Saturday, 8 May 2010


In all the ‘excitement’ of the hung or balanced parliament it may have been missed that one Jack Dromey has been elected member of parliament for Erdington in Birmingham, England. I wouldn’t have noticed his success myself had I not happened to switch on the telly to find Paxman being reduced to laughter, or tears, by the man, only just become an MP detailing why, with 50+ fewer seats and 2 million odd fewer votes, Mr Brown was, in fact, the man that hard working British families wanted to take them through the hard days ahead.

Yeah whatever Jack, back to the kitchen now and get Harry’s tea on!

Jack, I should explain for those not in the know, is the husband of Harry Harperson, the would-be, but never was, deputy prime minister whom he met on the picket line of an infamous strike over women’s trade union rights in the mid 1970s.

But Mr Harperson-Dromey is famous for more than that. Oh yes. Mr Dromey, in the position of Treasurer of the Labour party, not a job I’d have wanted, appeared to know not from whence had come £3.5m in loans from would-be lords.

Well, you can’t account for every £3.5m that’s lying around, can you?

In 2006 he came to prominence having claimed that neither he, as treasurer, not the chairman (should that not be “chair”) of the National Executive Committee, Sir, yes, SIR Jeremy Beecham (well, if you can’t beat them, join them I say) had ever been consulted about this money. It must have just been sitting there, heavily disguised as, well, something else.

Then in 2007 he claimed to know nothing at all about £650,000 worth of donations from David Abrahams. You are beginning to wonder at this point why the man is treasurer, and if in fact he is in any way qualifie
d for the job...well, apart from the obvious, that his wife is the deputy leader of the Labour party. Harpy Hardman was actually caught up in that scandal too, as she her staff had solicited and accepted donations from Abrahams of £5,000, according to Wikipedia.

Jack has had parliamentary ambitions for some time. On his first attempt in 1997 he didn’t even make the cut, and so on his second his union Unite, offered a donation of a £1m based on assumption of the safe seat of Wolverhampton NE. That failed too. In 2009 it was decided to parachute him into Leyton, another safe seat, but this proved too unpopular with the local party especially given that it ran contrary to his wife’s all-women shortlists policy.

When, in February Siôn Simon announced that we would stand down at the election, the NEC swiftly announced that Birmingham Erdington would be an open short-list. To hell with women, our Jack needs a job. Our Jack was confirmed to have made that short-list. The same month he was selected as the Labour Party candidate and he was duly elected on May 6. As they say in Punch and Judy “That’s the way to do it”.

My advice to whoever is leading the Labour party after the next Queen’s speech is: don’t let him anywhere near the Treasury brief. He wouldn’t know £3.5m if it was sitting there in front of him in the form of br... no sorry, loans from aspiring noblemen.

Oh, and don’t let him anywhere near Paxman. He would have been Toast, with a VERY big T, if Jeremy hadn’t been up all night and in need of a good laugh! Pathetic just isn’t half strong enough!

Video is not of the Paxman interview, but the story of Dromey's attempts to get himself a cushy billet.


  1. It just goes to show that it is not just in Glasgow that a cabbage can don a red rosette and get elected. Here is one that actually has!

    I saw him with Jeremy, he is slimy creepy and stupid all rolled into one. A brown nosing yes man of the worst order. But what would you expect of someone who would marry Harriet-everything has to do with wimmens issues-Harman (except when Gordon tells me they don't like that time I had to say that women in the Cabinet were not window dressing).

  2. Hum, what a long name Harry has Munguin.

    Aye he's not exactly a catch when it comes to brains is he. I wonder what he was before he was a union man?

    Come to that he's not an "Adonis" either ...but then Harriet is hardly "Aphrodite"!

    Seriously he was crap on telly, but in fairness to the man, he was trying to explain why Gordon should be Prime Minister. Now that's a hard one for anyone to justify.... before or after the election!

  3. I hate Jack Dromey no doubt he will bin my union now he has got a seat on the Westminster gravy train...

    I would almost swap John Mason winning his seat for Dromey losing his ...ALMOST.......
    well one thing is for sure with the harmans in Parliament the backstapping will be fierce and furious as they try to climb the greasy poll.

  4. Noo here's a thing. If auld Mr Broon wis tae see sense an' pit oan his jaicket, wid Mrs Harman become PM?

    An' then wid Mr Dromey hae tae resign his seat so that he could staun ahint Mrs Harman at tea-pairties an' photiecalls?

  5. Naw, ah'm gettin' masel aw Myxtup noo.

    Mr Broon may staun doon, but only as Labour leader, in order tae progress talks wi the Liberals, but he wid stay oan as PM until such times as there's anither PM ready tae meet the Queen.

    So nae 'PM's wife' role fer Mr Dromey. Shame.

  6. Niko: He's a slimy wee toad and no mistake.

    He's only interested in what he can get.

    Good question in the video...Have you ever been to Pontefract Mr Dromey?

    He doesn't give a toss about where he stands as long as it's a passport to a seat for life on the green benches.

    Sad then for him that he reduced the safe seat's majority from 9,677 to 3,277 (interesting figures). Also sad if he thought he'd get a ministerial job, and they lost power.

    Shame huh?

  7. Oh Yeah Sophia.

    If she got to be PM, would he have to wear a nice frock and be used to impress people like Sarah was.

    If she was thinking of doing that with him, I'm not entirely certain where she'd have to go for it to be effective!

    Life is full of these wee problems, isn't it?

  8. Tris,

    I bumped into him once or twice at conference and "slimy wee toad" covers it nicely.

    PS: What's wrong with wearing a "nice frock"?

  9. Aye Brownlie. Self serving career man, as seen by his determination to get a seat, any seat.

    And his inability to see £3.5 million and another half a million when he was treasurer says all you need to know about him.

    Not what Labour was supposed to be about, but exactly what it IS about.

    Now did I say there was anything wrong with wearing a nice frock? (Gotta be a nice one though.)

  10. Sophia.

    Is he going to stand down as Labour leader?

    He'd do anything to stop Harman getting her greasy paws on the top job.

    But even if she did get it, it would only be for a few days.... time to have all her family round to number 10 like she did when he was on holiday. Silly bat.