Wednesday 5 June 2013


Just out of interest: In the Uk the retirement pension is £110.15, with some vague promise to make it around £140 in a few years, maybe. 

I was pottering around in the middle of the night (because I couldn't sleep) and I discovered that the retirement pensions in Jersey and Guernsey, independent states and crown protectorates, are £189.84 and £192.85 respectively. So when they tell you an independent Scotland couldn't afford to pay their pensioners... it's another lie.



  1. I'm just behind the chap with the beard, the late John Dryden.

  2. That version screen freezes at about 10.50 mins in but the commentary continues with me.

    1. Just tried it CH... Same here.

      Goodness, but it's jinxed, that programme. They do NOT want us to see it..

      Link to STV player.

  3. tris

    you probably cry out in yer sleep.....' its a lie a big unionist lie '

    and just what was you pottering about at late at night bit sus if you ask.

    I see ed one and ed two have decided to accept the Torys Ideological
    reasoning for the cuts if in power after 2015.

    er why????

    triangulation it seems what a wiz bang idea Labour carry out Tory cuts but
    wont laugh in yer face while doing it.Um why not vote Tory if the cuts are the right
    thing to do ?. Anyway ed the leader will explain tomorrow he best have a good answer.

    Nick Clegg says nepotism is just a natural instinct and should not be denied
    why complain about other poorer nations doing the same then.
    mass privatisations carry on regardless 155,000 public sector workers sent of
    to indentured service in the private sector.
    Cameron has a once in 11 weeks shout fest at the mother of parliaments
    or Westmonster to certain sections of Scottish polity they know who they are.

    and so it goes on

    I think I'll just potter of and hang me self wid the cord from me Union flag

    1. Hmmm... It wasn't really sus...I mean I was reading about social security in Jersey and Guernsey for heaven's sake, Niko. Aye, right enough, ...why?

      Yep, I wondered about Ed and Ed and their policies on hurting the poor until mrs Curren explained everything. Thank heavens there is one of them that is articulate and knowledgeable, if a little forgetful.

      I wonder if she's remembered who Denis Healy is yet?

      Old Cleggy and his nepotism. He started off on that one till we found how how his rich dad managed to get him off the hook when he was up to no good at uni...

      I remember too a long discussion over at Subrosa about the audacity of Nicolas Sarkozy getting a job for his son, till it was gently pointed out that our head of state had done much the same thing, and at around £16,000,000 a year it was a damned sight better job than Sarko had managed for his laddie.

  4. Niko,

    Niko, don't do that, old chum, who else would provide the humour on here. I must say that I feel your pain but in my case realisation set in many years ago. The the sad thing is that even if you did hang yourself you would still be counted as a no vote so it would be a waste of time.

    Great picture of Margaret Curran on Pa Broon's brilliant blog - I think I'm in love for the first time since Bessie Braddock jilted me all these years ago!

  5. Incidentally, I see NuLabour have begun the fight to win the UKIP voters over to their side. Strangely enough I was listening to the Stable Singers great version of Hard rain 's a gonna fall when I read it. In the event of a no vote we are all doooomed!

    1. Oh yeah, I probably should have put in a plea for Niko not to hang himself, so, if you're still reading Niko... please, don't hang yourself. What would Taz do for a dad?

      I'm off to look at Pa's Blog now. I assume it's with Mags that you are in love and not Pa. You didn't make it entirely clear, but given your propensity for hard faced Labour dames, I'm guessing Pa has been given the shoulder.

  6. Tris

    Oh well ed is a Tory after all blue ed from now on
    See it were just after maggies funeral when he
    Had a epiphany .

    Thacherism is right still it happened to Tony Blair
    And if course old labour will still vote for labour
    Nowhere else for them to go.
    And yer Torys can not vote Labour safe in the knowledge they will get right wing policys
    And the poor will be crushed!

  7. It does seem that way, Niko...

    But it doesn't have to be.

    Independent Scottish Labour wouldn't be like that if they didn't get their instructions from Ed...

    Think about Alan Grogan's campaign...


  8. I just got a nice email from the guy who put up the Road to Referendum on Youtube.

    Here it is:

    Hi Tris

    I noticed that you'd embedded the Road to Referendum video that I'd uploaded and posted on my blog, Syniadau.

    Unfortunately I got a content infringement notice from YouTube, and parts of the video (after about 11 minutes, as one of the comments noted) were blocked, So I decided the best thing to do was delete it.

    But there are a few other versions of it on the internet, and I've now embedded this one instead. You might like to do the same. The STV player version only works in the UK, this Vimeo one should be available anywhere in the world.

    Best regards