Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fotos For Friday

Glasgow 2014 has not even started yet, but the FM has been said to have already secured over £2 Billion in orders for Scotland. That is four times what we have invested in putting on Glasgow 2014.

That's a lot of jobs for Scotland.

Original message taken from the following weblink:-

Dave was in Shetland, although strangely Downing Street wouldn't confirm that he was. But no matter. He was politicking. He was accompanied by Godzilla, the Minister for Portsmouth, who has clearly moved up the ranks and is now bag carrier for Dave (he probably travelled economy). He it was who warned the Scottish government last week NOT to politick during the Commonwealth Games. Funny old world. Ordinary rules don't apply to Eton Toffs.

Let's be honest. With the Middle East blowing up around him, the Russia-Ukraine situation demanding attention, and what with him having all this clout in world affairs (big noise in the EU, G8, G20, Nato, World Bank, IMF, and a seat on the security council) Dave can hardly say he was in Shetland as part of his normal duties. After all it's 34 years since the last prime ministerial visit there. It was hardly urgent he get there this week.

Apparently he thanked the Shetland people for the economic contribution they make to his country (they couldn't afford nuclear weapons without Shetland's input, and said that he desperately wanted the UK to stay together, for he loved them with all his heart  and soul, even the little Shetland Pony. He took his tie off. A sure sign that he was getting down with ordinary everyday common folk who didn't go to Eton (see above).

He refused to take any questions from the press while he was there. Now, isn't that strange.
Apparently the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony producers asked the Ministry of Defence, which at that time would have been under the ministerial hand of Po Face Hammond of the British Virgin Islands, if the Red Arrows could please just use blue and white smoke in their flypast. The flag of the host nation is traditionally used and Scotland is the host nation.

The answer was no. And some old duffer at the MoD probably choked into his bowler hat at the very idea (which at least is a cheering thought).

The planes were due to fly past at the time that the Queen and Philip were entering the arena. Apparently the Queen only has red white and blue, being only the Queen of the UK. Not Australia, or New Zealand or Canada or Scotland or Jersey or Gibraltar or anywhere else, just red white and blue. 

So we had to have another bit of Union Jack waving at the games. NO politicking though, otherwise Godzilla Carmichael would be cross with them and you really wouldn't want to get Godzilla cross. Look what happened when Nicola bullied him!.
Cameron also gave a speech at Glasgow University. It was attended by a few people, who were probably especially invited so there would be no chance of anyone telling him to bugger off home. Some of the invited few presumably had better things to do on a warm day and there were empty chairs all around. Still the Tories are used to that in Scotland.

One of the Tories’ biggest donors and a major contributor to the Scottish “No” campaign runs a vast oil-trading company which has potentially avoided UK corporate taxes on billions of pounds of profit with the blessing of the tax man, according to this newspaper report.

So, they are fighting our freedom with money which by rights is owed to the taxman, and which might have helped pay down the £1.5 trillion of debt the UK has.

Nah, much better spend it on telling lies about how bad life would be in an independent oil rich country with massive tourism, energy, water and intellectual, etc, etc, etc... reserves, so that they can hang on to them.

The Caledonia song will be released on Sunday. 

I'll post all the links then so you can listen to it, and hopefully buy a copy from iTunes or Amazon.

All money received from sales is going to help food banks. It's a great song and a great cause. I've been in touch with my local food bank and made them aware of it too. I hope together we can help the lads make a difference to starving kids.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


This article appeared in the Daily Record. It was so pathetic and ridiculous, I couldn't help taking it apart. Sorry it's so long.  

Must do better Dougie, you patronising git.
IF it ain't broke, don't fix it. With those words, US president Barack Obama explained to me his view on our referendum when I met him in Washington this week. (Just a hint of pride there Dougie? As I said to the king...)
OMG, what an important person you must be Dougie
I see you managed to bump Harry into third place
I had travelled to the US capital with Labour leader Ed Miliband (who? Oh yeah, thanks for explaining who he was), to hold meetings with the president and his team at the White House.

The backdrop to our discussion was the tragic downing of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17, the continuing conflict in eastern Ukraine and the suffering engulfing Gaza. (Yes, because you have such influence of affairs of state in the Caucuses, so clearly Obama couldn't wait to consult you and Ed about it, right?)

