Tuesday, 11 May 2010


It seems that many of Labour’s leadership don’t want to do a deal with the Liberals, possibly because they know what is coming and want to avoid being in charge when it hits.

Jack Straw, the man who has made so much of a mess of every cabinet post he has ever held, is said to be the most senior of the cabinet members opposed to the possible but improbable deal with the Celtic parties tacked on to the English based Labour and Liberal coalition. He is said to be incandescent that Brown resigned to try to get a deal with Nick Clegg. I wonder if he throws Nokias too.

But now Burnham, he of the hospitals where people lie and die in their own excreta so that targets can be achieved elsewhere in the building, has come out against it. Old Blunkett has already described the Liberals as “every kind of whore” as they horse trade with the two main parties in order to get a deal for their nearly 7 million voters. Lord knows he should know about that. Didn’t he twice have to step down from Cabinet positions over... erm... problems? Another has-been who seems to have had, and failed at, every job in the government, John Reid, has said the public will never forgive Labour if they join forces with the Liberals. He seems to be under the illusion that the public will ever forgive Labour full stop.

To add to the list, we have other no-hopers like Bob Aint-worth a halfpenny, the War Minister who couldn’t run a pretend war with toy soldiers, said to be against, and the comical Liam 'Espresso' Byrne, of “Working with...” fame also opposing the deal.

One minister, who is obviously not courageous enough to put his name to the statement, is said by The Times to have described the proposal as "obscene" and that Labour had to "get real" while another equally brave soul said, "It strikes me this is all about giving Gordon another six months in the job". Oh how they love their leader. He is still leader isn’t he?

As the days slip by and time wears on Jon Cruddas, a backbencher pointed out that the Unions and the national Executive would have to agree any deal. So...three to four weeks to organise a secret ballot and ....erm.... postal votes...

More trouble at t’mill appears to be coming from ex-minister Kate Hoey who said that people were looking at the negotiators, Mandleson, Adonis, Campbell, and saying “we were elected, they weren’t, why are they doing the deals?” Actually Kate, you self important little woman, WE, the public have been wondering why these same people were running the country. (Oh, don’t tell me you thought it was Brown.) But it’s OK till they are standing on YOUR toes, is it?

I couldn’t help laughing at old Paddy Pantsdown, who, only a few days ago warned against a ragtag coalition, and has now said that while he still held that view, a minority Lib-Lab coalition could provide stability. Yeah, whatever Paddy.

In the meantime Cameron looks less and less statesman like as he considers for the first time in a couple of years that he may NOT be prime minister of England and a tiny bit in the south of Scotland in a few days.

I also have to say that I cannot for the life of me, think of a good reason why Alex Salmond would want to align himself with London parties in anything but the loosest possible way. In, in fact, the same ways that these English based parties align themselves to him in the Scottish parliament.

I dunno... British politicians put to the test of trying to form a government and ending up doing what they do best.


Pic: Jack Straw looking incandescent about something with David Miliband looking on and Spud looking ....well, like Spud. Daft.



  1. Tories in power Gloat!Gloat!Gloat!Gloat!Gloat!Gloat!Gloat!Gloat!

    Cameron and Clegg in power


    More people voted against Labour


    for you Niko



  2. Er sorry about that Tris, but he had it coming ;-)

  3. Quiet Man

    Lol was that for Mr Mixed pickle/ silly Alphabet?

    Tris that is a great photo of the rejected. Alexander is out. Murphy is out. Straw is out.Millipede is out.

    I'm not over the moon that we are now on the verge of having a Tory government with a dead parrot propping it up but surely it has to be better than the crap that the electorate has just chucked out.

  4. Well, at last! It seems this post is now redundant. (I've been out. Only just back and heard the news.)

    Brown has finally gone. Using his wife yet again.

    And his kids this time. Shame on him.

    Erm QM. I don't mind you having a wee gloat here. God knows you put up with enough stuff from me :¬)

    The bad news is that that mad idiot feminist who has done so much in her time as Minister for Women that there are fewer female MPs than there were when she took over is going to be caretaker leader of the opposition.

    Well that will give Cameron an easy start. My granny's cat could beat her in debate. But Cameron will need an easy start. He's not really got the party behind him. People like Dean are disillusioned. There will be many more like him all over the country.

    He's probably had it relatively easy with his parliamentary party. A third of them will want jobs, with salaries and cars and that's in his hands, and a third of them are only 2 days in the door. They haven't found their feet yet. It's the third third that may be problematic.

    In the country he will have problems.

    He has, whatever anyone says, scant mandate to govern in Scotland. He and his Scottish Secretary, god help us, may have problems trying to implement right wing policies here.

    It will be interesting to see how long it will be before he has real problems. I hope he chooses his chief whip well... wants to be someone like Francis Urquhart methinks.

    Allan... the photograph was a corker I thought. I just hope they get on with the election for leader. That half wit woman is even worse than the one they had last time Beckett.

  5. Tbh Tris, I reckon the next general election wont be too long down the road. And I suspect the Tories will split into national groups too and drop the unionist bit, they'll have too if they want to make up ground in an independent or federal state of Scotland.
    This election if it tells us one thing only is that there is a massive divide in what the English want politically and the Scots, it also shows up somewhat in Deans EUphilia and my English EUnihilism.
    Just different ways of viewing the continent from a differing historical perspective.

