Sunday 27 September 2009

It's that time again

Sadly the Labour Party are holding their wake ...erm sorry ... conference ... this week. And in advance of it of course they are leaking how Gordon is going to put heart back into the party in advance of the election. This at a time when they are trailing the Tories by around 14 points and only in front of the Liberals by around 2 points. And let’s be honest, not even his best mates, if he has any, would call Gordon inspiring. He’s barely respiring by the looks of him.

So I was delighted to read Mr Barnes’ article in the Hootsman. Not even this illustrious organ can put much of a gloss on the sorry mess that is the Labour Party, however much they try. Brave attempt Eddie.

So, what have they lined up for our delectation next week? Well, it seems that they will be promising a, wait for it, Fiscal Responsibility Bill. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! A Fiscal Responsibility Bill... from this lot? Oh Lordy, now I've heard it all. It will, to make it even more preposterous, be legally binding on future governments. Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m not sure how they can legally bind future governments to anything much; surely there must be the option to repeal this sort of thing.

Anyways he intends to show us how we can live in a “post crisis society”. So that’s good news. We’re in a post crisis society. Tell that to all the people who are still losing their jobs Gordon.

The Prime Minister remains upbeat through it all (although he does wander around telling everyone how many times Obama even looked at him in the last week). Last night apparently Brown ‘declared that he was "hungry and determined" ‘ according to Mr Barnes’ article. Er, would that not be hungry and demented?

Jim Murphy, the leader of the Opposition in Scotland, well de facto leader, has said that:
"Some people in the Labour Party – and I don't mean the Prime Minister – have got to stop feeling sorry for themselves. To be in government is an enormous privilege. The hardest day in government is still miles better than the best day in opposition” Yep, you bet it is. I mean there’s no government car and driver, and no ministerial salary in opposition Jimbo lad, is there?

And finally the Grey man who someone said was something to do with politics in Scotland is being denied a chance to speak on his own, because they wouldn't be able to trust the muppet not to put his great silly foot in his great silly mouth. So this year he is sharing the stage with none other than... Spud you like. Is this the first time the Scottish First Minister has been denied a speech of his own?

I really can’t wait for the party to begin.... There’s bound to be some quality blogging in this next week.


  1. I suppose it will be quite natural for Scottish Labour MPs to jockey for position in light of the coming expected meltdown in the Labour support at the General Election and the probable trimming of the number of Scots MPs by the new Tory Government. Does that mean that we are going to see all these useless halfwits clamouring to get their names on regional lists so as to milk the gravy train a little longer? I know the quality of Labour MSPs is poor but after an influx of such ex-Westminster tat it will drop through the floor.

    Incidentally we see much the same in reverse on the Tory side. The first being John Lamont MSP for Roxburgh and Berwickshire who aware that the Tories will never amount to much in Scotland has his sights set on being part of the Tory Government in England. To that end he has had himself selected as Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the same constituency in the coming Westminster election. Talk about naked careerism! He must see himself as taking over from Spud, with a seat in the Cabinet, a ministerial limo and a nice fat salary, yum yum! Look out for plenty DC arse licking in the coming months from this quarter.

  2. It's a dreadful thought but a realistic one that the losers (and what losers they are) see an opportunity in either the House of Lords or the Scottish Parliament. We don't want the UK's rejects but I suppose we'll get a few, although it's hard to believe that they they drop the standards even farther. I wouldn't have believed that possible.

    I read somewhere that Gordon's been getting letters from MPs with small majorities letting him know they would be "pleased to serve their country in the Lords". Of course none of us can see through that!

  3. I suppose the Lords is another method of staying on the gravy train, and this time for life. But I think Gordon has kind of flogged that avenue a bit much of late what with the de-facto head of the Government, I mean his First Secretaryness, being there. Then of course there are the Lords of all the talents (the latest of which is Lord Sugar) that GB brought in to help. I think there are none of them left now, not bad eh! A title, a seat on the gravy train and you can quit after a year or so but keep all the spoils.

    Is it not up to David Cameron to decide who goes to the Lords after he becomes PM. I can’t see him sending all the useless ex-Scottish MP fat cats there to be a mill stone round his neck. And anyway if he is reducing Scottish representation in the Commons by 20% or so should he not be doing the same in the Lords?

  4. Gordon Brown was on the politics show this morning going over the same old rubbish and how he saved the global economy yet we are still not seeing any growth.

    He almost stuttered into oblivion when he said "Scottish Gov".

    " Fiscal Responsibility Bill " lol what more huge debt ? Hmmm i think my UK debt is now £23,000.

    Clearly they have to make cuts and starting of with Trident and ID cards is a start and cutting down on the huge gov departments is a must.

  5. Spook:

    I missed him, thank heavens. I read Jeff's report, which seemd a fair assessment.

    I can't bring myself to watch him or listen to him. He revolts me. I will have to this week though. Him and the rest of his idiot Cabinet. I may detest them, each one, but their pronouncements unfortunately make a hiuge difference to our lives.

    A Fiscal Responsibility Bill from this lot... what a joke...

  6. Munguin.

    Prime Minsters by tradition are allowed a retirement honours list when they get booted out. Blair passed up on the opportunity to do one because the cash for peerages question was being investigated at the time. Brown can ask the Queen to hand out honours left right and centre as he helps the removal men shift the wardrobe into the van.

  7. Not renewing Trident, and cancelling ID cards are both absolutely vital to going towards a balanced budget. So don't believe anyone unless they are both on the list.

    However, don't believe anyone is going to balance the books unless they are joined by a whole lot of unpopular savings too.