Together with Susan Rice, the president’s national security adviser, we talked through these immediate troubles facing our world today and discussed how our two countries could continue to cooperate to meet these challenges. (Well, I suppose that’s fair enough. How you co-operate usually, Dougie, is you agree with every word Mr Obama says, then you drop a curtsey and say “thank you sir”. As you and Mr Cameron see eye to eye on virtually everything, I doubt Barack noticed that it was you two, and not Dave and the long faced one with the personality deficit.)

It was a wide-ranging and free-flowing exchange, covering everything from these current crises to the need to tackle climate change in the decades ahead. (OH, aren't you important. Remind me to bow the next time I'm in the same room as you.)

But of course, as a Scottish MP, there was also one other issue I was keen to discuss with President Obama – the choice that we as Scots will all face on September 18. (LOL. You were keen to discuss with the president? Why? It’s nothing to do with him and whilst he’s entitled to his opinion, it’s no more important than that some wee woman living in a wood hut in Cambodia. But still you got to write about it in the paper, and I suppose every little bit helps in these hard times till the 11% pay rise comes along.)
Oh, there you are again in another room with the president
When I asked him his views, the president leaned back, and with a smile responded: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” (Love the literary style by the way.  Really classy. Soooo. It’s not broke? There are people who are working a full week and yet being directed to food banks; 4% of Dundee’s population to use a local figure. Vast numbers of children are living in poverty, Atos and IDS have killed off thousands of people by denying them benefit, Prince William is getting a new helicopter so he can get back from opening things in time to see wee George to bed; the NHS is being privatised and sold off in England, with consequential for Scotland; MPs have voted themselves 11% pay rise while the rest of us are getting none, or 1%; hundreds of elderly Scots die every year from cold related illness… I could go on, but are you getting the picture? Incidentally, Dougie, when was the last time any of your family went through the indignity of going to a food bank to beg for food?)

Of course he understands that the referendum on September 18 is a choice for us as Scots but as he spoke, it became clear that he believes we really are better together as part of the UK family. (On what exactly does he base that "knowledge". You do know that he's probably not even been to Scotland and knows very little about it, right?)

As a hugely admired progressive president, Obama knows and understands the modern world and its challenges. (I read his ratings were at an all-time low.)

Perhaps more than any other modern political leader, Barack Obama embodies the idea that diversity is strength.  (Against whom are you comparing him, or was that just a sound bite? Are you trying to put down for example the Icelandic prime minister who would welcome an independent Scotland, or the European president who doesn't want to see Scotland left out?)

Nationalism is not his creed. (Yes it is really. The United States is the Greatest Country under God, remember. They are fiercely nationalistic and proud.)

Unlike some others, he has no illusions about President Putin. (Are you trying to drag up that old story about Alex Salmond and Putin? It was discredited a long time ago. You're supposed to be a statesman. Say what you mean.  Silly innuendos are for gossip merchants at the water cooler.)
He thinks Labour has a chance at the next elections
Oh well, whatever. We won't notice the difference,
but he'll get a massive pay rise
I believe his views on our referendum will be welcomed here in Scotland, not least because millions of us here also don’t want to walk away from the UK. (Millions of us do, though, otherwise a person of your import wouldn't be writing articles about it and your mate Gordon wouldn't be trying to scare the living daylights out of the sick.)

At this time of year, tens of thousands of Scots are abroad for their summer holiday. (The lucky ones that aren't down the food bank?)

As part of the UK, we don’t just have a British passport (we have an EU passport) – we also have over 14,000 staff working in 267 diplomatic posts across the world to help us in times of difficulty. (You actually have all the staff in all the embassies in the European Union working for you. You probably find consular help easy to get Dougie, you being a VIP. Not so easy for others, though, I assure you. You are usually better placed to go to another consulate.)

We live in a world where what happens outside Scotland affects our prosperity, security, and wellbeing. As part of the UK, we’re a member of the EU, NATO, the G7, the G20, the board of the IMF and the World Bank, and are one of the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council. (And what does all that do for me, Dougie? We know what it does for you. You get to ponse about mentioning over and over that you had a chat with Barack Obama. But for me, or Auld Mrs McTumpshie down the road, what does any of that mean? It means going to war when America tells us to, regardless of the legality; it means supporting America in the G8 and Nato and UN. Very soon the UK will be out of the EU. And, all this clout you talk about…when are we ever going to see any examples of it actually working? Mr Juncker one, was it?)

