Saturday, 22 May 2010

“New Politics”® and jobs for the boys?

Danny in the back of 'The Sun's' own taxi driven by Grant Davis

Willie Rennie ex-Lib Dem MP for Dunfermline and West Fife is to get a job as a special advisor to the Scotland office now being run by his old mate Danny Alexander.

Willie sensationally won the Dunfermline and West Fife by-election in 2006 after the death of the sitting Labour MP Rachel Squire. His by-election victory rocked the Scottish political establishment at the time.

However, things reverted to type in the 2010 election when Willie lost to Labour’s Thomas Docherty.

But it seems that all is not lost for Willie as according to the 'Dundee Courier' Willie is to get a job from his old friend and colleague Danny Alexander the Scottish Secretary under the new Liberal/Conservative alliance. The more cynical among us might think this is jobs for the boys and hardly in keeping with the great dawn of “New Politics”®. Or is it a just reward for a job well done? Maybe it is a convenient tax payer funded shelf to sit Willie on until somebody in Scotland dies or resigns or something and then up can pop Willie to do his Dunfermline magic trick all over again.

What exactly will wee Willie be doing in the Scotland Office? An organ of government that the Lib Dems wanted to abolish.


  1. You know regardless of the ‘jobs for the boys’ thing going on with Willie and Danny, why on earth do we still have the Scotland Office or the Wales Office?

    I mean their very existence suggests that the rest of the government is about England. The rest of the ministers would never give Scotland or Wales a second thought were it not for the spectacularly unspectacular Danny and Cheryl to look after us poor Celts.

    If it’s about regions, then why is there not an office for Cornwall (a Celtic nation), or one for Yorkshire? They have different problems to the London and South East, where the government and the wealthy are stationed.

    If you Conservatives believe that we are one nation, why do you have a department for us, like the Department of Work and Pensions, or, like you used to have for India, before the Indians had the good sense to tell you to go away?

    Don’t understand.

    Back to the main story, it will be interesting to know what his job will be, after all, the department must be tiny by now. Most of what they were responsible for has been taken over by the Government, so it worries me what Danny will get to do with himself all day for a Cabinet Secretary’s salary, never mind his mate....

  2. It seems that nepotism and sinecures are quite safe in the world of “New Politics”®.

    Willie must be rewarded for winning a by-election and then losing a general election. They wanted to abolish the Scotland office and instead are filling it with toadies.

  3. I quite like Willie Rennie. He seems to be hard working and at least he answers you on Twitter.

    As for your post Munguin, you're spot on. Jobs for the boys indeed in a redundant position where luxury is the adjective for his surroundings - courtesy of Murphy.

  4. S/R thank you. Its politics thats for sure but it sure aint "new".

    Our new governor general must have his free parking spot on the Scottish monopoly board. But at least Willie will have all the time in the world to keep up with his twittering, at our expense of course.

  5. subrosa..

    I'd happily answer all your nonsense on twitter for £60K a year.
    The limpdems are just reverting to type. Troughers and traitors to Scotland. I remember old Ming in Crail church hall in 1996 tellng us all to vote in favour of a Scottish parliament. But by the way count him out as he had better fish to catch at Westminster so wouldn't be bothering with us minions. So Harry Potter, who is against the parliament in Scotland aswell fills his boots and his pals boots at our expense despite previously slagging us off. Ginger minger is taking the mick.
    A despicable party who would sell their soul to the highest bidder if it got them into power.

  6. There is no New politics old politics just politics as usual..

    The gravy train trundles along....Toot...Toot..Toot on the same old Westminster track

  7. Mr MixedPickle: it wasn't so long ago that Labour were driving that gravy train and the new politics alliance has yet to come anything near the chicanery practiced on the people then. Labour had a “new” as well remember, but it wasn’t long before that “new” looked more like the Tories than the Tories, and you didn’t even go into a coalition with them.

  8. munguin

    Yeah it was all the Liebour party not one other MP from any other party dun any kind of a fiddle at all........

    its all the Liebour partys fault the swines..

    if it makes you happy

  9. I wasn't meaning that but rather the jobs for the boys aspect of this post. Some of the worst example of people who did not feel the need to be elected.

  10. What I take out of Munguin's comment Niko was that Labour are no better than the Libs or the Tories.

    It wasn't all them. They didn't have duck houses or moats or manure on expenses, they had porn and mock Tudor beams and of course Harry Harman getting off with a small fine for stuff that the rest of us would have been banged up for...

  11. I also mean that they stuffed government departments and the house of doddering old farts with placemen and toadies or worse. And also practically invented the system of Malcolm Tuckeresque "advisors". Do I need to name names?