Thursday, 27 May 2010

Dundee constituencies to get new names.

Dundee’s two Scottish Parliamentary seats are to get new names following a review by the Boundary Commission. Instead of Dundee East and Dundee West the two will become Dundee City East and Dundee City West.

One wonders what it is they have to do all day at the Boundary Commission if this is what they come up with to justify their statutory existence. And this after what the Dundee Courier revealed as “lengthy considerations”. So now everything with Dundee East and Dundee West has to be reprinted to show the word “city” inserted.

In these times of straitened financial circumstances I am sure that I can speak for the people of Dundee when I say that in the Dunkirk spirit we would be quite happy to soldier on with the old names for the time being thus obviating the need for expense.

There is also to be some tinkering with the seats to make them more strictly apply to the boundaries of the Dundee local authority. Once again though surely a matter of common sense and hardly the result of a lengthy review.

The report now has to go to Scottish Secretary, Danny Alexander who will lay the document before the wee Scottish bit of the English Parliament (but English MPs can vote on it). Ridiculous though these changes are they are our changes and ought to be decided by our Parliament.


  1. I personally hate the new 'points of a compass' obsession. It reduces the constituencies local element. Whatever was wrong with Edinburgh Pentlands, Glasgow Cathart or Ochil & Kinross? Why the need for Glasgow 'south' Edinburgh 'South West' and other meaningless, cold jingoistic names...

  2. Not sure why the UK parliament should have a say either.

    Wonder how many millions of pounds or man hours it took to add the name "City" into the name ;-)

  3. Ah couldnae help but laugh when ah read that aboot Dundee tris. Ah knew ye would rise tae it. If ye ask me it sounds like it's sayin' somethin' like "Aye. Wur a city. So there." D'ye think mibbe they're pu'in' yer legs?

    As ye say, whit's wrong wi' Dundee East an' Dundee West? Is a name no somethin' ye're supposed tae ca' somethin', an' yes are aw gaunnae keep ca'in' it Dundee East an' Dundee West? Really?

    Ah'm shakin' ma heid again. Ah'm exasperated at thae eedjits that think they're daein' us a service while they're spendin' aw oor money oan shite like this, sorry, but it's infuriatin', an' they're willin' tae pit their names tae it? Ah gie up, ah really dae.

  4. Oh! an' here, by the way. Ye'll never guess whit?

    No. Gaun. Gaunnae guess? Gaunnae?

    Well, ah've only gaun an' startit ma ain blog. It's ca'ed 'Shootin' fae the shin' an' it's here

    Ah'm a bit feart.

  5. He he.... It's very very pink....

    Good luck with it Sophia, not that you'll need it.

    Enjoy.... It's great fun

  6. Yes. I agree Sophia. They have all these meetings and they eat lunches and smoke cigars and put in expenses, and for all that money we get THIS sort of change...


  7. QM: It's a lot of lunches... at our expense.

    They really never learn, but the trouble is that we let them away with it....


  8. Dean: No idea why they have to change them.

    I mean it doesn't bother me that much what they are called, but clearly it bothers some people.

    What annoys me is that the seem to ahve added 7 houses to Dundee East and called it Dundee City East....

    Months of work and as the story says "lengthy considerations".... How long can you make that consideration last, I ask myself....

    Pfffffffffffffff again!

  9. Personally

    They should be called Dundee I and Dundee II (the sequel)


  10. Aye Niko.... If it was sin city you'd be up here like a flash.... "I have to go away on business darling", you'd say to Mrs M... and you and Taz would be up that motorway sharpish for a bit of the action.

    Well Niko, I'd save my petrol money if I were you. There is no action!

    Although I have to say I saw a prostitute one nightlast week at the end of one of the roads on my way home. I was slowing to take the corner and glanced in her direction... and she gave me a gummy smile..... ye gads, I put the foot down and was out of there sharpish....

  11. tris

    I've heard they charge extra for taking their teeth out first. She would have been pricey ;)

  12. LOL @ Anon.... You've heard huh?

    Whatever..... ;¬)

  13. What a waist of time and money. Could you imagine if Labour and the Tories won the two Dundee seats?

    New names, Dundee Left and Dundee Right.

  14. LOL @ Allan.... left and right....

    Mind you the chance of the Tories winning a seat in Dundee is a fairy tale!!!

  15. Not impossible though one Florence Horsbrugh was elected as one of the then two members for Dundee for the Conservatives in 1931 and again in 1935. She lost her seat to Labour in the 1945 Labour landslide though but was actually first in 1935.

  16. Ah Bless Ms Horsburgh.

    Did we not at one point elect a member to replace Winnie as it happens, for the Temperance Party?

  17. Ewwww Anon... you have some dicey frineds!!!!!!

  18. touch o. the witches blood again / the wigs /and the right ones are at it again, have they not got antthing better to to .the money would be better spent on dundee ,

  19. Indeed it would Anon. There's no doubt that it needs it.