Thursday, 2 September 2010


Munguin and I would like to say a very sincere thank you to all of you who voted for Munguin’s Republic in the Total Politics Scottish Blogs poll.

It came as a total surprise to find ourselves mentioned; I only found out about it when I was reading
James Kelly’s post on the poll.

That of course reminds me that I also wanted to offer my congratulations to the other winners... and of course in particular to our bloglist mates who are also on the winners list. SNP Tactical Voting, Subrosa, Scot Goes Pop, Iain Macwhirter Now and Then, Scots and Independent and Dark Lochnagar.

I guess political bloggers of whatever shade, use their space on the internet to try to put across their political viewpoints, so many of which are so sadly neglected by a poor press in Scotland. The national newspapers, Herald, Scotsman and Record give scant political analysis of any depth and of and impartiality.

As for the Scottish editions of the English press, I have been appalled to read about Ken Clarke, the Justice Secretary and his prisons programme on main pages of the Scottish Daily Telegraph and of some scandal or another attaching itself to a prisons minister in the Scottish Daily Mail (that paper gets more ‘red top’ by the day). Neither paper bothered to point out that they were talking about English ministers. The BBC treats Scotland with contempt, and can only ever stir its stumps at all for one party; its party.

So we do our bit and we hope that someone reads us, and that just maybe a little more enlightened discussion follows from what we write.

Anyway thanks again. I didn’t think I'd ever care about being in a top 50 (albeit at 47) but I’m a bit chuffed!!

PS: Oms... if you’re reading this, and I really hope you are, cheers mate. It was about this time last year you were pushing me to do it!


  1. Well done the pair of you. I'm so pleased you're chuffed.

  2. Thanks SR... Congratualtions to you too. You are SOOOOOOOOO far up the list! Well done indeed!

  3. Brilliant, Tris and Mung, well done! If it was not for silly comments like mine and Niko's you'd be much higher up the list.

  4. Incidentally, it's customary on these occasions to compose and deliver an acceptance speech - can't wait!! Please don't cry!!

  5. Tris and Munguin......Congratulations!

    And what's "chuffed"?

  6. Danny: chuffed here means to be pleased, happy or proud.

    I was also unaware of this. I thought that you had to actively participate but clearly you dont. I guess I can join the feeling of chuffedness! And well done to everybody else as well.

  7. Was astounded to find that the "Steamie", which usually generates one comment - more often than not, mine - and where the "bloggers" never reply to comments, made the Top 50. I'll bet Maddo has a paneful finger(geddit!).

  8. Tris & Munguin.

    Well done to the two of you. It's not surprising your blog has been recognised in the Total Politics Scottish Blogs poll. Munguins Republic is a great blog and the topics you cover are very interesting.

    Both of you always take time to engage with your readers and encourage debate which is why I think so many of us tune into Munguins Republic whenever we can.

    Scottish bloggers (regardless of political persuasion) are the way forward now because as you rightly pointed out Tris, the media do treat Scotland with contempt but thanks to blogs such as Munguins and others we now have our own opportunity to say how we see things.

    Well done.

  9. Erm Brownlie...

    You don't want an acceptance speech from me...not unless you are having trouble sleeping at night.

    However, since you absolutley insist (and my arm is right up my back when I type this).

    I'd just like (sob) to say (sob) that I want (sob) (sob, gush) (sob) OK right wow compose! to thank everyone in the world for being just wonderful (sob) and this award is not for us... it's for all of you out there in the dark....(sob)

    Is that OK Brownlie.....?

    You can't want more surely.


  10. Oh dear Danny...separated by a common language again, eh mate?

    Thanks for your congrats... and for all your "Letters from America" too.

  11. LOL...Brownlie, I've never read the "Steamie". The Mad Ox style of writing doesn't appeal much I'm afraid, but yes, I think young David must indeed have sore fingers....and a lot of different log-ins!

    You know, when I used to read the Scotsmanall these years ago...well 1 year ago as it happens... I rarely read the articles which were, needless to say Labour Party pap... I always went straight to the comments. I suspect many people do that with my articles.... Keep the comments coming because that's what makes a blog!

    Yeah you too Niko.....

  12. Allan...

    Thanks mate. You know, I looked back over the blog the other day, right to the beginning...and there you were... always being supportive, always adding something to the discussion....

    I think a blog is like a debate, round a table, in the pub, wherever. I think we should all engage with each other.... and happily, as a rule, we do here.....and I'm grateful for it.

  13. Well done to you both! So where is your Total Politics logo going in the new format then?

  14. If only you had embraced Zebedee earlier you'd of leaped up further. Anyway well done guys.

  15. Thanks Dean, my wee Tory mate..

    Och I dunno about logos....

    We'll need to ahve a MR bored meeting about that (no spelling mistake there!!)

  16. yes well it wouls be churlish to just say well down well done......

  17. CH... Boing.... Yep, that mighta helped a bit....

    If I'd only known...

    If only... the story of my life.

    Anyway, thanks CH... I'll take your advice in the future!!

  18. Och Niko. I knew you'd have something nice to say... even if it took a while to get it out...

    Thank you.

  19. Well done tris, good for you and the speech had me all choked up as well (sniff) whats it like up there in the rareified atmosphere of popular (read) blogs, heady I'll bet!!

  20. Thanks Indyanhat. I'm gald that I had you crying over the speech that brownlie forced me to gunpoint!!

    As for what it's like, well... it's hard to explain, but one things for sure: I no longer wash my own socks!


    Hope the holiday is going well and that junior has not well and truely knackered your clutch with all his practising...

    LOL... Only joking IHJ...

  21. Tris.

    Exactly Tris. Both of us support the same party but as you know we haven't always agreed with each other on Scottish/UK politics and that's what makes your blog so interesting. You/Munguin speak your minds and you let others put their views across.

    I tell you what, you must have the patience's of a saint when it come to debating with Mr Mixed Fruit cake lol.

  22. Och Allan, Niko's lovely when you get to know him... nooooo, wait, sorry, I got that the wrong way round. He's lovely when you DON'T know him.

    LOL @ Mixed Fruit Cake! How many other names are you gonna find for him?

  23. Tris.

    I'm not sure the list is endless lol.

  24. You can always go back to the beginning and start over..