Monday 24 June 2013


I'm a day shoot me... 


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  1. A.Neils statement is the most surprising as he has always come over as an avowed unionist often scathing of his country of birth The rest are all true to form

    1. I was, I admit, surprised to read Neil. But if even he can see it...?

    2. Just a wee thought here, but can we count A. Neil as someone who has moved from the NO camp to the YES camp? :-)

      If I remember correctly from video of last year's march for Independence there was a comment made that all we had to do was each person voting YES convert one person voting NO and we'd win so who, I wonder, is laying claim to "converting" A.Neil? :-)

    3. It is not the fact he can see it a man with a blind eye and a cork should be able to see what is going on and he is a smart cookie who always appears well versed in his subject It was more the fact that he said it that surprised me

    4. I think I have managed to persuade a few, Arbroath, mainly guys at my gym, but I can't count him among my converts.

      I agree, Fairfor, he's seemed so against in the past

  2. I like the comment by Alan Bissett - I think I'll nick it but don't tell him!

    1. Yep, he's a corker of a guy and a huge asset to our campaign. I'll not mention that you've pinched his lines... I suspect he wouldn't mind anyway.

  3. I'll probably just not bother voting. I want full autonomy, not the status quo and not separation.

    1. If you want full autonomy and not the status quo what is preventing you from voting Yes? Is that out of blinkered allegiance to the Labour party - your reference to separation may be a clue? I suspect more and more Labourites will be supporting independence.

    2. Well, Dean, both Cameron and Miliband have ruled that out, and probably because it is in reality undeliverable (needing the consent of the English as well as the Scots).

      They are all taking about what more they can devolve... but nothing substantial can be delivered. Tiny little powers over speed limits or the colour of the buses. Certainly not the status of Guernsey or Jersey or the Isle of Man to do things OUR way instead of the English way.

      It is always wrong to waste a vote, I think.

      John is right. Under full autonomy the British/English government would look after our defense and foreign affairs... Philip Hammond and Willie Hague... or Jim Murphy and Dogie Alexander.

      With independence it's likely that a Labour government in Scotland would include thee too anyway, and they could hold the positions in a country that wouldn't constantly send its soldiers to fight in other people's wars.

    3. Use it even by spoiling it, but use it as that is what democracy is about.

    4. Or you could vote yes, and get a chance of a better life than you're ever going to have in the UK.

      A few months ago I said they would start on the old, and now we have them telling us that the old can';t have winter fuel payments by right... so it becomes a charity thing, not a right, so it never gets increased, possibly gets reduced and poor old people have to go begging for it. Not because they paid for it all their lives, but because they are poor.

      And it they saved up a wee bit of money for their funerals they won't get it.

      Mind you, they can find £8 million to burn Thatcher despite her having more money than Cilla Black!.

  4. SNAPS ON ...ERM.... MONDAY and read on Tuesday.

    I liked the welfare figures poster. I hope Yes Scotland use it a lot.

    1. And they will still be there on Wednesday too, Marcia :)

      They do some brilliant posters, and the welfare one is a corker.

      I wish people would get it into their heads that we would be a rich country that could afford to treat people in all situations with dignity.

  5. tris

    yeah ! but you live in house with people you hate and loath and despise
    at least the Torys live far away............these you can actually smell make
    you vomit to be near them..

    Me Im with Deano so disillusioned with all of them wankers the lot of em
    I will probably not vote ever again............after all the Torys will win
    as they are all Torys now

    still if enough feel like me and Deano and say feck em all
    the snp could sneak a pretty miserable win

    1. Niko... I'm amazed at you. You are so passionate about your politics, your socialism. How could you bear not to vote.

      At the moment I agree, UKP far right nut jobs; Tory and Labour Right nut jobs. Liberals... bwa ha ha ha ha ha ...whatever gives them a bunch of cabinet seats.

