Sunday, 30 June 2013


Just glancing at a few stories from the Herald, I notice they report that Osborne's spending cuts will affect the poorest 20% of the population most.

A Treasury paper shows only those in the bottom quintile will lose more money as a result of the spending review; all other income groups will lose less. Better Together, huh?

They also report the faux pas over phone roving charges, which appears to have emanated from the Eton Boy's office. (Do they only teach them how to reprimand the butler if he decants the port badly, and throw in a few Latin damnant quod non intellegunt?) What a pile of nonsense from BT.

In the same story some junior minister, Jo Swinson, apparently said the same sort of thing about letters... couldn't have the same price stamps for all over the Uk, despite the fact that the system holds with the republic of Ireland, Jersey, Guernsey, Man, Northern Ireland, and that both the Post office and the  Federation of Post Masters has indicated it sees no reason (apart perhaps for Swinson) that that would not continue.

What next. All emails will stop at the border? Another pile of nonsense from BT.

The next story reads:

Allan Burnett insisted security services could be "readily created" and traditional alliances easily maintained if Scots vote Yes next year.
His remarks come as figures close to the UK security establishment warn that SNP strategists have "naïvely" underestimated how much time and money it will take to create a secret police service.

Burnett was the old Strathclyde Police's head of intelligence and Scotland's counter-terrorism co-ordinator before retiring in 2010 with the rank of assistant chief constable, and endorsing the SNP. Yep, more nonsense from BT.

The next story involves the report that in the build up to the referendum,  the police department responsible for the security of parliament and government offices, previously in the hands of Lothian and Borders Police, has decided that the first minister may need extra security. 

The amusing thing about this story is that the comment for the newly appointed Labour spokesman for justice is not a concern that public figures (whomsoever they may be) should be safe in the run up to the referendum, but as follows:

“This shows where the First Minister’s priorities lie. We have cuts to support staff, which means police officers are behind desks instead of out on the beat, but he’s more concerned about his own safety rather than that of communities across Scotland.”
Graeme Pearson: Justice Spokesman for the Labour Group
So, what he's saying is that he is more interested in making cheap political points than keeping public figures safe. Oops!

He may have to retrench if the security services decide that Darling should have protection. I wonder what he thinks about Brown having protection from now until he dies, even when he is off on work which swells the Brown coffers...

Statesman like behaviour from Graeme Pearson and Labour, and maybe not the quote for which he will wish to be remembered, in what, I suspect, may not be a long career in politics.

The Herald now appears to ration the number of pages that you can look at in a month for free, so unfortunately although I can give you a link to the last story, I don't know whether you will be able to look at it. On my screen it gives details of how I can sign in and get another 5 stories, or pay £1 for the first month and £2.99 thereafter to read their stories.

Yes... Fat chance.


I've read that Jim Murphy was less than pleased at Ken Mackintosh getting the sack (as was ken himself). Is there a schism in the Labour leadership (using the term loosely)?


  1. Awe don't you just love the Project Fear camp?

    I've decided that from now on I'll only refer to the bitter together crowd as Project Fear!

    Is anyone really surprised that it is only the LOWEST 20% of the population who will suffer MOST?

    I'm wondering how Jo Swinson will be able to face ANY of her constituents AFTER her latest bilefest! I mean it is HER government who have CUT the number of post offices in Britain. It is HER government who RAISED the price of stamps in Britain this year. NOW she "claims" an Independent Scotland "could" face higher charges. Well dear here's a wee message for you, just in case you read Tris's blog, the price of stamps in an Independent Scotland "COULD" also go DOWN!

    Good old Pearson doing what Labour in Scotland do BEST! Forget all about the detail of the topic just stand up and be abusive about the First Minister. Wonder if he'd feel the same if, heaven forbid and I apologise for mentioning this, Lamont was the First Minister. I think he wouldn't myself he'd be bleating on and on about why there was not MORE security for his beloved leader. HYPOCRITE!

    Nice to see that nice Mr Pearson has agreed to become Labour's "man with foot in his mouth" star of the month!

    I'm so glad that someone was able to track down which bolt hole Murphy was hiding in to get his thoughts on MacKintosh's reshuffle. One question.....was it actually worth all the effort?

