Thursday 20 June 2013


So I expect you all dined like this last night...


  1. They had this on in the gym (I assume it wasn't deliberate...) Bunch of troughers, from what I gathered from the subtitles, Osborne was up to his usual mithering; interests of the country... government taking its responsibilities seriously... ...safeguarding the city of London for the benefit of everyone...

    All of that mixed in with the most obsequious crawling, incredibly undeserved mutual backslapping and self-congratulation.

    Made me want to puke.

  2. "MY government" ... does he think he's the Queen now?

    Yeah< didn't see any of it, but I look at this bunch and I think to myself, it's all your faults.

    Mervyn King, now to be referred to as L0RD King. What a useless tosser he was. He never got anything right; never had an idea of what was happening, but boy did he coin in the money, and not he's got himself a happy little place to sit for the next 40 years on his MASSIVE pension with a few directorships thrown in and £300 a day for eating and quaffing at our expense.

    A set of scroungers like you'd never find down the social security office.

    Where's Guy Fawkes when you need him? I hope they all got food poisoning.

  3. My waiters washed their hands it saved them having to wear gloves I also had someone to put on my bib for me
    These peasants don't even appear to have one
    Pity the food on the right didn't slide of the plate Now that would have been a photo worth seeing

    1. Right on his aristocratic napper.

  4. Replies
    1. Great slide show, CH.

      Weren't they the group that put up posters for their meeting and the council (Labour with Tory coalition) took them all down!

  5. Tris

    I never listened to any of the speeches but saw them walking in before switching off the news in disgust, looks like all the other foodbanks doesn't it. Sorry but these people make me sick.


    1. They make me sick too. Everything seems to get cut, except the finery for this lot.

      We're broke and our people are starving and yet the Jubilee celebrations went ahead; the Olympics cost a fortune (and resulted in a reduction in the numbers playing sport); opening parliament cost millions; Thatcher's send off cost millions. And this load of troughing bastards continue to sup at the public teat as if we were still rich.

  6. Tris

    Just watched FMQs and it really is amazing that anyone could vote for Johann Lamont. I thought Iain Grey was bad, and he was unless it was running for his subway, but she is really really poor. She has what 3 questions at FMQs and asks the same question 3 times and fails to score any points. It's sad that the good questions come from Davidison, Rennie is just a waste of time, he had nothing to offer. I swear if the SNP don't win in Aberdeen today and Labour do then I give up on people who vote Labourservative.


    1. Yes Bruce, when Jack stood down and they got Wendy, you thought ...ooops; then when they got rid of her and put in Gray, you though...for heaven's sake what are they doing? But choosing the Lamentable Lamont is like they were trying to commit suicide.

      Who else have they got though?

      Anyway, SNP won and the figures for the referendum looked excellent. So YAYYYYYYY!

  7. Lets make those foreign 'penguins' extinct in Scotland, apologies to Munguin look alikes.

    1. Munguin accepts you apologies and says that HE's not foreign... He is a cross between a Scottish penguin and a Scottish monkey.

      Unlike certain other media moguls he has not taken a nationality of convenience.

      But yeah, you're right. It's time these people who are "foreign" to us, by culture, rather than nationality, were no longer wasting our money on their self congratulatory festivities.

  8. Only the best restaurants and best dining for my second fav* bloggers!

    *fav is the bonnie Subrosa, no hard feelings!


    But on a serious note, this country all starting going wrong in 1976. Then exactly.

    In 1976 Denis Healey and Callaghan begun the Labour Party right win shift away from the political Social Democratic settlement of Crosland. Croslandism demanded redistributive justice of wealth and opportunity.

    Put simply Croslandism was central to Labour politics (and politics of wider centre-left, excluding the far left of Labour) until the IMF infamy.

    Crosland explained, you need to hold and maintain the wealthy at a fixed, absolute position and use public spending, tax subsidies, regional and income taxes to continually raise the poorest up.

    Thus, narrowing the gap. At times of recession you adopt a firm Keynesian reflationary approach.

    Because you know what? Inflation does NOT create unemployment, a lack of demand does!

    It all went wrong when we let go of Croslandism and let the Labour far right asset strip us of our values under Kinnock, and equally when we let Bennites infect the acceptable social democratic left with their extremism.

    Its all going to hell. But I shall keep the faith, the Labour Party can still be saved, there is frankly nowhere else to go by this point.