As a Scottish MP, I led the British Government’s work to tackle global poverty. I saw how Scottish sailors on Clyde-built warships helped to deliver vital humanitarian assistance thanks to the second-biggest aid budget in the world, directed by life-saving Scots based in East Kilbride. (Wait a minute, that wasn't because you were a Scottish MP. Anyway, you were tackling world poverty? Is it getting any better? Why were warships delivering aid? Wouldn’t it be cheaper to deliver aid without all the guns and killing? And why are we arming Putin (whom some seem to admire, according to you) and Israel? Did you discuss that with the president?)
Just an ordinary bloke like you or me
No tie. You can hardly believe that he has been
in the same rooms as the president
As Scots, we've always been outward looking. My grand-parents were missionaries in China. Scottish sailors travelled the globe and our engineers powered the Empire. (The Empire? That was such a good socialist thing, right? When Brits took other people’s lands and their resources and gave them the right to be British and worship Queen Vic? Labour liked the Empire?)

Indeed, in the past, Glasgow was known to many as the Second City of the Empire. This week, all of us will celebrate as Glasgow becomes the First City of the Commonwealth. (At the time it was the second city of the empire, there were very rich people who did very well, and most of the rest of the town lived in grinding poverty. Have you been to the people’s museum on Glasgow Green?)

So as I left the meeting at the White House, I reflected on the president’s words. (As you do when you leave the White House.) Most of us talk to friends before we make a big decision in our lives. (You asked the president, your friend, for advice?) 

As a friend of Scotland and the UK, President Obama offers wise advice ahead of the referendum. As Scots, it’s our time to welcome the world, not retreat from it. (That's what we'll be doing, instead of having it done for us by London.)

And that’s why on September 18, I’ll be voting No. (Well it wouldn't do to ask the president for advice and then ignore it?  You know what, Dougie. As I didn;t ask Barack for advice, I’ll be voting yes because of food banks and poverty and unfair social security, and nuclear weapons and illegal wars and inequality and starvation and the fact that you lot at Westminster have your heads so far up your backsides you never see any of us or our problems.  You vote No for your big fat salary and free visits to Washington, for imagined clout and for expenses, for self importance and two homes and because you clearly don’t give a flying whatsit about any of us.)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Gordon Brown yesterday told people waiting for transplants that, in the event of independence, Scottish residents would no longer be able to avail themselves of the services of the  current transplant organisation which covers the British Isles.

It turns out that he was wrong.

Stuart Campbell, seemingly one of the few real journalists left, contacted the organisation to ask them for clarification. This was duly received. The service would remain the same  as at present.

It turns out that not only was this information readily available (Stuart got it in extremely short order), but that it had already been supplied to a Conservative MSP, Nanette Milne, as long ago as August last year. (Thanks to Helena for the heads up.)

Your might have thought that Brown would have known, having been the head of the Scottish branch of the Labour party, and then Prime Minister of the UK, that there are four health organisations in the UK, each one entirely separate from the other. Each one organised differently; each one an entity of its own. And yet co-operating and working together for the benefit of patients. 

As far as I can establish, the separate governments of Guernsey (and its dependents), Jersey and the Isle of Man, which are British Crown Dependencies, also have health services which benefit from  this co-operation, which of course is a two way street. Organ donations from Jersey may save the lives of residents of Northern Ireland or the Isle of Man, or, of course Scotland.

Nothing will change on independence. The separate countries will continue to work together.

I read on Twitter of one desperately ill man who was canvassed who said that he was voting NO because of this very issue. 

So if Brown's idea was to scare the living daylights out of chronically ill people then it worked.

I can't say I was ever particularly taken with Brown . Even as a Labour supporter in 1997, I found him unappealing by comparison with the rest of the leadership. His disastrous handling of the economy as Finance Minister, his end to boom and bust alchemy rubbish, and his catastrophic Nokia-throwing, tantrum-ridden, sulking, ashamed to be Scottish premiership, further eroded what little appeal he had.

But this is sinking to the depths of a nasty stinking bog. Brown is either a fool or a liar. Or both.

Credit to Fife News on Line for their coverage. But where is the BBC? Where are the newspapers who covered his lies yesterday?

Monday, July 21, 2014


The Labour Party, from the much loved and highly respected socialist, Tony Benn, to erm... Maggie "Stairheid" Currant, who is..erm... an MP or something, is fixated with the horror of people becoming foreigners when Scotland gets her independence.

I always thought that socialism was an international thing, but then again, I'm forgetting that socialism and the Labour party have about as much in common as the Queen and a kilo of cheap margarine.

