Monday 26 January 2015


Iain Duncan Smith claims that coalition government reforms are helping people back into work.

But yet another whistle blower, an ex Jobcentre official, John Longden,  has come forward with evidence that Jobcentre bosses have been instructing staff to inconvenience and agitate customers in order to encourage them off the books.  Staff who failed to meet sanctions targets each month are threatened with disciplinary action. The people they laughingly call “customers” are set up to fail from day 1.
Helps though, when you get an 11% pay rise,
doesn't it?
People, it seems, are being bullied off the dole. Staff have been told to annoy claimants, to change appointments without telling them. Sanctioned claimants are considered, for the purposes of government statistics, to be in employment, that is to say, no longer claiming benefits for being unemployed. This makes the figures look better, and saves the DWP budget for more important things like paying £39 for breakfast for Smithy, or buying his underpants on expenses.
Stephanie  killed herself because
she couldn't pay the bedroom tax.
There are reports of people being sanctioned for ridiculous reasons like...being 1 minute late for an appointment, for applying for the 'wrong' jobs, for missing an appointment whilst at an interview, for turning down a job interview becasue the client was already attending another job interview at the same time...even for failing to complete and interview because of having a heart attack in the middle of it! 
IDS's ambition. To be first at something!
Some of the people affected by unfair sanctions are having to borrowing money or visit food banks, but some have nowhere to turn and have died from hunger or cold, or have committed suicide.

We pay taxes for the Jobcentre system to exist. It is right that people be helped to find work, and that those who show a reluctance to do so should be sanctioned. But it seems to me that we are paying taxes to have people unfairly targeted in order to save the face of Iain Duncan Smith, who has made a complete mess of the benefits system, like everything else he has ever turned his hand to.

We have to get rid of him and his team of evil ministers, McVile and Fraud. The trouble is that the alternative Labour shadows would be every bit as vile.


  1. 'Tory Britain'... I think you mean coalition Britain! The LDems are always telling us how much better coalition normed political systems function better


    1. Oh damn. I keep on forgetting about them, bless them. And there is one Liberal in the DWP, although he has responsibility for pensions, actually the second worst pensions in the developed world... Oh well, could be worse, we could be Mexicans.

    2. Libdems, Labour and Tory, they're all Tories.

  2. Aren't we, Mexicans I mean. Seems when you read the comments sections of the so called newspapers we might as well be illegal aliens. I just said on Google that if you want to discover how Social Security became Welfare, read it here.
    Please, please people of Scotland learn from your mistake in the Referendum and put power into the hands of people who will work for you and not themselves.

    1. LOL I meant that the Mexican pensioners are the only people in the developed world who are treated worse than our pensioners.

      I totally agree. We lost the referendum, we must ensure that we win the settlement, and that must include treating people better than we do.

      I know that there are some idle scroungers out there, but my 15+ years of experience of working with unemployed people suggests that they are a small minority. We have to stop this evil man treating them like they weren't human.

      It's the way of it of course that people like him with connections like he has will never be "out of work" because completely useless though he is, they'll always find something for him to make a mess of.

      And if not, in any case, there is always his father in law to scrounge from.

  3. "It's right people are going to food banks, Times are tough, We are all trying to live within our means."

    That stupid, arrogant, ignorant, abhorrent, useless, despicable, trough grovelling, sickening, disgusting, pathetic excuse of a human being, bitch McVey needs a damned good kicking!

    It's right people are going to food banks! What the @%*# is she on about?

    Has she even the slightest of slight ideas what life is like for people IN WORK who are the vast majority of clients at food banks?

    She would NOT have the slightest idea of what to do if she was in their position!

    Times are tough.

    NO #@%* Sherlock! Thanks for the heads up ya #@%&*£$ MORON!

    We are all trying to live within our means. Don't make me #@£$&*% laugh! That bitch would NOT know what living within her means means even if it were written down in front of her and a dictionary was by her side. The only means SHE knows is the means to *ahem* claim as much bloody expenses as possible whilst living off of a £240,000 salary. ((£67,000 M.P.'s salary PLUS £72,000 Ministerial uplift PLUS expenses!)

    1. I'd love the DWP ministers to all have to live for 6 months, without access to any of their accumulated wealth, on what people on the dole, or sickness benefits have to live on. I'd love them to have to eat the filthy good you can afford on that kind of money, and sit over a one bar fire with their coast and scarves on.

      And I'd love them to be treated the way that the DWP treats their "customers", ie with utter disdain.

      Aye well, Esther... you'll be a long time in hell.

    2. tris

      Seeing as I am getting meself bit more fit and muscular started to diet
      so more fruit veg etc all healthy stuff.....said to Mrs Niko our food bill
      must be going down now i am eating less.
      You must be joking came the reply all the healthy fresh food is
      much more expensive.

      so there you have the low income and not so low income who
      shop in Aldi Lidl and pound shops etc are to save money buying
      poor quality food leading to ill health and using the nhs on to

      perhaps a decent living income might help and in the long run
      save money.......who knows

    3. What are you complaining about, Niko?
      You voted to be ruled by these bastards.

    4. Juteman

      strange linkage voting for the UK to remain a united
      kingdom is voting for the Conservatives bit of delusional
      thinking there but then you are a snp minion.


