Sunday, 30 May 2010


According to the Sunday Post today The Rt Hon and Noble The Baron Foulkes of Cumnock has been making a bit of a twerp of himself, yet again.

During a debate last week on the possible new Forth Road Bridge, Highland MSP David Stewart took an intervention from his Nobleness.

Up he got and opened his mouth.... “Could my Noble Friend.. errrr...... Cou
ld my Honourable Friend....”

First of all the poor old thing woke up thinking he was in the House of Lords, then the House of Commons.....

Mr Stewart, who is at least in Foulkes’s own party and probably used to him, took the old fool’s blathering in good part, joking that the Dissolution Honours List was due at the end of the week, but he thanks the Noble Lord for his forewarning....

Ah well, there’s never a dull day when old George is about. At least he wasn’t pavement dancing with pensioners this time.


  1. wake up at the backMay 30, 2010 8:28 pm

    It reminds me of the new Defence Secretary 13th Century Fox who flattered Labour MP Alison Seabeck last week for her “incredibly informed maiden speech, albeit a highly political one”. One slight problem – Seabeck was elected in 2005. Oh and she had lobbied hard for the Plymouth Defence industry for 5 years but Fox obviously didn't notice.

  2. The man is just daft and a depressing little weasel. I remember reading somewhere that George was the main suspect for posting insulting innuendos on public forums. The man is bitterly disliked by a lot of people from all walks of life.

  3. tris,

    Old fool he may be but a bloody arrogant and rich one! If you had a survey for the most despicable politicians he would be high on the list and that's got nothing to do with him being a Hearts supporter.

    Actually, I quite like him because he figures quite often on my blog!

  4. PS: He's got a temptingly smackable face as well - just as well I'm a Buddhist.

  5. We all enjoy the haberdasher in chief’s lighter moments in the Scottish Parliament. But the fact that a buffoon like him can get a seat at all is evidence of all that is wrong with the list system.

  6. Wake Up: Lord, don't get me started on Laim Bigot Fox, the ignorant old *******.

    There can be few politicians more unlikeable or dislikeable or whatever the word is than that one.

    The defence industry... what would Liam 19th Century Fox know about that? Nothing I suspect.

    Odious creep.

  7. There's my mate Allan with another well aimed blow ...Depressing little weazle is good Allan.

    Yep no one likes a wee git like him, a Labour Lord, which you would have thought was oxymoronic in the first place... but in his case is minus the oxy!

  8. Yesh Brownlie, he's made a few bob hasn't he... but he's spent a while in politics and it's hard to make a loss at that game.

    Yeah, I have to admit he does give a lot of amusement on your blog... and in parliament, so we should forgive him, I guess.

  9. Yeah brownlie, thank god you're a Buddhist... eh?

    As well as a Wee Free... must be confusing, especially when your tempted to give the Noble one a hard rap on the coupon.

  10. Yes Munguin. I'm by and large a supporter of the list system for various different reasons, but there are down sides to everything.... and that's our Georgie, an all round down side.

    I've been at PMQs a couple of times when the ermined little Womble has asked one of his stupid questions, and as amusing as they are, the responses from the First Minister are always work their weight in gold. The way he emphasises LORD (which Georgie likes to be used, unlike David Steel, for example, who discarded it) is just hilarious, and you know a gem is coming...

  11. PS Brownlie... you'll note I was doing an impersonation of SIR my answerup there. Nothing to do with lousy typing you understand... yesh?

  12. Looks like he has pished his breeks there, either that or he dribbles a lot. English twit.

  13. Hey Keybored... Nice to see you.

    Ye gads, what an unpleasant thought. I wish you'd left that till after I'd had supper<;¬)

  14. Tris

    I would like to give him a well below the belt kick in the goolies. I can't possibly think of one elected representative in Scotland or the UK who is more appalling than George. Maybe Nick Griffin but he is not at all human.

  15. Well, as you say Griffin doesn't really count as he's a sub-species.

  16. The noble Lard has a face like a Halloween cake.

    Pissed as a Lord, as aye

  17. Abit scary Bugger, even for a Hallowe'en cake. But yeah, at least he does one thing in a manner befitting his station (and I don't mean Embra bussy).

  18. I have my suspicions that quite a fair few labour wild headlines and bonkers articles in the Hootsman were the concoction of the noble Lard in some bar somewhere with a usual suspect "journalists."

    What a plonquer, first class.

  19. I am reminded of an epithet of my native city

    "The man has a face like a well melted wellie."

    ---and so he has

  20. Yes. I think you are right Bugger. I smell Lord Foulkes in some of these articles... they are just the kind of thing that his lardarseness would come up with after half a bottle...

    Melted wellie... yep, must remember that.

    Between you and Allan I'm learning some cool new expressions.