Monday 26 January 2015


So, all weekend Jim has been pointing out that when he is first minister (a big question mark over that given that he's not even an MSP), he will not allow fracking in this country. (OK, you could split hairs and point out that the first minister can only propose policy, not insist on it, but in fairness to Jim, he knows that the Liberal(s), Greens, SNP would vote with him, as would the SSP should they have any MSPs by that time.) 

Given then, that commitment to a frack free Scotland, why did he fail to turn up to vote for the power to stop fracking to be devolved? 

At present, as I understand the situation, the Scottish government has powers over planning consent, and withholding that from fracking companies might mean delays to their plans. But any planning refusals could be, and might well be, overturned by the Westminster government on the basis that they were being maliciously employed in an attempt to circumvent UK law reserved to Westminster.  

In short this power must be devolved to Scotland.  If not Jim can huff and puff, but he won't be blowing any houses down if the power stays at Westminster. (This might be convenient to him of course ... I'd do it if I had the power!)

Jim controls all Scottish Labour MPs ... They are nothing to do with Miliband, because Jim is NOT a branch office supervisor like Jola was. Oh no, Sir. He's the real deal. Miliband's equal.

Of course we know that Jim was too busy today to bother turning up at his place of work to do his job and vote for a policy proposed by one of his own minions, that would give the power over fracking to the Scottish parliament. But why did he not instruct his own MPs, the ones who report directly to him remember, to vote in favour?

Jim incidentally was too busy to go to London and vote because he was engaged in a game of Keepy-Uppy whilst attired once again in shorts. (I feel it might be appropriate at this point to bring to the attention of the press office at Scottish Labour, that whilst some politicians half dressed and showing off their legs, might well be considered to be an asset to their party, Jim is not among their number. I've seen better legs on a chicken.

As one lady I overheard today (a Labour supporter too) said :"LESS ...LESS!"

This of course is another possibility.
While Jim was away maybe Miliband got his whips out.
Don't want to go upsetting big money like that.
You have to ask yourself what they are for these Labour politicians.
See what I mean?
 Seriously he's no bonny with his clothes on, but
half naked? Jeeeeeeez.
Well, our policy will be one of the above... whichever one will
buy us the most votes at the time.
Fracking isn't the only thing they get mixed up about.
Oh no, his pants are on fire.
Maybe that's why he's always showing up in shorts.


  1. Why people keep voting for that shower of s#£te, I'll never understand. Corrupt and self serving, loathsome, lying shysters, in no way, shape or form; can they be considered a party of the left. They may not have sold their grannies but, they sure as hell sold future generations in to a bleak Orwellian nightmare. Shame on them and shame on those that prop them up.

    1. Let's hope we can get rid of them in May.

      The words arse and elbow come to mind, and that's not good for us.

  2. Tris

    Not surprised, they are a bunch of lying , self serving w•••••• who will get away with it as the slowly dying media will claim a Labour victory. We live in a country of political fakes who no more represent the people than I do. I really am so sick of this country that if I were younger I would leave. I really hate how we are becoming servants to these scum, play things and too many still bury they heads in the sand.


    1. I don;t think anyone believes the media these days Jim.

      At least maybe some who WANT to believe it's true.

      Certainly they had no victory. The decisions about fracking are to be made in London.

      Well done Jim.

      I wouldn't mind but the idea to devolve that power came from Tom Greatrex, a Labour MP, one of Jim's trusty peons!

  3. Unbelievable...I swear to God Labour just wants to lose Scotland. They are doing this on purpose.

    1. You'd have to think that they are either on some sort of self destruct plan or that they are just so incredibly incompetent that they can't help themselves.

      I thought that some of their previous leaders were a bit incompetent... but this lot...Phhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  4. Notice that "Invisible Jim" McGovern couldn't be a**ed to show up again...His time is running out.

    1. Ahhhh. He probably had more important things to do.

      Were the pubs open?

  5. I think Tris, a lot of what happened with yesterday's fracking vote was only really made clear after the fact - and even then you have to wade through oodles of verbosity.

    The message is clear though, 'Scottish' Labour with Jim at the helm is a joke: they abstain on the big issues because they don't have the courage of their convictions. The reason they don't have the courage of their conviction is because they are convictions expressly suited to pleasing big business donors and gaining votes in England - i.e. Tory convictions.

    I have no idea if fracking is safe, on balance right now there seems to be some doubt. It would be foolhardy (surely) to carry on with it?

    1. Well, you seem to have a better handle on it than I did, Pa. Congratulations

      I'd urge people to read the Fazzledown piece (Fracking for Normal People) in the sidebar. Really good explanation of what went on, and what it means.

      I don't know whether it is safe or not. I know that a lot of people say it's not, and a lot of people say it is. I also know that some pretty sensible governments (Germany and France, New York) have put a moratorium on it, like the one the Liberal backbencher wanted to introduce. It seems to me that unless you can be very sure that the carcinogenic chemicals that they are pumping into and leaving in the earth under people's homes will not have side effects, the best thing would be to halt and do some more experiments.

      I can offer no opinions, except that it is better to be safe than sorry. Our county is too small to have vast areas of it rendered uninhabitable by chemical poisoning, earthquakes or random spontaneous combustion..

      But yes. Labour has proved to be a joke on this, as on so many other things. Jim shouts his mouth off to get a headline, but fails to actually vote in the Commons, where Mr Miliband's whips might call his big man bluff.

      He seems to prefer playing footie adn showing off his legs.

    2. Please don't be in any doubt about the safety of this industry. Its horrific and thankfully at the moment totally nonviable due to the price of oil.

      The link is to a trailer of an as yet unmade movie. Have look...

  6. Hubby said this morning that the Ancient Greeks had the right of it,(Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad")Well that sums up Labour Party, Scottish Branch. We have Magrit Curran saying she voted against Fracking, no Magrit you abstained but considering that is what you normally do would you know the difference. I do wish Dim Jim Murphy would keep his clothes on, he is ugly enough with them on. I think he is trying to woo the footballing fraternity forgetting we women who are not fond of the game also have the vote, though perhaps Sunny Jim intends when he is Scotland's First (Prime) Minister we won't/

    1. LOL.

      What can I say, Helena.

      We should start a petition. Could Jim Murphy people keep his kit on.

      He's not boy band material.

      I think that he is afraid that his right wing metropolitan Blairite reputation separates him from Jock Mcbloggs, and that being seen in football strips is going to persuade us that he isn't a right wing elitist.

      Wrong Jim. It just proves that you got boney (not bonnie) legs!