Tuesday 4 June 2013



Starting shortly on STV will be Iain Macwhirter's "Road to Referendum.

The programme has caused considerable controversy with The Noble and Gracious Baron, the Lord ffoukes of Cumnock, who considers that Iain should not be allowed to present the programme alone. His Nobleness feels that Macwhirter should have a unionist co-presenter.

I'm not sure of what Iain Macwhirter's real politics are. He has of late written some fairly pro independence pieces, but, by the same measure he has been highly critical of independence in other articles. However His Lordship, perhaps touting for the job himself, protested to STV.

STV treated His Grace's complaint in what he described as "a cavalier fashion" (as opposed to a roundhead fashion, I suppose) prompting the Baron to complain to Ofcom, which decline to look into the matter. 

Oh dear.

The trouble with complaining about every little thing from the colour of the trains (set under Labour, had you but known it) to what the First Minister got from Christmas, your Georgness, is that no one takes you seriously any more. Most people have jobs to do, and need to get on and do them, and not mess with malicious complaints from an ex-junior politician with a reputation for making trouble for the sake of it, and with plenty of time, at taxpayers' expense to do just that. £300+ a day tax free...cheap food and, most of all, cheap booze! Yummy!

Mr Macwhirter has warned the blue blood that he may find himself in court if he doesn't wind his aristocratic neck in, and stop bumping his lordly gums.

In other news, the Herald reports on Captain Darling:

“Former Labour chancellor Alistair Darling, who chairs the anti-independence Better Together campaign, is to speak at a fringe event of the Scottish Conservatives conference in Stirling on Saturday.

"He will launch the Forces Together – a network of former UK Armed Forces Personnel and their families who believe that Scotland is stronger as a part of the UK.”

Ah, so Alistair is getting forces involved, is he...at the Tory conference? 

Ready to mount an attack on us if we vote the wrong way and jeopardize his Lordshipness (with £300+ a day tax free + cheap food and booze)?


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    1. Bloody hell!

      This quote is pertinent.

      If, even at the doors of some food banks, a distinction is now being drawn between “shirkers” and “strivers”, then we on the progressive left really do have a problem.

      People who are starving are people, guys...

      If I found a food bank that I contribute to was doing this, I would stop my support and find another one which would feed hungry people without making judgements on them.

  2. I watched the programme. It is scary to find I remember nearly all the events featured. I was saddened to see my old mukka Jim Halliday who sadly passed away in January. Also scary to see a glimpse of myself nearly 40 years younger at the Dundee East declaration which they wrongly had at February 1974. It was the October election. I did not learn much from it but it will help younger viewers who might not know how we arrived at the present political scene. I shall watch the next two.

    1. That must have been amazing Marcia, to see yourself on television.

      I hope that it will instruct some people who know nothing of the recent history of Scotland.

      Did you find any justification in the mad lard's complaints over the presentation?

    2. None whatsoever. His outburst might have helped to boost the ratings (if those trying to watch on Satellite had been able to see it.

    3. Yeah, good thought Marcia. There's nothing like a little scandal to raise the viewer numbers.

  3. Tris

    When will George Foukes just Foakes off. I mean this man has had a long career in politics milking the public purse and has contributed nothing to society. That must the mantra of the Labour Party now, be seen, be heard, be paid, contribute jack.

    The foodbank article is a disgrace and just shows how far right the Labour movement has allowed it'self to become, every party member should get that article in the post and then tell me they represent the oppressed. Just when you think you can't read anything else that would embarrass the UK even more along comes another one, just like the 22 bus.

    If none of this convinces a no voter to change their views then our country truly died in 1707 and like Moore says we all became English and Scotland ceased to exsist.

    What a sad article.


    1. They are a despicable lot.

      Ed Balls wants to cut pensioners benefit too.

      I knew it wouldn't be long before the old would cop for the Tory-Labour coalition of hate for anyone who is not "them".

      blair is still collecting vast amounts from the state to help him make millions and spread his pseudo religious nonsense, and brown has dained to turn up for his day job on only a few occasions. Who does he think he is?

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    1. Thanks CH. I think I'll put it up as a past. :)

  5. Meanwhile, we in the south will get to watch the programme at 10.35pm on Thursday night. I presume the 11.35pm finish time won't put off those who need to get up the next day for work. 8pm last night saw Border TV broadcasting "Animal Heroes - Behind the Scenes at the Royal Army Veterinary Corps". At 9pm there was a programme called "Dirty Britain", which I thought at first might be Macwhirter's programme under a different title, but it was only something about cleaning toilets.

    1. Border sucks EricF.

      I thought they had agreed to broadcast it in the national interest.

      Anyway CH has linked to it above and I'll put it up as a post on the blog.