    1. It's an interesting thought, Dean, to try to put a time on when it all went wrong.

      There might be those who think that it went wrong when the rich made themselves filthy rich by taking what they wanted from the colonies, bringing it to Britain, and paying slave level wages to Brits. I heard someone say it all went pear shaped when Victoria dies.

      Some would say it all went wrong after the war when we decided that at all costs we must spend money on becoming a nuclear power and hold on to our world leader position and to hell with houses, roads, hospitals and schools.

      Some would say it was Labour's mad years in the 70s when the unions ruled a weak government and pathetic level of management. Or that it was Thatcher's plan to make the UK London and shut the rest of us down. Some others would say that it was the fact that Labour stopped being an opposition party and became a carbon copy of the Tories, worried only about the massive vote in the south east of England where governments are made or broken.

      Some would say that in the light of the mad situation that the Uk found itself in 2008, the folly of electing a government of Eton toffs, utterly inexperienced in anything at all, and with no idea how the other 99% of us live, was a massive contributor.

      Seriously I believe there is another way... And to be honest, if Lamont/Sarwar is the answer, I'd love to know the question!

    2. CH. Very good polling on the referendum from yesterday's by-election. Don't book that room in Zurich yet!

      Also read Stephen Noon's piece on SNmr =>. It's a cheery read.

  9. Almost missed your piece about Liam McLaughlan on Question Time. I actually watched the programme and he came across as presentable and articulate. Quite frankly, in listening to what he had to say I did not even notice what he was wearing. Perhaps he should have worn a pin-stripe kilt to appeal to the Labourites?

    His comment must have had echoes not just in Scotland and not just in the UK but is a question that will be asked in the wider world community.

    Most, in Britain, were sheltered by the UK media from seeing the true reality of the Iraq invasion but the actual carnage was portrayed in its true horror on news channels world-wide including of course the Middle East so it is little wonder that Britain is reviled for apparently condoning this murderous brutality and is, and will be, the target for attacks.

    The wider world community will also see a token inquiry where the chairman from the onset stated that the inquiry was not to apportion blame which again must have given the impression that this country was at ease with the government's contribution to this horror.

    How anyone, therefore, could insult and abuse this young man for asking such a relevant question goes to show how brain-washed or uncaring certain members of the community actually are.

    1. Alternatively, John, if you can't beat the argument, find a chink in the armour of the arguer.

      The truth as I, and suspect many people, see it, is that Blair went to war on what he knew were lies, because Mr Bush wanted him to do so.

      It bothered his Christian soul not one whit than he was doing this against the wishes of the UN, and with no other intent than to make a very great deal of money for Halliburton's, the company with which the VP was associated, which picked up a shed load of war contracts and of course the oil.

      It seems to have lost him no sleep that in doing this he was partly responsible for the deaths and maiming of thousands of people, possibly hundreds of thousands of people.

      He seems to be at ease with the fact that because of the inexperience and incompetence of the powers that went into Iraq illegally and made a complete mess of prosecuting their unauthorised war of aggression against the Iraqi people who had done them no harm, and who completely failed to put the country that they broke back together again, he has put back the cause of liberalisation by 50 years in Iraq and caused endless misery, and again many deaths as the country is now a terrible place to live.

      Liam criticised Blair for this, and having no defence for their hero, and recipient of the Congressional medal, they decided to deflect the attention away from the warmonger to Liam himself.

      Unlike Blair, Liam doesn't have a Fettes and oxford accent, and he probably can't afford the Armani suits that Blair can get on all the money he managed to wangle out of the state and various gullible companies who think he's an asset. So they had a go at that instead.

      Play the man, not the argument. It's so much easier for people of little intellect.

      Fact is that if Blair hadn't had the backing of DubYa, or if he were black, he'd be in the Netherlands now, answering charges of murdering vast numbers of people and ruining a country.

      And that's before you take into consideration the fact that he has left Britain as a hated state in serious danger of being attacked by terrorists.

      And at the risk of being criticised here, I'll say it out loud... who can blame people for wanting to get their own back. So far we still killed an awful lot more of them then they ever killed of us.

      I hope Blair truly is a Christian, because as he gets older he is going to be tormented by what will happen when he dies.

  10. LOL. I love that man. A spade being called a spade. How refreshing.