Saturday, 1 May 2010

Desperate? not at all! Come back Tony.

How desperate are Labour and Cyclops Brown? So desperate that they have trotted out Tony Blair in an attempt to shore up Gordon Brown’s disaster area of an election campaign. Today Blair warned that a vote for Nick Clegg is “not a serious thing”. That’s a laugh Tony just one bigot to another eh?

With only five days to go, the former Prime Minister makes his first serious intervention in the campaign in a vain effort to halt Labour’s slump in the polls. He told The Times (doubtless for a fee) that the Liberal Democrats would be flaky partners in government and that a hung Parliament is a “thoroughly bad idea”. Thanks for that stunning insight there Tone not heard that before.....not!

To voters considering backing Mr Clegg, he says: “The fact that it might seem an interesting thing to do is not the right reason to put the keys of the country in their hands.” Lets leave them with the Cyclops then? Why not after all he knows what he is doing and we are not to judge him on his appalling performance so far as Chancellor, Prime Minister and just general human being.

Amid warnings from senior Labour figures that a poor showing next week will threaten the future of the party, Mr Blair pitched himself into battle for the minds of voters seduced by Mr Clegg.

He conceded that the Liberal Democrat leader had been clever in projecting his promise of a new kind of politics. But he accused Mr Clegg of peddling “the oldest politics in the book” in seeking to blame his rivals for all the country’s ills. Of course Tony never did that did he.

Mr Blair urges voters to remember they are electing a government on May 6, not expressing a feeling. He insists that Gordon Brown deserves another five years because of the “political character”, strength and resilience he has shown during the financial crisis.

Mr Clegg dismissed Mr Blair’s arrival on the campaign trail as a sign of desperation, accusing Labour of “wheeling out the golden oldies to try to help out Gordon Brown in his hour of need”. He said the Lib Dems were in a two-horse race with the Tories. Bet they wish they had never mentioned that two horse race now that they are not one of them. Desperate times call for desperate measures and Labour are clearly at the bottom of the box if they think that wheeling out old Tone will have any effect at this late stage of the day.


  1. Labour seem to have forgotten just how hated old Tone was when Gordon "did" for him. He's right about Clegg being not terribly serious as his views on immigration (amnesty) and the Euro go, but no-ones listening these days as we're all bigots now :-D

  2. QM I know you wait years for a bigot to come along and then they all come along all at once. Now they are everywhere.

  3. I’m choking myself laughing at the fact that Blair criticises Nick Clegg for wanting to have a “new politics”. Didn’t Blair promise that?

    I’m amazed that he thinks that a balanced parliament is a bad thing. He was talking about the possibilities of working with Paddy Ashdown in 1997, with Paddy having a seat in the Cabinet.

    I’m amazed that he accuses Nick for blaming all the ills of the country on his opponents.... that will be the Labour and Tory Parties who else would he blame. Did I miss the UKIP government or the Green Party government? Of course it’s their faults. They’ve been in power since the early days of the last century. The last real Liberal government was in 1905 and lasted till 1915, Campbell-Bannerman and Asquith. It’s hardly likely that their cock ups will still be affecting us.

    I’m gob smacked that Labour thought that bringing out a man who:
    * took us into an illegal war in Iraq, killing tens of thousands of people, because he wanted so much to be in the same room with George W Bush,
    *hung on and hung on until he passed Mrs Thatcher’s record of time in office despite the fact that he was roundly hated by the country,
    *cheated on his expenses and destroyed all the paperwork because he could, because he was prime minister,
    *who now costs us millions of pound a year in security costs as he floats round the world giving speeches and pocketing millions and millions of pounds a year, as a director of a bank

    .... would ever impress the ordinary voter.

    Tony, you’re a prat and we all hate you, and jee whiz, all your money hasn’t done much for your looks. You look like I imagine Spud Murphy will in 40 years or so.

  4. Yesterday's man indeed: things can only get better wasn’t it? Well they didn’t.

    The Cyclops is desperate to hold on to number 10 and they really are scraping the bottom of the barrel with this one. I wonder how much Tony is getting paid because he doesn’t do a fart in an elevator these days without getting the money up front.

