Friday, 23 January 2015


It's certainly the biggest!
Farage can seriously damage your health
She deserves a pay rise. Imagine having that patronising you for an hour?
Mr Chilcot must be a slow writer.
Because Tony has told us that it's nothing to
do with him, and he wouldn't lie, would he?
Erm, yeah!
Socialist to his boots... Only he doesn't have boots!
She sounds a charmless soul.
Does she know where Omagh is?
How does she connect it with the SNP?
Perhaps she'd like to explain to us, because it the SNP had anything
 to do with Omagh, I think we need to know.
Vous accusez, Madame?
Don't be silly. It would irritate the people who might give
nomark politicians a job when the public gets sick of them.
Ahhhh, Omagh?
What a difference a Cabinet meeting in London made.
I see the work of the evil monster IDS in this.
Jim Murphy, meet Jim Maxton.
He was a Labour MP.
You've probably never heard of him. He came before Tony Blair.
Not been a good week for Labour.
The Barnett Formula was supposed to be safe ...
...wasn't it?
Oh yeah, that other great gaping hole into which we throw money
for a pile of weirdos and perverts to amuse themselves with.
Don't panic; don't panic. They don't like it up 'em, these Jock Fuzzy Wuzzies!


  1. Sorry, but Dalgety Baying at the moon springs to mind...

    1. Oh very clever Alex... (I just stopped myself saying "smart" there!)

  2. MacTernan's words are deeply disturbing. Even if they were uttered with his usual "look at me, I'm a hard-man" bravado they betray a darkness in the soul of the organisation that calls itself the Labour Party today. The prospect of Murphy's "team" being in any position of power becomes even more fearful if this is the sort of sick philosophy they represent.

    It really is very sad to see what the Labour Party has become. Scotland is fortunate that it has a major party of the left that reasonable working people can and are turning to. For those of us who vote in England there is nowhere to go.

    1. I guess that is what the Greens are having a revival in England (as they are to an extent in Scotland), Barney.

      The English desperately need a party of the left.

    2. Barney

      darkness in the soul of the organisation that calls itself the Labour Party today...

      Hyperbole ??? perhaps


      perhaps you can give an example of an original policy
      of the LEFT which the snp have implemented and not
      one nicked from some one else.

    3. Nuclear Niko,

      Hyberbole? Nope, it really is that bad.

      It escapes me why a policy has to be original to be left wing or less attractive if someone elsewhere has tried it first. Perhaps you can explain?

      For example, free tertiary education, free prescription and opposition to WMDs are all SNP policies which have been done by others before but it does not make them any less "of the left".

      To you, I suppose, these policies are not left wing as they are opposed by Labour, the party of the working man. You've really got to accept that Labour are now "of the right".

  3. The current "Scottish" labour lot, are not fit to lick James Maxton's boots.

    McTernan got one of his wishes, the Tories are back and Dim Jim's their leader.

    1. People like Maxton actually changed people's lives for the better, Jim.

    2. That's my point, a true socialist, not the tory- not-so-light shower, that try and pass themselves off as socialists now.

    3. tris and Jimminy

      Typical nats praise dead labour representatives
      and hate the living ones

  4. I see our Jim is proposing to fight fracking with the "NEW" powers once he becomes First Minister, so that is one fight that will never see the light of day. Another day another empty promise by LPSB (new name for Labour Party Scottish Branch) for all those people who cannot be bothered using longhand.

    1. He won't need to. The current government will have seen that off, if it is doable.

    2. He'll be speaking at the demo at Ineos tomorrow then.

    3. With respect to oor Jim and his *ahem* plans once he becomes First Minister I sincerely hope he does what a load of Labour EX M.S.P.'s did in 2011 ... stand in the First past the post element of the Hollyrood and NOT in the list element. That is part one of my wish. Part two is simple ... he LOSES to the S.N.P. net result NO Murph the Smurph in Hollyrood! ... SIMPLES!

    4. Or maybe he won't, CH?

      I think that might be a wish too far Arbroath, but a nice one nonetheless!!

  5. Lies Lies and more Lies
    Labour Lies
    Tory Lies
    Lib Dem Lies
    Unionists Lies
    No Lies
    55% Lies
    MSM Lies
    Niko's Lies
    Gordon Brown Lies
    Jim Murphy Lies
    MOD Lies
    Westminster Lies
    Lies Lies and more even Lies

    Business as usual in the Republic

    1. Don't you get the feeling maybe, just maybe, that ( heaven forfend) you are wrong, and the right to self-determination is the natural state of things?

    2. Jimminy

      Is that just your /nats/snp self-determination
      we have just had a vote organised and run by the snp
      the people freely voted.

      And what was the nats response ?

      the right to self-determination seems to be applied
      to the nats alone.

    3. It seems it's only ALLOWED via Westminster, for feksake Nico. The heavily watered down proposed powers, mean (sorry for the Americanism) squat. Surely, these are not the "settled will", that you refer to. I fu****g hope not.