  6. Quiet_Man

    Nothing wrong with a good gloat does you the power of good..........

    And the People have elected 'A' well what have they elected still we will have to wait and see

  7. Indeed QM. I think you're right. Our countries were joined because the Noble Lords of Scotland were broke; the Noble Lords of England had cash to spare. We already shared a King... mainly because James got offered a better job in a warmer capital with more money he could appropriate from the public, and his heirs (including Old Ironside and Tumbledown Dick) liked it better down there too. (I guess, with respect, that London must have been a nicer place in these days, at least for the upper classes.)

    We don’t have all that much vaunted common heritage; we fought most of the time. We killed each other, sometimes horribly. If the joining of the parliaments stopped that (which it didn’t) it most assuredly didn’t improve the way people felt about each other. Time and refinement has done that.

    I think we are fundamentally different peoples, in as much as you can ever judge the “personality” of a nation. (People say the French and the Germans are very different, although they share a border.) The Scots are more European in nature and the English, more American. It doesn’t make one right and the other wrong.

    As our political aspirations are entirely different, I suspect we would all be a deal happier if we went our separate ways and remained friends as we are with the Swiss, the Danes and the San Marinans...

  8. Aye Niko. You like a good gloat yourslef don't you?

    I wonder if the Lib Dems will join them. I wonder who will get jobs. I wonder if it will last. I wonder if I still have any cheese in the fridge... Oh... that last one slipped out. Sorry

  9. Tris

    You mean the southern English Torys are different they have no souls or feelings and emotions.
    they love only money and take comfort in the suffering of the poor and innocent.
    the only thing they give away freely is hate which they have aplenty and are not niggardly in how they spread it about.

    I find southern English Torys have religious structure but unlike the Gaelic/Celtic people internally have no spirituality.

  10. Well. Whit a night eh? Ah'm still shakin' fae the excitement. Wait till ah light up...

    Takes a bit oh gettin' used tae tho eh? A Tory government. Wi' Liberal bells oan. 3.3% of this government is Scottish.

    20.3% o' Scottish MPs are in this Tory government. Wi' Liberal bells oan.

    No very Scottish is it? In fact 96.7% o' its MPs come fae south o' the border. That's 351 MPs. Against 12 Scottish MPs.

    An' of course, 11 o' them are Liberal MPs. They've delivered Scotland a Tory government. Wis that the Tory government that 86% o' Scots voted for? Ah don't think so.

    But now we know that if ye vote Liberal Democrat, they'll deliver ye a Tory government, an' we must surely understand that.

    If Nick Clegg cannae show us an awfy big plum, his party's gaun tae have tae answer tae us. Why did ye dae it? Can ye no see? Are ye stupit?

    Ah'm shakin' ma heid, mair in sorrow than in anger.

  11. No Niko. They are all the same. It's not nastiness, it's ignorance, and there are plenty in Labour like that.

    Don't tell me you could tell Lord Mandlethingy and Lord Ashcroft apart.

  12. I'm suprised Sophia, that Nicky didn't seek your counsel. I'd have been right round yopur palce if I'd been him.

    Well Labour voters in Scotland. Vote Labour and you get a Tory government.

    Now I've heard that the last time that this happened there were 50 Labour MPs in Scotland and they were known as the Feeble Fifty, because they sat backl took their money and did nothing.

    On the other hand, if you peoploe had votes SNP you'd have still had a Tory government, but you would have had a stack of MPs who would fight tooth and nail to get a fair deal for Scotland.

    Now it's up to wee Mr Muddle. Great.

    Fortunately the Scottish government will still be fighting for you. But you guys make it hard work.

    I think Sophia, that Clegg has taken a big chance. The Liberals may win out of this, on the other hand he may have buried them for life.

    He has one thing in his favour. He's streets ahead of Cameron in intellect and experience.

  13. Danny Alexander's gaun tae be Secretary o' State fer the Regions, or so ah hear. So we're a Region noo.

    At least we'll hae the #feeble41 (ah've startit ma ain hashtag, that no awfy good o' me? Nae buggers hashin' oan it like, but it's a stairt) tae protect us. Oor pal Jim Murphy an' ilk'll be layin' intae thae damned Liberals jumpin' intae bed wi' the Tories. That'll be the same Liberals that they were callin' progressive partners jist this mornin'?

    They're aw damned th'gither. Unionist pairties in a broken Union.

  14. LOL Sophia...

    What's a hashtag? I mean I'd hash on it in a minute (I think) but I'd do it better if I know what it was .... :)

    I can't wait to see who will be calling whom what... if that makes sense. I mean yer dead on there. You can't really knock the boys you were talking about being in a progressive coalition with, until they found out you weren't as progressive as the Tories.... oooooops.

    The regions huh? That's a good start to respecting Scotland... on the other hand Eck did say he wanted the Scotland Office shut down. This way we save a lot of money. Now if we can just get rid of the House of Lords, the ID cards and Trident, we're half way there.