Saturday, 31 January 2015


That's why they like to charge for education then?
And no one seems to give a damn.
I wonder why that would be.
Gideon being flattered by someone who wants a seat in the lords?
Hmmmm. Yep, I think I can see that.
No, wait, I can't.
No. It means that he's rich and he either knows the right people,
or possibly where the bodies are buried.
But don't wait for the Daily Mail to tell you this.
Erm, because they weren't ideologically opposed to them?
 Popat seems like a real tight wad.
Bless her. She should probably retire.
She seems not to know what she's doing.
...and I still have it to this day!
We knew how to look after our stuff, and of course,
sticks were better made in my day!
The bosses go to London.
And Jim is telling them that he could play on the right wing
Mrs Thatcher in the forefront and her lackey by her side 
Ed: I said go find us a door to stand in front of with TEN on it, cloth ears
That's because Cameron is a monster.
If only we cared about living as much as we cared about killing
Yes, but the 99% were only little people who didn't matter.
The 1% were our types from Eton and Oxford.
Well, you see...
If you abstain no one can accuse you of having taken sides.
So you keep in with everyone...
and the wages and expenses still keep coming in.
So why bother?
We know you work for Jim the Tory, but the idea is that
you are supposed to keep it a bit quiet.
You can laugh (well, I hope you do).
But (apart from Dean), do you know how to say it in Cantonese?


  1. Well that was the week that was, lying Politicians, lazy good for nothing Politicians, hard working Politicians and could not give a toss Politicians. So now for those who find voting difficult, read Munguin and work out who is working for your interests. Then DON'T VOTE FOR THE ONES WHO DO NOT GIVE A TOSS ABOUT YOU, in any shape or form. They don't care if they lie, they do not care if they bunk off from work, can you do that and keep your job, and if they care so little that they leave you in penury, what does that say about what they consider important.

    1. Munguin is humbled at your recommendations Helena.... :)

      Your summations is accurate. Some politicians care about the people they represent, and some don;t.

      In fairness David Cameron does care about the people he represents. They just make up about 1% of the population.

      As for Jim, I suspect he represents Jim who makes up a 1/70,000,000 of the population!

  2. tris and the Nats

    Lest we forget the Evil the snp have done before and would do again

    Fortified by that display of Liberal logic, the Opposition tabled their own vote of no confidence. We can truly say that once the Leader of the Opposition discovered what the Liberals and the SNP would do, she found the courage of their convictions.

    So, tonight, the Conservative Party, which wants the Act repealed and opposes even devolution, will march through the Lobby with the SNP, which wants independence for Scotland, and with the Liberals, who want to keep the Act. What a massive display of unsullied principle!

    The House divided: Ayes 311, Noes 310.

    And thanks to the snp Thatcherism was visited on the UK
    for the next 18 years.

    So when the snp/nats wish to lie and lie about how others vote
    just remember this vote the snp supported by abstaining
    in dishonor was their darkest deed...........

    1. Read Callaghan's book, there in, you will discover the true culprits.

    2. Labour have been peddling that pish, since I was at primary school, even then I knew it was pish.

    3. Labour lies as it is in their DNA as well as Pacific Quay. I believe the MOD are recruiting trolls Niko to spread misinformation your perfect vocation.

    4. Niko:

      By Jim Callaghan's own pen.

      Nothing to do with the SNP. All down to his own backbenchers. Credits to Michael Foote. Discredits to rather a lot of them.

  3. The Labour triptych, above, says it all.

  4. The Curran twitter does make her rather stupid. I sometime get the feeling that Labour MP's don't actual do any twitter comment but it is done by lackeys. I may be wrong, I may be right.

    We will know at noon Monday who the SNP Dundee West candidate is as I received an email about it - I know who it is but I won't break the embargo. Rumours abound in Dundee West of a Labour deselection - that would be interesting.

    1. He he... Looking forward to knowing, but very much respect your sealed lips.

      Deselection would be deserving. The man is a waste of space, and most certainly of salary.

      I've met and worked with Margaret Curran, and found her pleasant enough, but not startlingly bright. I think in honesty she has been promoted above her abilities and that she should resign. I've no idea what she is like as an MP/MSP, she may be good in the constituency. She's just not ministerial material.

  5. Fracking Abstentions - Thanks Munguin and Wings - 'Shurely shome mistake' - Mr M Connarty is recorded above as having abstained in regard to the vote but I understand the Falkirk Herald of 22 January 2015 records said Mr Connarty as having voted against fracking

    1. Shuerly, they shouuulduve checked haansaardd!?

    2. Never pays to take their word for it.

      They lie, and forget that we have the means to check readily what has been voted on by whom. Once upon a time we did not.

      I think they fail to grasp the fact that Jock McBloggs not on has the internet , he has it on his phone these days.

  6. This week we’ve had the glories of Empire, War and subservience shoved down our throats yet again with the 50th anniversary of the death of the drunken warmonger, Churchill. “Plebs, know your place!”

    It at least reminded me that tomorrow is the 68th anniversary of the death of prohibitionist and socialist Edwin Scrymgeour, who put Churchill firmly in his place in the Dundee Parliamentary election of 1922.

    Neddie was a local man who stood up for all working men in the face of social and party privilege (“Have done with bogus Labour representation and go in for socialism”) and stood against oppression. As he said of himself - 'a pledged opponent and deliberate challenger of all the forces adverse to the interests of the working class'

    For those who may be interested, this is a good summary of Neddie’s career -

    Join me in raising a glass of sarsaparilla to Neddie's memory tomorrow.

    1. Thanks Barney.

      I heard that they had re-enacted Churchill's funeral. How, I wondered could they afford all that money to bury someone they had already buried?

      Mr Scrymgeour was a good man, with principles... and drink was, and still is a scourge in our country.

      There were members of my family who signed the pledge because of him... not quite enough of them unfortunately!!