      But in an independent Scotland I'm absolutely certain that Scotland would move back to it's core vote. It's only moved to the right to appeal to the biggest area of voters, where elections are lost and won, hoping that the Northerners, Welsh and Scots have nowhere else to go.

      Without the South East controlling the agenda, we could have a decent Labour party and a decent National Party, with fringe right wing and left to balance the parliament...

      I'm convinced that we could live in a decent country again. I beg of you to think about this.

      Labour is only right wing to appeal to the voting constituency in the south of England...peter Mandelson said so himself.

      So what about a country that guarantees that every young person will be in a job, or at uni or at college...

      What about a country that repeals the bedroom tax and to pay for it gets rid of nuclear weapons?

      What about a country that maintains a health care system that is publicly funded and free at the point of delivery? (In England they are starting to talk about payment for some things...specially if you smoke, drink or are obese!)

      I'm fed up all our money going on playing a game of imperial powers from 200 years ago.

  6. voting dont work anymore
    why bother it wont change

  7. Teacher ask children to answer question

    what would you like to be when you grow up

    child answers

    I would like to be happy

    teacher says

    you dont understand question

    child answered

    you don't understand life

    1. That was John Lennon who said that Niko...

      Id agree that voting doesn't make any difference in UK elections. Vote Labour get Tory, Vote SNP get Tory; Vote Liberal get Tory.

      But this vote will make a difference...or could...

      Here's what Stephen Noon said....

      Just think how we will feel if there is a No vote; if in 2015 we get another government we didn’t vote for; if in 2016 we’re taken out of the European Union against our own expressed wishes; if in 2017 there are new welfare changes that introduce a lower rate of payment for people in Scotland; or if in 2018 we are still wasting £250 million a year on nuclear weapons. We’ll regret the lost opportunity that was a Yes in 2014, with an intensity that will be brought to mind again and again. The pain of what could have been will go on."

      It so matters to all our future... Scary shit if we stay with the UK.

  8. At least he has not reeled out the usual U-Mantra - "Swivel-eyed nat" - wonder why?

  9. You seemed to have difficulty getting that published chicmac... so I helped it on its way.

    Yeah, I bet he never uses that expression!!!

  10. Tris

    The truth is I have given up seems
    The only sensible response.
    Tired of bullshit obfuscation and

    Not t very constructive or honourable
    But there you have it.
    All fecked up and no where
    To vote.

    1. I understand how you feel about the lies and the obfuscation, Niko. Sometimes I won't listen to news or read the papers for a few days because I'm so sick of what I am absolutely certain is just a pack of lies, but then I think about the rest of my life...

      ... Could I bear more of George Osborne and David Cameron, or indeed Ed and Ed, because I can see absolutely no difference.

      And someone like Alan Bissett comes along as says what he said above... or even more so maybe Andrew Neil, unionist of note, comes up with his piece about how they will take us to the cleaners if we vote no, and I despair that there are Scots who would even consider voting with Cameron.

      I have hope. There are two commentators on this blog who were anti anti anti. Both have been so sickened by the campaign, that a year out they are considering not voting... how many others feel the same way, and how many others will be convinced when the YES campaign actually starts for real.

  11. Under condem coalition: borrowing is up, living standards down, manufacturing down, house-building down, taxes for richest cut. #Labour2015

    1. What will Labour do differently, Dean?

      Get rid of Trident and spend the money on jobs? No.

      Remove the odious Atos and their campaign against the sick and disable? No.

      Remove the bedroom tax? No.

      Treat pensioners with the dignity they deserve? No.

      Build council houses (and stop the sale of them in England and Wales)? No.

      Invest massively in a road and rail building programme to get people back to work? No.

      Set up an oil fund for Scotland, like the ones that Texas and Alaska have? No.

      Anything, you can think of that they will do differently?

    2. Anything, you can think of that they will do differently?

      Wear differently coloured rosettes at election time

    3. I wonder... maybe to save money they will just all wear blue... Might as well.