Anyway, it seems that the foreigners who make up the extensive diplomatic community in Edinburgh, feel that the Negative side are on the slide and the Yessers are starting to pull up towards a win.

Maybe better start looking at enlarging your consulates there people. 

Embassies take up a lot more room.


I was just asking the other day what on earth had happened to the Tory nonentity that is the Secretary for Scotland.

Since being pulverised on live television by Nicola Sturgeon, and then losing a debate in his own constituency on the referendum, the BIG BEAST we were promised would make Alex Salmond turn homeward tae think again seemed to have disappeared. 

Probably catching up on moving the furniture round in Dover House, I suspected as that is more or less what his job consists of.

But no. Big Alistair, the prime minister's man in Scotland has been out there warning Alex Salmond not to use the Commonwealth Games to big up Scotland. 

But, you have to ask yourself, why on earth does anyone have these kind of events if not to sell their own country. 

Why, did not Mr Carmichael's own government, at the time of their Olympics, which we helped to pay for, wave its union flag all over the place extolling the virtues of Britain and all it had to offer (billionaire) businessmen and bankers? Were London's docks not filled with the most expensive ocean going yachts as oligarch after sheik parked up to be VIP'd down the  "rich people only" lanes to the stadia, served champagne and given access to ministers?

And as the illustration (click to enlarge) shows, did not Mr Carmichael's boss lecture us Scots from the Olympic park, not that long ago, urging that the Olympic spirit of the Coca Cola/McDonald Games should keep us all together as one happy family, and keep the income flowing into London from our oil fields so that the bankers could play with it for their own advantage?

Really, why are we governed by such a set of clods, that imagine us to be stupid enough not to be able to remember as far back as last February? Best thing you can do Alistair, ya muppet, is keep a low profile till it's all over.
In other news, the Middle East Peace Envoy, having done such a splendid job of keeping the peace in the Middle East, decided that, job done, he could give us his opinion on Scottish independence. He believes that we will reject the right to self determination, and say NO he told the press.

But then, he also believed that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction, didn't he? No, that's not fair. On reflection, he didn't believe that at all. Mr Bush told him to say it, so he said it.

Still it's great news for us. No one much likes money grubbing war criminals. That should bag us a good few thousand more YES votes.
Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, oh deary deary deary tut! "The BBC is committed to ensuring balance in all aspects of the Referendum debate programmes..." What a set of lying cheating BBCs they are.
An attempt to commit Labour to abandoning coalition spending plans for 2015-16 was heavily defeated on Sunday at the end of a policy conference described as a "radical rethink" of what the party stands for.
So, no end to this... And you are still in the Labour Party?

Balls, the shadow chancellor, said the vote showed there was widespread support in the party for a manifesto based on "big reform, not big spending" and that members endorsed the tough fiscal position adopted by the leadership.

So, there you have it folks. Even if you get a Labour government next time round, you will get Tory policies. Don't be poor or sick or old or unemployed now, will you?

Sunday, July 20, 2014


So it is going to be "starve the poor" no matter
which one of the Tory parties get in.
Says the arch unionist.
Says it all.
We all take whatever we read in the MSM with a half tonne of salt
What would Hardie have thought of you traitors
to your cause, all you belted lords?
Aye well, you're not wrong there Arthur
I'm surprised he even knows who she is...
Another one tells you
Lard Plonker of Mad as a Hatter International Armageddon.
What a wally.
Try telling that to Labour Tommy.
They can't wait to join in.
Aye... what they mean is that the rich are
stronger together with our exports
Labour Lord should really be an oxymoron.
What was in every manifesto ever, until Tory Blur took over?
This will be another lie, just like the EU one
that Dave's mate Juncker has just blown out of the water.
See Dave, the first rule of diplomacy is don't pee in your own bed.
Oh dear... no comment
Well no, seriously what do they look like?
Takket Kristian. Du har rett
Beats the **** out of me too Fraser.
There Dave. I've been nice to you.
If you want to know what I really think...
Yes, it's time for a change here. And we can do it.
Let's banish this bitch to wherever unpleasant greedy
thick people belong.
Well... it's the Tories. We can count ourselves
 lucky that they didn't all go to Eton.
But wait... the face of Britain Dave?
Aren't these English ministers?
Did you know we have our own Education system?
I'm sure you do, so you'll already know what we think of you.
In case you were having difficulty with it,
the second word is OFF.
No comment.  But just read what they wanted
And look at what Lamont wants.
Are they on the same planet?
One of Munguin's little mates...
Thank you Prime Minister
We'd be proud to be your allies and friends
I hope you have forgiven us that idiot Brown
who called you terrorists because he failed to regulate your
 banks in his jurisdiction because he was an
incompetent muppet.
Has anyone heard anything of Killer Carmichael recently. The Slayer of Nats been seen round your way? Or anywhere? Anyone? ... Oh well, never mind. He wasn't of much significance anyway.