    1. That's what they have become Arbroath. I'm still waiting to hear ONE SINGLE positive thing that the union can offer us in 2016.

      And no one has been able to supply it.

      The only person who tried, was, and all credit to him, Dean.

      Braveheart who was definitely reading the blog at the time because he had commented, wouldn't rise to the challenge.

      All they can ever do is say... you're too wee; you're too stupid and you're too poor....

      You couldnt afford stamps and your couldn't afford a spy system; you couldn't afford an army, no one would want to be ion it if you could because you wouldn't fight in any proper grown up wars; you couldn't afford phones and you couldn't manage without our embassies and... oh sod off...we could right!

      We COULD because we are clever and resourceful; we are rich in energy, in water and in people. We could because we are not too wee. Iceland manages nicely with the population of Edinburgh, because they too are resourceful, and are rich in power and water. Many otehr countries in Europe are as small or smaller than the Uk including the most successful ones.

      We've got the oil to give us a start...40 years of it. Just like the richest country in Europe has had...only it's going to have it all over again.

      Pearson is a divvy. He was never expected to get a seat adn the joke is that, if Labour do well enough in FPTP seats to actually for a government in an independent Scotland or as a colony of England, it is highly unlikely that Pearson will be elected, the system being as it is!

      As for that Dugdale woman. When she a mere functionary she apparently decried the regional vote members as "assisted places"... which is what she is now, and a dubious winner unless Labour do badly in the FPTP... which would mean they would be unlikely to form the government.

      Murphy apparently tweeted his disappointment at Macintosh's sacking. So he may still be missing. At least we know he's not hidden in the same place as Lamont.

    2. Arbroath

      What always strikes me with Project Fear is that its the torys little lapdogs the Libdums and Nu/Old/Anykind Labour MPs and MSPs who are their with the latest scare story.

      Do they think we will believe them since they are only pretend torys?

    3. Dubs, they must realise that people are beginning to realise that they are making this stuff up...

      ...when they have some REAL story, no one will believe them

  2. Clear you browser cache if you go over the limit.

    In Firefox

    Clear Recent History
    Tick all the boxes

    Remember that all your automatic log-ins based on cookies will be wiped out so, if you have lots of different ones, write them down for next time.

    Once the browser cache is cleaned, could be a few minutes if you have never done this before (and your browser will work quicker with all your history and other incriminating evidence wiped clean) you need to reload the page you were blocked watching.

    easy and it works.

    1. Brilliant ...thank you Snotty!

  3. £2.99 is a price worth paying for Ian Bells articles and much else besides. The Herald should be supported for it's arguably neutral stance in the debate.

    1. I must admit, David, I was disappointed that it was the Herald and not the Scotsman that had put up the paywall.

      They seem to be coming round to taking a more neutral view on the referendum: alone among Scottish press.

      But it seems to me that if they have managed to operate without putting a charge on online for the last, what is it...10-15 years ...why do they need to charge now?

      Other papers are still making it pay through advertising.

      In fact, I realise that it is a little unreasonable of me. They provide content and I read it for free. Their journalists need to be paid and they have some decent ones... Iain MacWhirter and Ian Bell at the top of the list, but once you have provided something for free for a long time, you must expect some resistance when you decide to make people pay for it.

    2. I've only recently subscribed to the Herald and I think it's perhaps the only paper to treat the pro Independence side in an even handed manner. They may indeed be struggling to survive and could do with the contributions.
      I would open my wrists before subscribing to the Scotsman. A malodorous rag if there was one and a publication whose vile campaign will be long remembered. Quite sad really as it used to be a good rag.

    3. Yes agreed.

      I've just never paid for online content... and although I see no reason not to... I'm reluctant to start.

      But I agree. The Herald is reasonable. The Scotsman, regrettably is a pile of trash. Not fit for fish suppers.

  4. No don't do that. Instead go to

    Remove individual cookies
    Type "herald" in search box
    Click "remove all cookies"

    Then you don't lose any log-ins, etc.

    1. Don't have Options on my Firefox

    2. I use Chrome, but there is a way to clear browsers on that too.

      Thanks for your suggestions Anon and Snotty.