  4. Here’s the moment that Greek radical leftist party SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras signed the official protocols after being sworn in (using a secular oath) by president Karolos Papoulias.

    Great day for Greece and all against the imposition of Austerity by the
    financial elites.

    And I note unlike the snp 45% no one is calling for re run claiming
    the greek voters were duped/hypnotized by the winning party.

    1. The good guys won Niko, unlike the referendum.

    2. Conan

      so who wins means more than how they win
      wery snp nat Democracy

    3. So the Greeks can vote, to rid themselves of imposed austerity but Scotland can't vote for self-determination and freedom from imposed austerity. That's a strange logic, you've got there Nico.

    4. Surely you are happy about the British way of life, Niko?

    5. Jimminy

      You just had a snp organised and run referendum and the people
      freely voted and you lost................

      As for Austerity dont see the snp leading the people to the barricades
      to fight against it .In fact they say they have to impose Westminster
      austerity.............just like Nats to say


    6. Juteman

      The beauty of the the British way of life is
      you can vote to change it.........unlike
      the snp way

    7. Ye can shove the Nazi reference up yer hinend. And your favoured "Labour" party are going to do what, that's right "cut deeper and harder than the Tories".
      We had a referendum ran by YES Scotland, throughout which the Westminster government ran a dirty tricks campaign, and a failed politician lied and lied, to maintain his own delusions of grandeur.
      The only reason Scotland's governing party has to, even consider, cutting budgets, is you and people like you bloody voted for it.
      Any way, good to hear you're looking after yourself, you'll live to see Scotland becoming independent, although you will be seeing it from afar; with better weather.

    8. Yep, you can vote to change, from blue to red Tory

    9. Happy to see that someone is standing up for ordinary people, Niko. Austerity only works for the rich. Have you noticed them cutting down on their foie gras, or caviare. Indeed only a few weeks ago the Lords refused to share the Commons disgusting cheap vintage champagne which is only £60 a bottle.

      We all know how the bad guys won in the referendum. They lied about everything from pensions (and scared the living daylights out of old people) to cyber wars, nuclear wars, borders with guards and barbed wire, money, etc. They got Obama and the Queen to come out on their side, even the repugnant Australian PM came out for the Tories. Not that Australia and the USA haven't done rather well out of ditching London.

      Then at the last minute they made a promise they were never going to keep. If you ran the referendum again now it would be a hands down win for the good guys.

      The SNP has said that they accept the outcome of the referendum and so far have argued against the continuation of austerity, which Labour voted for. They also voted to save £100 billion plus by not having a useless nuclear deterrent, which Labour voted for.

      What exactly do you want them to do. Spend money they haven't got from the generous English (as Mrs Thatcher said)? Borrow money, which they aren't allowed to do? They have already redirected large amounts to the poorest to alleviate some of Duncan Smith's most vile assaults on the sick and poor.

      You can't vote to change the British way of life, or someone would have done so. You can't vote for the head of state; you can't vote for the upper house; you can't vote for the judiciary and you have very little power over the lower house adn once they are in, they are whipped into shape and only the very brave (Dennis Skinner, Cathy Clark, Diane Abbot) dare go against them.

      How can we change that? And even if we did is Miliband any different from Cameron, except a little thinner and younger and more geeky?

      What would he do differently, even supposing we could change one for the other.

      You show me one piece of evidence that suggests that the SNP would have a less democratic system than the Brits have... please do.

      SNP just voted to get rid of the house of lords. What did labour do, despite it being in their founding principles to abolish the place?

      And Jim Murphy is too busty glad handing and getting his face in the press and on the BBC pretending he can play football to bother going to vote on Fracking which he insists he wouldn't tolerate.

      He wouldn't tolerate it, but he can;t be arsed going to vote against it?

      Man's a moron.

    10. "so who wins means more than how they win"

      Taz, are you letting Niko play with the computer again?

    11. tris

      argued against the continuation of austerity

      ooh ! how tough is that I am sure that will do the trick
      Be honest man the snp love to see Scots suffering
      the more the better as long as the snp can blame the English.

      I mean the snp even hid 444 millon quid away rather
      than use it to help struggling Scots.

    12. You still haven't told me what you would have done.

      The money that was held over was, as you should now be aware (unless you're as thick as Baillie, and I found that HIGHLY unlikely) unable to be spent because of Westminster rules and is now earmarked for something else.

      Unlike when Joke McConnell sent money back to England in case their lordships wanted some more champagne, or Airmiles needed a flight to nip off and do a bit of sexual predetoring in a private jet.

    13. And I see your beloved "Labour" party have fracked the lot of us, thanks a fekin lot.


  6. Good piece from Derek Bateman in sidebar.

    Seems that Iain Gray was made a fool of by Murphy and Blair while they were up to dodgy business with Libya.

  7. Tris

    They are the scum of the earth, some people know it but too many still believe the right wing bollocks of the three Tory parties. They are all toilet stains and I include all who vote for them. Ignorance is no longer an excuse to the misery these people are causing. Politics is at its lowest that I can ever remember. There needs to be a serious swing to the left if we are re discover any dignity at all. I get more attracted to the SSP everyday as we don't have time for this shit anymore, people are dying ffs.