Saturday, 24 January 2015


We know the election in May is going to be close. Every vote will count - and your support could be the difference between a better future with the Conservatives, or the chaos of an Ed Miliband-led government committed to more borrowing and higher taxes.

With so much at stake, Conservative supporters across the country have been making pledges to vote in this vital election.


William Hague


Munguin was surprised to receive this email from William Hague today. Still, as he said, it's always nice to hear from the people who are running the country. Actually he added "into the ground" at that point.

He was somewhat less than pleased when he discovered that, although the Tories have spent the last 5 years making sure that every halfpenny that they can take form the poor is given to the rich, when it comes to funding their reelection the grippy gits have got their eyes on the cash or ordinary hardworking Munguins (well hardish working) and their much harder working Tris's...

Twenty Quid???? Pffffffff. Yeah right!

Munguin did find an old half penny piece down the back of the settee. If Hague wants it he can come up to Munguin Towers and get it, but I'd rather he didn't bring his friend!


  1. Well I would donate £20 but seeing as me benefits/living wage
    has been cut and drastically reduced .

    I cant afford it


    Didnt know you wuz a closet Tory....................yeah I did!

    1. No, I didn't know I was a Tory closet either. It's about the only party I've not voted for!!! (Well, OK Ukip too!)

      I don;t know how these people get my address.

      I've had begging letters from Labour too, just not as funny as this one.

      The will probably keep on sending them to me, as I filled in the form pledging that I will vote for them. Nothing like building up a bit of smug confidence, huh.

      If I had twenty pounds I'd rather bur it than give it to Willie and his friends.

    2. I heard that you tip the paper boy £20 5 days a week Niko for taking Taz out to do his business whilst you troll online churning out more garbage than Glasgow city council landfills every day.

  2. I see Niko, the Greek is claiming he is claiming benefits, as if! I do sometimes wonder if he is here illegally though as long as he is earning I do not care, I do not even care if he is claiming benefit, social security makes for a safer decent country. Exactly why is Niko here and not voting for the Greek anti Austerity Party or extreme Left Wing Party SYRIZA, or as I would say Socialist Party.
    As I was moved to say when asked if I wanted to buy a Daily Record in Aldi on Thursday and save a fiver on my shopping I would rather give the money away or even lose it than increase their stats by one. So it is with keeping the Tories going.

    1. Ha ha... they must be desperate.

      Niko isn't unemployed Helena. He's worked all his days (Taz told me) adn he's hoping to take early retirement this year, thanks to the new pension agreements laid down by his friend Gideon the Goon... sorry, I mean good... not I don't!).

      He's just likes pulling chains!!

    2. Helena

      I am here just to annoy and wind you up its my lifes
      ambition whoo ! whoo !

    3. You can count yourself a success then Niko

  3. The Record's circulation figures must be slipping some what if they are trying that bizarre marketing plead, as it will cost them about £5 to Aldi per copy. Maybe we should take it and dump the paper in the nearest bin once out of the store.

    1. That's a brilliant idea. I can boost my foodbank shop by a fiver courtesy of the Mirror Group.

      We all know the idea behind that kind of marketing.

      It can work, but if we all go out and buy a copy when we get if for a net -£4, they'll soon find they will have to find another way of selling their propaganda!

      Let's boost their sales (and their losses ) today and any other time it comes with a coupon for £5. And ignore it the rest of the time.

  4. I seem to recall that, a few years ago when I was a teenager, that a poster calling himself Nikostratos was a local councillor where he raised his considerable fortune as all good Labour councillor do. The name then changed, for tax purpose to Mr Myxptil, or several consonants to that effect, on the advice of his shady accountant aka as the Spook.. He was then invited, quite appropriately, to the Turkey part of Cyprus by the Polly Peck chap, opened his bar and lived happily ever after as mine host or mine hostile? You must appreciate that this is only a rough guide, guess or utter bollocks even.

    1. LOL! You should do a Wikipedia page on him, John...

      It might be utter bollocks, but it was entertaining utter bollocks!!

      (Particularity the bit about you being a teenager!)

    2. That was Niko a long time ago....

  5. It appears that they bought my offer of support... (Peregrin... LOL LOL LOL Should have said my second name was Falcon... instead of Forthington Smythe.)

    Dear Peregrin,

    Thank you for pledging to vote at this year’s vital election.

    The future of our country is at stake – and we need every Conservative supporter to get behind our campaign.

    So please donate £20 to our campaign today – and help secure a better future for Britain.

    Your donation will help us contact voters and let them know the choice at this election: between the competence of a strong Conservative team delivering a long-term economic plan that is working – or the chaos that would result from Ed Miliband as Prime Minister.

    So please take the next step and donate today.

    Thank you,

    The Conservative Party

    PS Thank you if you have already donated. Your contribution will help us secure a better future for Britain.

    1. Peregrin Forthington Smythe, you should be working in the home office, with a name like that.

    2. Peregrin Forthington Smythe
      The Tallon House
      Raptors Place
      ER00 HM00

    3. It's a corker, huh?... and they bought it.