Friday 7 June 2013


They need the money...see below
Come again
But he doesn't mind. It's the Big Society working. I wonder what he gives to lis local foodbank...
Good choice then, Alistair
That would be a proper Labour Party, not the right wing joke New Improved One Nation ToryLabour
Even Alistair, the Darling of the right, talks at their conferences
This is what they spend OUR money on.


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    1. Fantastic video. Thanks CH.

      I'd urge everyone to look. This guy sees how it really is and is a bit inspiring to people who might be feeling a bit worn down by the lies.

  2. I don't know where you get these Tris but all are brilliant and some, if reproduced say 500,000 times and distributed in trains, buses, etc could be game changers for many people who are not engaged with the Referendum.

    1. Just from the net Snotty!

      Best way to get them distributed I guess is to reblog, put them up on facebook, twitter etc.

      I think people will become more engaged as time goes on. As Niko said a few days ago, it's a 3 year campaign. Folk are not even vaguely interested at the moment. There's a summer to enjoy and a winter to get through.

      Would be good to see them released on trains and buses though :)

  3. A nice wee smile to start the day.
    The sun is shining in Dundee, the beer is cold, and the garden awaits.
    I better stay off the pooter later. :-)

    1. Hey Jutie. Glad I brought a smile. It's beautiful weather and it's Saturday and unfortunately I'm still struggling to get rid of this viral infection I picked up weeks ago and that just won't give up.

      So an easy lazy day for me... But have fun in the garden with the cold beer... and yes, it's always good advice to stay off the puter after a day where strong liquor has been taken!! :)

      Have a nice day...

  4. worth a read.