Monday, November 24, 2014


According to Twitter, it sold out today and the print run has been increased for tomorrow.

Any comments on the paper so far?

Sunday, November 23, 2014


It reminds me of John Major in the car driving past his old home, just like he was a normal person, only we all know he rehearsed seeing it four of five times before he got it right.

Seriously, I have rarely heard so much rubbish in my life. The Labour Party may well have been most of or all of what Murphy talks about once upon a time, until Mandelson, Brown and Blair got their evil Tory hands on it.

But a long time ago it ceased to bear any resemblance to what Jim is talking about here, particularly with reference to the poor... and all over the world, if you please. 
What, Jim, about the poor in Afghanistan and Iraq, who had their legs blown off in the wars you supported? What about the inquiry into these wars that you so strongly resisted? What about the poor in Palestine, the unarmed kids being shot by Israeli soldiers? 
And what about the poor in Scotland Jim, denied their desperately needed sickness benefits or on poverty wages on zero hour contracts, with you backing so many of IDS's vile policies? (And yes, I know Labour's stated policy is to get rid of zero hour contracts, but you you blow off about that you should probably tell all the Labour Councils that employ these contracts about that policy, becasue talking the talk is hardly enough when people are starving...)
If anyone believes any of this crap, then I suspect that they also believe in Professors McGonnigal and Snape and I'll look forward to seeing them on platform 9 3/4 where we can watch the cow jump over the moon together.
It's going to be printed for 5 days to judge its viability.
We should grab it ... or we will lose it

Ha ha ha...
PS: This is what we call a political meeting in Scotland

Friday, November 21, 2014


The First Minister has announced her new cabinet.

A well balanced team with a 50-50 mix of men and women.

Personal congratulations to my own superb MSP, Shona Robison, who takes over the massively important Health and Well-being brief while, quite logically, holding on to Sport, which is so closely related to health and well-being.

The two other deputy leader candidates are in the cabinet in charge of Infrastructure and Education. Again two big posts.

Nicola said of her team: 

"The aims of my government are clear: to create a nation that is both socially democratic and socially just, a nation that is confident in itself and governed effectively and a nation which will address poverty, support business, promote growth and tackle inequality.

"The new cabinet team I have announced today will pursue these priorities with verve, vigour and determination.

"Every member of the cabinet is part of this government's top team on merit, on the basis of the excellent work they have already done as ministers.
"The cabinet line-up is also a clear demonstration that this government will work hard in all areas to promote women, to create gender equality and it sends out a strong message that we will start the business of redressing the gender balance in public life right here in government."

I look forward to the rest of the ministerial team being announced. 

In the meantime Munguin's Republic offers hearty congratulations to all the cabinet secretaries.

Thursday, November 20, 2014


Apparently this egg man (Humpty Dumpty) has more likes on 
his Facebook page than the other Eggman (Numpty Murphy).
The Scotch Egg
Remember when Labour was a working man's party?
Well, his kids aren't the ones going hungry
 Gordon Brown is behind so much of elderly poverty,
along with his dear friend Margaret Thatcher who reduced the annual
increase rate of the state pension. A pair of charmers.
Defend it against what... Socialist principles?
Well, I suppose he'd be as easy as Cameron to control
There's not a leader amongst them
Aye Dougal... the man's an eejit!
New Policies? 
Not looking good , is it Ed?
 Margrit has risen to near the top of the Labour Party
Ha ha ha ha. Good one, Jim...

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Laughable: The British authorities couldn't cope
with more than 3 or 4...But they can elsewhere...
Fortunately for democracy, not everywhere is as crap as the UK
(or as corrupt).

Monday, November 17, 2014


In Missouri (where Danny, our man in America, lives) there is today, a state of emergency in anticipation of the decision of the grand jury about whether or not a white police officer, who shot dead an unarmed black youth, will face prosecution. 

A series of leaks has suggested that the officer Darren Wilson will not be indicted. He shot the victim, Michael Brown, after an altercation, which occurred when Wilson stopped Brown and a friend for jaywalking. 

Wilson pleads self defence. 

Our thoughts are with Danny and all Missourians tonight. Hope that there is no trouble, but if there is, that you are far from it.

“There’s a lot of people who say there’s a lot of wealthy people in that room. If they all pay their taxes in the right way we wouldn't need these fundraisers singles – what would you say to that?” asked Steven Secker of Bob Geldof.

“I think they’re total b*****ks,” Geldof responded.

Of course, in a way it's true. If 'superstars' paid their taxes there would still be Ebola, and, because it is happening in Africa, and not in Europe, no one would have done that much more about it. Governments wouldn't pay anything more and we'd still need these fund raisers. 

But it doesn't detract from the fact that a lot of these so called stars don't pay their Gary?
Scots wha hae wi Alex bled,
Scots wham Darling aft misled,
Welcome tae yir Tory bed,
Cuts an misery.

(By John Jappy, independence campaigner of note, who apparently suffered a heart attack on the day he tweeted that little ditty, but who fortunately was treated swiftly at Raigmore Hospital and is now back home.) Speedy recovery to full health to him!
With the SNP conference this weekend and all the ensuing excitement, I neglected to pay tribute to my own personal superstar pal, Petula Clark, on the occasion of her 82nd birthday. As is pretty much usual for her, Petula was working, giving two concerts in Geneva, Switzerland, as part of a massive tour of France, Switzerland and Belgium. Her friends got her a cake, though...  and I see some of her family appearing stage right...

Joyeux anniversaire, Pétula, et merci encore mille fois pour toute la musique et l'amitié.
So these are the shoes that everyone has been going on about. I have to say that I didn't notice... Honestly I was listening to what she was saying and I'm not the most observant of people when it comes to what people are wearing...

So what do you think...will they take off?

Finally, for those who missed the comments on the last blog post...

We've noticed for a few days that Niko wasn't commenting, and John pointed out that his blog appeared to be for invited guests only.

Well, the reason was that Niko was in Belfast following the death of his brother.

Everyone at Munguin's Republic wishes Niko and his family well at this sad time in their lives.

We hope he'll soon be back with us.

Sunday, November 16, 2014


Eat too much, tubby?
Feeling bilious?
Shame. Now you know how we feel when we see you.
Apparently Baldermort hates this reminder of the day
someone handed him his backside on live tv. So I like to repeat it
from time to time.
I know politicians tell lies. It's part of the job description.
But you do have to ask if he's ever told the truth in
his entire life. Anyone got an example?
As you can see he doesn't even do the tipping himself.
The bloke in this pic is slim and has hair.
I see IDS hasn't capped this benefit claimant!
Pucker up.... Ewwww
I wish I hadn't said that.
Doesn't he look like a Vampire?
Has anyone seen him in daylight?
Simple reason for this.
He's a lazy, self important bastard!
Better Together in incompetence
Poor? Ill? Unemployed? Old?
Young? Not titled? Got no donation money ready?
Well... you might as well die then.
I see most of them couldn't be bothered showing up.
Or were lying drunk somewhere on subsidised booze.
Or too busy filling in their expenses.
Well, he's not going to recommend handing that
 one over to the Scottish government, is he?

David Cameron has said 'Conspiracy theorists' will have 
to look elsewhere. No cover up at No.10