Thursday 24 September 2009

Who is Who?

Get a look at these two.

One of them is Gordon Brown and one of them is Leonid Brezhnev.
Both are or where Ill warmongers who insists on foolish interventionist policies in Afghanistan with poorly equipped troops that will ultimately end in abject failure. But only one is a socialist.
The question is which is which???


  1. Hum....too difficult for me. The one on the top doesn't look too well. Maybe he's had a broken romance or something recently. The one on the bottom looks like he borrowed Dennis Healy's eyebrows and they don't quite fit.

    They both look evil and mad.

  2. Good question, the one at the bottom is Gordon Brown. He is the culprit.

    The guy at the top looks like a typical big burly Russian.

  3. They have more in common than you might think. It was not clear who would succeed Brezhnev either. There where two main contenders and both got a shot at it: I think it was Constantine Cherenkov and Yuri Andropov. But both were very Ill for most of the time, both sent troops into Afghanistan, both presided over a huge economic bust and both failed? Well we don’t know about that yet. But the Higher Power is predicting that GB will have at least a 0% success rate maybe rising to -10%. So all to play for.

    If you will excuse me I have Barack Obama waiting for me in the kitchen.

  4. Hee hee...

    I have a theory about that. Gordon Brown was sent by the proper leaders into the kitchen to make the tea, and Obama was going through the kitchen on his way to the toilet. That's how they met up. Bet Obama wished he'd held it in instead.

  5. Both lead parties withe same attitude towards the democratic electoral process. Ask the people of Glenrothes.

  6. Yes Sophia good point. One of them of course is dead the other is only half dead. I'll give you a clue Brezhnev is the good looking one.

  7. T'be fair tho, having met Victoriya, even tho it was on a good day, and she'd just had her hair done, and we were both a bit squiffy on StoliBolies, cos Andropov had just popoved off...

    whit wis ah sayin? Oh aye, wee Sadie Broon's a wee sweetie. A bit simple like, but she widnae rob ye, and she kens no tae spend yer money on skirts and cardigans, but ye can splash oot on yer knickers.

    Mind Victoriya really enjoyed her sex. Ah always thought that explained how Lenny wis always smilin'...