    3. Urchin, click the orange Firefox button in top left corner.

  5. It seems, since BT's other name 'Project Fear' is now out in the open, they're being far less concerned about being overtly negative - even if as is the case with roaming charges - its a load of shit.

    Some one some where in Better Together has decided that Scottish voters will respond to the fear factor, the more conservative side of the Scottish nature will prevail.

    I'm not so sure that'll work though. Scot's maybe used to be known for their dour, conservative outlook - these days though? I don't think it really exists except within the confines of the lazy stereotype.

    1. Well, it could, if there weren't so many out and out lies involved.

      A some stage people will say that they have made up so much, and lied about so much that even when they do raise legitimate concerns, people will simply think that they are lying.

      The other thing that comes across to me is that The English, or at least the government in London must hate Scots very much. Otherwise why would they punish us in a way they didn't punish Eire?

  6. I'm not sure if you've seen the latest SURE thing from project fear Tris. If you haven't then read this.

    Looks like an Independent Scotland really is going to suffer.........NOT! ya MUPPETS! :-)

    1. Ha ha ha... Arbroath. Yes, we'll have to pay extra if we drive in England. It's just like they really ahte us and if we leave and take our money away tehy will make life hell for us.

      Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, Finland and Norway don't have these issues. Why are Brits so petty?

  7. Afterthought:

    I've read that Jim Murphy was less than pleased at Ken Mackintosh getting the sack (as was ken himself). Is there a schism in the Labour leadership (using the term loosely)?

    A schism mmmmmm

    perhaps better to describe it as a schiste (Tris will get this).

    We are due a earthquake and the bubbling up of all the crap from the bowels of this fetid London sham of democracy, after the Yes vote.

    1. Manhattan schiste? I've been watching that nice Ian Stewart, love his documentaries.

    2. Schiste is the French word for Fracking P Paws


      B (t P)

    3. LOL Snotty... Very neat one there!!

  8. Will answer later guys... got to head out now...

  9. why would you go to someone's home (The Herald) were you are
    unwanted,despised and hated.

    don't make sense to me still i turn up here dont i ha ha

    1. But are loved here. Can't you feel the warmth? I've always said, you may be a unionist, but you're OUR unionist.

      Besides, Spookie told me to look after you and make sure you kept good company, and I'd never let him down.

  10. For whom the bell tolls

    So far the left has stayed solid. Neither the Greens, Respect, Bob Crow's Socialist party nor the National Health party have made any inroads into Labour's electoral support. But the dissension on the left has grown ever louder as Labour has waved the white flag on the economy, welfare and education in recent weeks, leaving more and more people to ask what on earth the party is for if it agrees with the coalition on all the fundamentals

    many of ' US ' are wondering ' what on earth the party is for ' than just getting some people elected to rape us in a more gentle way .

    1. Yep, sad sad times for Labour.

      The thing is, I could see where Blair and Mady and co were coming from. Labour needed to modernise, a lot of their core voters were now, thanks to Mrs Thatcher, home owning shareholders...

      But they went too far.

      I understand too that as mandelson said, they had to persuade the people in the South East of England to vote for them if they ever wanted to put any policies into action. If they south east of England isn't behind you, you aren't going to be anything but an occasional relief government when the Tories get too much.

      But they've become the Tories. Sometimes I look at RED Ed and then at BLUE Dave and I really don't know which is which.

      They disgust me. Both sets. As for the Liberals, well, if anyone ever sold their souls for a mess of potage... and so Goodbye. Go back to your constituencies and take a gun and a bottle of Scotch!

  11. Tris

    Torylite is just well Tory people such
    As me are just sick of it.
    It's an old trick that has had it's day
    Time for standing up for what
    You believe is right.

    But then do Labour
    Believe in anything anymore
    Other than getting elected.

    1. Yeah... Conviction politician now means one who's been inside, rather than one who believes in what they are supposed to believe in.

      It's a wonder your mate, Braveheart, can't see that.

      Even some of my dyed in the wool Labour voting neighbours are starting to ask why Labour is opposing only the decorations on the cake, rather than the cake itself.

      Personally, I'm more and more interested in Jimmy Reid's Common Weel movement. It sounds like the kind of society I could be content living in.