  5. An object lesson in the rehabilitation of the discredited. And you heard it all at new Labour first: to the tune of “things can only get better” first Lord Mandelson then Alistair Campbell and now Tony Blair who is going to be next? Who did Blair blame in 1997 oh yes the Tories. So who are we to blame in 2010 oh yes the new tories (Labour).

  6. Tris

    Off on his rant(still better out than in as mother used to say) Just cant imagine how Tony won three elections and of course nobody but nobody voted for him not one person..........It was all done with smoke and mirrors with a dash of mesmerism.....

    Still one of the things i do miss is Tony regularly duffing up and slapping around Alex Salmond at Westminster

  7. Niko,

    Yes, you are perfectly correct - it was all done with smoke and mirrors, blatant lies and fooling not just the Commons but the public as well.

  8. Mr MixedPickle: hope you are getting all geared up for a mega-weep come next Friday, don't remember that duffing up from our Tone for AS but then I'm not as old as you.

  9. Niko.

    It's all very well to accuse me of a rant mate, but, which of the above wasn't true?

    You know, he did do all these things. And I'll give you he was good in debate. He has a sharp mind, and he was a match for most people in the chamber. Most of the rest didn't stand a chance with him. He was too much for wee Willie, although Willie has come on a lot since then; he was far far too much for poor IDS, again a man of intellect but no ability to connect; and as for Michael Something of the Night.... bwa ha ha ha ha...

    I don't remember any clashes between him and Salmond, but I would have thought that they were evenly matched.

    Och of course they voted for him. Not as many as the seats would suggest thanks to the massive weighting in favour of Labour that there is, but he was popular. Very popular to being with; then after his first excursions into war, slaying people left right and centre, he certainly lost some ground. AQs time went on, I think even you would have to admit that he grew less and less popular and even dull old clunky fist was a relief...

    Since he left he turned the ex statesman thing into a money making machine that should sicken a real socialist. As a person with a left of centre agenda myself I find him disgusting. We blame Gordon for not regulating the banks, and all the build up to the massive bust that we will never pay off... but Gordon was Second Lord of the Treasury, and guess who was First!

  10. Aye Brownlie.

    He did a power of that. He's one ruthless operator is Tony... and all the papers were shredded.... strange that doncha think?

  11. Munguin: Nor do I, but I would have thought that it was possible. Tony Blair was and is a superb communicator and debater, as is Alex Salmond.

  12. The pairtys have got tae wheel oot some auld light durin' the campaign. It goes awa back tae the earliest campagns, which really were travellin' circuses. At the end o' the dancin' bear routine, they wid wheel oot some auld man, an then folk wid laugh at him an' chuck their orange peelin's at him.

    Noo that Barbara Castle's deid, they've went fer Blair. He disnae make me laugh much.

    But then the dancin' bear wisnae up tae much either.

  13. Ye know, it shames me. Absolutely shames me. That ah could've wept buckets yon sunny mornin' in May. The tears were streamin' doon ma face watchin' him an' Cherry comin' doon Downin' Street. Ah wis cheerin' an' shoutin', wavin' ma hankie in the air, jist hopin' he wid catch sight o' me, jist catch ma een fer a second. But he never did, the bastard.

    So ah turned ower an' watched Jeremy Kyle.

  14. Well Barbara Castle wasnae much tae look at, but she was bonnier than thon....

    A better laugh an' aw. Bring her back.

  15. Brilliant Sophia....

    Things can only get erm..... damn, I cannae mind the lyrics!

  16. That's whit they promised. Get Better.

    Ah'll gie them get better...

  17. Seein' Blair back on the go gie's me the shivers.

    Fer this reason. D'ye mind 2005? D'ye mind who the country re-elected EFTER the illegal invasion o' Iraq? Eh? Eh? D'ye remember?

    Never forget whit yer country can do fer you.

  18. He's certainly taken every last bit he could out of Britain.

    Better, that was it. Clearly it was a comedy song.....

    Although maybe he meant better for him and Cherry, and MPs in general, and peers and bankers...

    He maybe forgot that there were people like us in the world, they way we sometimes forget there are people dying of hunger right at this very minute... They are so far away from us... just like Mr and Mrs Blair are to us.