Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Guilty! Brown will leave us a legacy 20 years of hardship

I saw this over on Denverthen’s site pinched it because, whilst it’s all true, there’s more to the decisions we make than this.

We know that as things stand, even with the massive boost that the Liberal Democrats got from Nick Clegg’s appearances on the “I’m a political leader; Get me out of here” show, either the Tories or Labour will form the next government.... on Friday, perhaps with official or unofficial support from minority parties.

Labour has left the finances in a worse state than any time since the 1920s’ 30s’ crash and the great depression, and we’ve all been fooling ourselves to date about how it ‘hasn’t really hit us’ and ‘it’s not been that bad’.

Well, I suspect that it’s about to, and we are all going to learn just how nasty life can be without all the things we have got used to, regardless of who wins.

It is easy to forget with what massive enthusiasm after 18 years of Thatcher and then Major the country greeted to downfall of the Tories, and in particular of some of their major players, just as we will all over again on Friday.

The economy is in such a mess that even the Tories won't be able to fix it; at least not under Dave, who seems to have a a bit of a heart and some conscience, not to mention a bunch of no hopers around him.

Some people say ‘bring back Maggie’. If fixing the economy is the name of the game then we need someone who will care as little about the old and the sick as Ste. Margaret did, but who will, with her steely determination, carry on regardless cutting things in the way that the Greeks will have to, and that the Irish and the Icelanders have had to.

VAT to 25%, cuts in pensions and benefits including Incapacity Benefits, no new claimants for any form of DLA; massive cuts and salary reduction in the Civil Service and slicing of the final salary pension fund, the only one not affected by Brown’s butchery; 10% reductions in salaries for police, doctors, teachers too. .... no further investment in roads and rail (forget Crossrail London), and the closing ceremony for England’s Olympics will be old Cliff croaking “Congratualtions”.

Otherwise, after all the sneering that people have done at Greece and the Euro zone, we will have to call in the IMF too, and then who’ll be laughing.

Retirement homes will have to scale back, people will have to take their old and their sick into their own homes and look after them instead of the state doing it for them; women/men will have to stay at home and look after their kids unless they can afford to pay for childcare (gone the days of the lassie in Tesco earning £6 an hour and paying £10 an hour for child care).

What else can we do?

Reduce the fantastic number of politicians, particularly in the massively overpopulated old people’s home part, and the Commons down to 300 and double their constituency size so that they won’t have time to take on half a dozen outside jobs.

And a referendum on Europe. We should come out, as that would undoubtedly be the result. Everyone hates it. (It has foreigners in it you see!) That would save the massive subsidies we pay to keep it afloat. Without England it would probably crash and burn.

Then they could get rid of Scotland too, because they keep it afloat too. What a wonderful place London is, and with Scotland and the rest of Europe to support, no wonder it’s in such a mess!


  1. Actually, we don't want to come out of the EU because it has foreigners in it. We want to come out because it has corrupt politicians running it for the benefit of corrupt politicians. (Bit like Westminster really)

  2. A bit like all politics probably QM.

    You may not hate the foreigners personally QM, but let's be honest, there's an awful lot of people who do, and people feel agrieved that foreigners are taking British people's jobs and all their benefits, and their women and then having the nerve to tell British people, who used to rule half the world, what to do.

    Let's get rid of all these union things of countries that are stupidly pushed together and have almost nothing in common, and pretty much drag each other down.

  3. Being part of the EU has many benefits. Free rowing boat for the Island of Gigha and erm sorry can't think of any other reasons but I am told they are at least 3 other reasons!

    I don't like the fact that we are giving up more of our sovereignty to Europe and we can't have a say on how many Eastern Europeans can come to live in Scotland/UK.

    The single biggest concern amongst voters is immigration yet the very migrants which people have concerns about (due to overwhelming numbers) we have no say over.

    As for tackling Labour's debt crisis, well this must be a blessing in disguise for the Labour party. Cameron is going to be the next PM and will have to preside over the deepest and most shocking cuts the UK will have seen in a life time.5 years later when we are at the polls again voters will not forgive the Tories for what they have cut and then we will have come full circle again and will have another 13 years of Labour.

    Cameron has won the short game but Labour will win the long game and ironically it will be Labour's mess that will hand them back power in 5 years time.

  4. Tris.

    Any word on the postal returns in your area? lol

  5. He he, Allan, I'm just the tea maker mate; they only tell me where to find the milk....

    As for your firt point Allan, well made as usual, that's why we need to have some different form of voting so that we don't get lumbered by this "strong" government ever again.

    Well back to making the tea......

  6. Tris,

    Re your bit about MPs having other jobs I think that this is the cause of half the corruption at Westminister where you have ministers like our own Brian Wilson taking up posts with those who benefitted from his ministerial decisions.

    To avoid any of us thinking that the post was offered because of his previous post as opposed to his obvious skills and abilities there should be a rule that no politician should ever work for any company he/she had any connection with in their political capacity.

    Furthermore, in light of their salaries, expenses and responsibilies to their constituents no politician should have any other employment whilst acting as an MP. If they cry that they could be paid more in outside employment let them seek outside employment.

  7. Aye Brownlie.

    That is a huge problem. They say it keeps them in touch with what ordinary people are doing, and that’s why they must have other jobs.

    What? They think that ordinary people are on the boards of companies? They think that ordinary people get paid £30,000 a year for turning up for a few meetings a year, passing on a few contacts?

    What a set of fools!

    If they have time for outside activities then they need to do some voluntary work at, for example, a local hospital, and see how ordinary nurses and doctors have to spend their time achieving targets instead of curing people... and that has the advantage that they will also see how people are sometimes left to die in their own excreta. Thanks Andy Burnham!

    They really must think we are all retards.

    They do it because they are greedy. They do it because they want to be richer than Croecus.

    It should stop now. Chairman Mao may have had an idea when he made all the “suits” go work in the fields..... OK, I know it was a disaster, but it wouldn’t hurt them to learn just a little of what real life is like.

  8. Oh yeah, and if they could earn more in the private sector, which I agree some, only some, could, then ...... 'the door is over there, don't let it hit you on the arse on the way out'.

  9. Twenty years easy peasy could do that standing on me head


    see told you so

  10. LOL.

    I must say Niko, I like your plus fours!!