Sunday 27 September 2009

Shame on Scotland

According to Daniel Finkelstein’s “Comment Central” the ex- housekeeper of The Right Honourable, Noble and Learned Lady Scotland (actually she doesn’t appear to be any of these things when you think about it) has engaged Mr Max Clifford who (with Jade Goodie no longer with us, and her unlovely husband in prison for the third time, this time on a charge of rape) has time on his hands.

Mr Finkelstein thinks that this probably means that she (the cleaner) is going to tell a story which will be at variance with that of the good (no, she’s not that either) Baroness. Oh dear.

What is more, one of the comments on the blog suggests that an opportune moment to release this story would be just shortly before Gordon makes his first big speech. I should imagine that this will have occurred to Clifford too.

To add to Scotland’s (that’s the peer not the country) embarrassment it seems that the rules regarding ministers claiming housing allowance have been reinterpreted.

From the Times:
The Cabinet Office could not have been clearer that Scotland should have received the allowance only if her main home was outside the capital.
However, less than 24 hours after the article [in the Times] was published, Baroness Royall, the leader of the Lords, sanctioned a statement by the Cabinet Office which overturned all its previous advice. It said the allowance was available to all lords who serve as ministers, regardless of where they live.

Och, isn’t that sweet. It seems she was entitled to all that dosh and she didn’t steal it at all.

How do these people look at themselves in the mirror?


  1. Talk about Scotland fiddling while London burns!!

    Is it not great the titles they get Baroness Scotland, Baroness Royall and even Lord Adonis. I think I will change my name to Fantastic or Marvellous just in case I am ever ennobled. Not likely for a republican I suppose, that’s a good one: what do you think of Lord Republic of England??

  2. Munguin..

    You can buy them silly titles off the net on sites like Amazon. The Rev Ian Paisley bought his stupid title in the USA for about $400.

  3. Lord Spooky of Leith is going for a tenner on ebay, I hear....

    Munguin, I thought you'd already been ennobled.

    It seems that the story has already come out in the Mail that the Baroness didn't ask for her servant's passport....

    Oh dear....

    Silly lying baroness.

  4. I think titles are so passe. I was born a Duchess but it did me no good at all, thanks to those damned Russians. Anyway, we must overcome life's troubles and so eventually, through hard hard work at the wee man's side, I was made a Countess. Not that it did me any good, so I was happy to lose it in a game of Quadrille to a Comtesse from the sticks.

    Never mind said I, I would rather be plain old Madame anyday.

    All these Baronesses and Ladies should be referred to as Madams, or Little Misses, or more precisely Little Shits.

    (I can hear the Grand Duke spinning in his beir, sorry Papa!)

  5. Tris...

    Naws its doon to a fiver noo.