Tuesday, 18 May 2010


The Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) an international organisation of those developed countries that accept the principles of representative democracy and a free market economy has published a list of countries whose populations are content with their way of life. The top 12 are illustrated to the left <== (click on pic for larger image).

Now I don’t know how this organisation gathers its information, but I imagine that it is in as respected a statistical form as would be expected from a world body and no more or less so that the well known polling companies in the UK. (The ones that predicted a hung parliament with a Liberal/Conservative coalition.) The figures relate to 2009.

So, in view of that, I was interested in three things about the figures... and I thought that maybe Jim Murphy might be interested in them too. As a supposed socialist, after all, he should be interested in ordinary people’s satisfaction with life, rather than the state of the nasty Tory markets (snigger):

• His beloved UNITED Kingdom, with its supposedly wise and prudent government, steering us through the economic downturn with Mr Prudence Brown at the helm, does not appear on this list, suggesting that after 13 years of benign Labour rule, the people are not as content as he would have had us believe;

• Ireland appears as number 7 on the list. Despite Mr Murphy insulting Ireland’s economy and by association its government, the people of Ireland are 7th most content of all the OECD countries;

• The country at the top of the list is Iceland. Mr Murphy fair got ladled into Iceland; the failure of it, the basket case nature of it, backward looking and so on... and his boss Dr Brown, perhaps spoiling for a war that he might just win, used anti terrorist laws against this country, because an Icelandic bank’s English subsidiary, registered in London and regulated (or not as the case may be) by the FSA, went broke.... Well anyway, its people, despite the financial meltdown.. and an errant volcano or two, or three.... are the happiest in the OECD.

After Liam Muppet Byrne giving the Liberal-Conservative government an excuse for tax rises by admitting that he had left them not a penny piece in the Treasury, today it is the turn of Jim Spud Murphy to eat crow.


  1. They measure quite a few indicators when conducting this survey ranging from housing standers to levels of crime on so on. Clearly the UK under all of Labour's bluster has not got much to show for herself but any country that has been subjected to 13 years of Labour misery was never going to feature too high on the OECD chart.

  2. Allan: Our housing standards are very low, small, badly built, and unbelievably expensive; our prisons at bursting point (meaning that in the future we will have tens if not hundreds thousands of unemployable people who learned really good criminal skills in stir.

    To be fair to Labour, it wasn't that much different under the Tories...

    Maybe the Liberals can make a difference... and to be fair Dave is not Thatcher.... well no one is like Thatcher except maybe her dear friend, Pinochet.

  3. Mexico...........at no 4

    According to a government report given to lawmakers on 12 April 2010, nearly 23,000 people have died in drug-related violence since then.

    In the first three months of this year, 3,365 people have died.

    Oh! yes happy happy

  4. That's all in a small part of Mexico Niko. That's like saying that everyone in Scotland lives in the horror of a Glasgow Housing Estate.

    Or that everyone in Switzerland lives in the opulence and luxury of Geneva.

    Anyway, I didn’t produce the figures, the OECD of which the UK is a member did....

  5. There rubbish figures and its a load of old Tosh(no doubt the snp followers agree with ever word )

    Its a bit like saying you would be happy if you were American or Chinese.
    sometimes most times nay all times being happy in your own skin has nothing to do with the wealth or not of your country..........

    Truly some would rather eat Scottish mud than English gold or any body else's for that matter.and who is to blame them not me

    we are not all like Murdoch who sold his own Nationality for the American dollar.

  6. Niko: That's more of less what I was saying. Murphy was putting iceland and Ireland down because they were not in the strong financial position that Gordon Brown's Britain was in (well except there's no money, according to wee Baldy Byrne)... but although Iceland and Ireland didn't have the great good fortune to have Gordon as their leader and saviour, they are happier than we are...

  7. Tris

    But you and all the snp lot aren't there either which sort of guarantees a more happpy life.......and Deano he is not there you know what think i might go to Iceland

  8. I dunno Niko... There's another volcano there just waiting to erupt. You might set it off.

    It's 10 times more powerful that the one that's causing havoc just now.

    I think maybe it would be best if you just take Mrs Mxyzptlk to that posh rich people's hotel in Turkey that you promised her... or maybe you should just go "doon the watter".... That way we'll be able to get you home if needs be.