Saturday 8 June 2013



AND....Poor old Ruth.

According to this report in the Herald, right at the start of his speech Cameron had to make a plea for the Tory's Scottish leader...

"We will only succeed if we are in touch and in tune with modern Scotland and in Ruth, you've got the ideal leader.

"Ruth wasn't born into the Conservative Party. She chose it and she understands that to win we've got to be a party for all of Scotland, a party focused on securing Scotland's place within a strong UK, but not afraid to look at how devolution can be improved. I back her every step of the way."


  1. That's Ruth stuffed then. Think about what happend to Andy Coulson. I bet she's thinking "aye thanks Dave"


  2. Hello Sneddon... Regards to you too...I was thinking that same thought.

    Always dangerous to get backing from the prime minister or have his fullest confidence... it usually means 'yer toast'.

    But Dave chose her because she's malleable. The others wouldn't have been so easy to control. Ms Goldies certainly wasn't, which is why she was left out of anything important.

    Ruth drew a line in the sand when David did; shortly after that David allowed that if we were good children and voted against that horrid Mr Salmond he would see what else there was to be had for Scotland, at which time, not surprisingly, his Scottish dummy did exactly the same thing.

    In criticising her, they were criticising him...

    All these lines in sand remind me of the song "Autumn Leaves"

    "Et la mer efface sur le sable, les pas des amis désunis"

    And the sea rubs from the sand the footprints of friends separated...

  3. They are all in it the mire together and will use any dirty trick going to keep their supremacy. I believe a demo outside numbered about 3 times those inside which surely says something about the UK and it isn't positive.

    Seldom go here at the Labour broadcasting corp. but sometimes needs must to pass on messages, (up yours GCHQ) that's beter.

  4. Talking about mires, I see Tim Yeo has just denied any wrongdoing!

    And I'm pretty certain GCHQ is bound to be covering this matter for Cameron's government, looking for signs of terrorism of course, Now they will now know that you, sir, are a BBC watcher, and therefore a unionist.

    Maybe you'll get an MBE.

    Ah well, for those that want to be on the same tv show as the old ginger one, good luck to them.

    I love the bit about the BBC having to remain balanced when they have shown and admitted that they are not.

  5. Ruth is Cameron’s man in Scotland remember. It’s hardly surprising that all isn’t rosy in the Scottish Tory garden. They threw away their chance to be anything meaningful in Scottish politics when they decided to continue to have their strings pulled from London. Now it seems the grassroots, what’s left of them, are finally waking up to that fact.

    1. Biggest mistake they ever made as a party in Scotland was allowing Ruth the inexperienced to be thrust on them by Dave the daft.

  6. Why do the Unionists seem to believe we in Scotland all zip up the back? Is it the seventy years of slavish devotion to the Labour party in places like Glasgow that got them the lowest life expectancy in Europe and the highest incidence of child poverty in the UK (better together)? They don’t seem to make any effort to make their tricks, statements and actions in the least bit transparent. They really must think that inside every thinking person in Scotland is a moronic worm desperate to return to the Scottish cringe and actually believe the facile garbage they spew forth.