Monday, 17 May 2010

Liam Blunder Byrne strikes again..........

I always thought Liam “Espresso” Byrne was a complete toss pot. Anyone so completely up his own backside as to write and circulate to his staff a piece called “Working with Liam Byrne” could hardly be anything less.

Apparently it is normal for outgoing ministers to leave, for the person taking over their post, a short note outlining anything that they might feel was worth the new minister learning, and which they fear perhaps that the Permanent Secretary might not pass on. Even at a change of government: I imagine that, unless you are a sore loser, the country comes before your wounded pride.

So David Laws, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, was not surprised to see an envelope on his desk from the previous incumbent of the post. He was surprised though when he opened the letter to find the idiot Byrne had written one line: “Dear Chief Secretary, I’m afraid to tell you there’s no money left”.

Mr Byrne claims that the letter was supposed to be funny. Ha, bloody ha! “My letter was a joke, from one Chief Secretary to another,” he said. “I do hope David Laws’ sense of humour wasn’t another casualty of the coalition deal.” Oh dear Liam, sour grapes that they didn’t do a deal with your lot methinks, oh, and to be strictly accurate, it was from an EX -chief secretary to the Chief Secretary.

Liam seems to think that it is a matter for humour that the government of which he was a member, and indeed a minister in the Treasury managed to leave the country in a state where, in fact, there is not only no money, but there is more debt than at any time since the end of the Second World War... and ironically that debt was only just paid off a couple of years ago.

Our Liam is one of these people for whom 'foot in mouth' was invented. Indeed this is the second time in a month that the loose-mouthed MP for Birmingham Hodge Hill has made a gaffe. During the election campaign, Byrne was caught swapping notes with Yvette Balls, the Ex-Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, complaining that an event which they were attending was "second tier". Well, you know Liam; it says something for the state of the Labour party that a couple of third rate politicians like you and Mrs Balls were allowed to go to a second tier function. All the second raters must have been busy that day.

Never mind, now you’re a big fat nothing, you won’t get invited anywhere, except perhaps Hodge Hill Bingo and Sale of Work... should suit you nicely.

Working with Liam Byrne.... or NOT working with him any more actually.......LOL LOL LOL!

Pic: Liam the lovely..... being escorted from the premises... and just looking lovely again. As Spooks would say.... wee shame, isn't it.


  1. It's possible it was meant as a joke, though sadly not a humorous one and very in keeping with New Labour.
    The more we learn, the more we realise that it's going to take decades to put right what they screwed up. Still with a bit of luck Scotland will get its independence and take a good deal of Labour with them ;-)

  2. It wasn't funny and he's not funny. He thought he was above a law he framed when he used his cell phone while driving; he thought he was a big cheese writing stupid instructions on how staff were to fit round HIM and his soup!!!... yeah... He showed what an ignorant little twerp he was when he proposed their idiotic British Day on an ENGLISH only bank holiday, and he didn't know his butt from his elblow over tax rises.... Worth every penny of his cabinet ministerial salary. He's a nob!

    Yeah, maybe we'll get independence and we'll take away 41 Labour seats from your parliament... I hope for that as much as you do. Even if we have to have Labour governments here, at least they will be governing for us, instead of the south of England. :¬)......

    .... oh, and because he's an English nob we won't have Liam Stupid Byrne. he he...

  3. He will be able to devote himself entierly to cup a soups from now on.

  4. Yep Munguin. It seems like he can't actually make any of these things himself... or it's perhaps just that he likes them delivered, by members of the lower classes, to his august presence.... despite him being a socialist (sorry, my sides were splitting there).

    Still he has managed to give the government an excuse for putting the taxes up and for more or less any financial incompetence of their own over the next couple of years...

    After all they inherited, by Byrne’s own half witted admission, a country that was completely and totally broke.... thanks to.... oh yeah, Byrne!

    What a tube!

  5. This man is a disgrace. Do I need to elaborate?

  6. I don't find anything funny at all about the note and if anything maybe he and some of his Labour counterparts should be brought up before the courts to explain how they got us all into the mess which we now find ourselves in.

    The Tories have been in power for a few days and already (despite the looming cuts) I feel we are on some sort of right track to getting us out of this mess.

    Hopefully the words will come back to haunt the the guy in 5 years time.

  7. Nope Dean... he's done it all for you.

  8. I wish I shared your enthusiasm for the future under the Toridums Allan, but I'll give it a little time. I just wish all the decisions were being taken in Edinburgh for the good of Scotland instead of in London.

  9. Lordy, that smile would sour cream.

  10. lol! And here is me with my nachos & sour cream!

  11. If you want soured cream Dean... Liam Byrne's your man. Imagine if you were "working with Liam Byrne", you could bring your cream in every day and he could glance in its direction... and lo and behold, you'd have as much sour cream for your nachos as any boy could want....