, as she mistakenly chops off your napper with her trusty Scottish sword and your wee furry bonce rolls down the throne room.

  11. I think you've got it wrong there Tris. It's the fanfare alright but for one as one sweeps up in ones armour plated Rolls. The Queen wont have to kneel though as she is getting on a bit.