You have to ask yourself how Norway manages to feed its people
and Scotland fails to. We have even more oil than they have.
It's notable too, that, although Norway is a lot colder than Scotland
they don't have anyone dying as a result of it whereas here
the story is somewhat different
I know that a lot of people were disappointed last week when I linked to a version of the song "Caledonia", and it turned out that it had disappeared from Youtube.

Thanks to Richy, who is a friend of the lads who recorded it, I've had an email from Martin, one of the members of the band.

He explained that that particular video was a draft. It has now gone to have captions added to it explaining a bit about the background of the recording.

The fact is that these guys have recorded the song to raise money for food banks in their area. 

It's that simple. 

Too many people are starving where they live and they have decided to do something about it, using their talent.

The video is being annotated and the song will be released as a "commercial" venture, probably within the next week, so you will be able to buy it for download on iTunes or Amazon.

All the monies raised from the sale will be given to the food bank.
Like the Queen opening a new bridge a beaming smile on his face
The shame of it Mr Mundell. The shame of it.
I know I'm preaching to the choir here, so I'm not trying to talk anyone into anything. I'm just venting steam.

The thought of kids going to bed with an empty stomach, or having to go to school hungry, is too horrible to contemplate. It's all the more repulsive when you know that there are people, some of whom are responsible for the mess that causes this hunger, who are dining in restaurants where the entrĂ©e costs more than a pensioner gets to live on for a week.

It physically repulses me that someone like Duncan Smith can be responsible for this and yet get away with charging you and me nearly £40 for his bloody breakfast! Shame there weren't bones in it.

Anyway, we have to confront it. We have to think about it no matter how painful.

What can we do about it? Liar Duncan Smith and the McVile creature have it sewn up. The poor will starve! The country will save money.

Well, inspired by guys who get organised, get arranging and rehearsing, get into a recording studio, record and make a video, get it annotated and out there, I know I'm resolved to do more.

And no, Munguin and I will not be re-recording "How much is that Munguin in the Window?" (Although it's an idea and if we got enough requests...). 
But somehow we can still afford nuclear weapons we will never use
But we can all buy a few extra cans of something every week in the supermarket and take them along to the foodbank. Or we can donate to the Trussell Trust or locally.

And we can buy "Caledonia" when it comes out, and hopefully, in numbers, get it into the download charts. Not only will the money be going to help people who have been rendered hungry, at least in part, by the Westminster government's policies, but we will be raising the "Scotland" brand at this crucial time when we have a chance to rid ourselves of the Duncan Smiths of this world forever. What bliss.

This is a piece from one of our readers, Bloo Choon, which should bring tears to your eyes. Thanks for putting it up Bloo. Lovely chilled music to go with it too.
Full details on the song here as soon as the guys let me know its out there, which they promise to do.

Friday, July 18, 2014


For those of you who missed it on the post a couple of days ago this is an unmissable version of Caledonia. Seriously, give it a listen and a thumbs up if you like it. It is spectacularly beautiful. I want to hear more from these guys. (Sorry, the link is not working any more. As soon as we get it fixed I'll reload it.)
Can I instead direct anyone who has not yet see it, to read the article by Peter Arnott published on Bella Caledonia, and the commentary on it published on Wings. We do need to realise that after 19th September life will change for us, whichever way the vote goes. 

And why would they not? The alternative is permanent Tory rule from the Tories or Labour,
with Ukip in the background pulling the strings.
Maybe we could put a railway in Scotland for the money?
Oh look, the border between Sweden (EU) and Norway (EFTA)
I see no barbed wire. 
Add to that a Foreign Secretary who wants to come out of the EU.
They are going to make you prove that you are mentally ill
before you can get benefits.
This is presumably because most of the prime ministers
and for that matter, ministers, of the last 40 years have been barking
and still drew their salaries.
Well done Dundee and Dundee United
Arranged marriages don't always work
Better Together, without any doubt.
Yes, without any doubt.
Despoilment of Glasgow Green
Go on yersel', Flipper.