Wednesday 30 September 2009


Harriet Harman, deputy leader of the Labour Party (well, after Lord Mandleson of course), seemed to lose the plot in her speech to conference.

Departing from her script, Harman, who is the niece of a Baroness, and who was educated at one of England’s top private schools for girls, in a class war blunder it’s hard to believe even she could have made, painted a picture of a Diversity Evening at the Tories’ Conference next week.

According to the Daily Mail, she suggested that it could be held in the Carlton Club and that David Cameron could propose more opportunities for fox hunting. She went on to suggest that George Osborne would replace Sure Start with Lap Dancing clubs, and that Theresa May, the Shadow Equalities Minister would not be allowed to speak because she is a woman. She might, however, be allowed to serve the drinks.

Harman is no stranger to opening her mouth and letting her belly rumble. Just before the MPs’ expenses scandal broke, while Fred Goodwin’s pension was the subject of much approbation, and when she herself was in the spotlight over her plotting to replace Gordon Brown, she famously suggested that Mr Goodwin’s pension would not happen, because the Prime Minister did not want it to happen (as if he were some mediaeval emperor), and followed it up with her famous gaff about the court of public opinion deciding Mr Goodwin’s fate. This was a remark she was destined to regret bitterly when a couple of weeks later half her colleagues were on the ropes for expense difficulties and the aforesaid court of her invention was working overtime.

Insiders close to Ms Harman apparently said it was light-hearted fun, but you do have to wonder about the judgement of this woman who is not only a lawyer by profession, but a QC!


  1. A truly appalling harpy of the worst order. She must be so miffed at not being made Deputy Prime Minister, she wanted it so much! But clearly her de-jure leader, is a rotten sexist by holding a woman back (and such a talented one too) in this way. But you never hear her say so, indeed when Caroline Flint resigned and claimed that women in the Leader’s cabinet were “window dressing” Harman was compelled to support the sexist one. How easily her vaunted desire for equality for women flew out of the window when good drop of political toadying and ministerial arse licking were required.

  2. Munguin

    I think she's lost the plot. She's got the equality thing on the brain and it seems to have unbalanced her. It must annoy the hell out of her that her name is HarMAN.

    Lord, the leader and the deputy leader a pair of nut jobs, and the Scottish foreman is... erm... what is he again? I forget.

  3. Tris...

    I have to admit i like Harman a lot. Every Time she is away on duty Fathers for Justice jump on her roof back home. She is a cult.

    Anyway i think she was just pocking some fun (more than i can say for brown) but i take your point though, for her to come away with stereotyping like this at a conference is ill judged and daft.

    Mind you Trisy boots, she has got a point you know about Theresa May.

    Why is it at PMQ,s when both David and Gordon are away its always left to William Hague to stand in ? Harman ones challenged this at FMQ,s. Theresa May, is she no the deputy leader of the Tory party ?

    I want answers god damn it. :)

  4. Calling Harperson a cult is not the mark of a gentleman spook.

  5. Conan..

    Im no a gentleman Conan but i could had used the Mandy (C) word. :)

  6. Spooky Boots old thing....

    I don't think she was joking. The woman's a nut case. No wonder even Brown didn't want her as Deputy Prime Monster.

    Good Question about the PMQs. Is Willie the Deputy Leader of the Tories?

    There's an answer damn you (even if it was another question). You never said it had to be the right answer! :-)

  7. He's not that wrong though, is he Conan...?

    I'm sure Ms Hardwood has a big following.