Wednesday, 29 September 2010


Ed Miliband's first conference speech as Labour leader may have been slightly overshadowed after David Miliband, who was sitting in the audience, was caught mouthing something to Harriet Harman who was sitting next to him.

Despite his public show of loyalty it’s clear that David is far from pleased, and his wife is said to be raging about the election.

In his speech Ed disowned a huge amount of what New Labour had done. He condemned tuition fees, lack of any real regulation of the City, and Brown's idiotic claim to have ended boom and bust.

However, when he got to the Iraq war, he described the decision to invade as "wrong". That was when his brother reacted. Miliband Snr turned to Labour deputy leader Harriet Harman who was sitting next to him applauding and said: "You voted for it, why are you clapping?"

Harman replied: "I'm clapping because he is the leader. I'm supporting him."

Shortly after that Ed mentioned that he had been nicknamed Forest Gump by some of David’s supporters, and the cameras swung to David who was shaking his head.

I doubt that in all honesty David Miliband will stay as a member of the shadow cabinet, but if he goes, and particularly if he resigns his seat so that he can carry on his ambitious career elsewhere, he is going to look like a huffy little man who didn’t get what he wanted, and surely Labour has had enough of that kind at the helm.... so they may have had a narrow escape.

After his own speech on Monday, when he made an appeal for Labour to unify behind Ed, his wife Louise was spotted in floods of tears backstage, and it is said that she is extremely angry that Ed stood, after he apparently advised David not to try to oust Brown
a year and more ago. That he won by the narrowest of margins, and thanks to the section of the party that these people like the very least...the trade unionists....must be the saddest of blows to the Milibands Senior.

When asked about it, Ed said he hadn't seen it. He went on to praise his brother for his support in response to his speech.

David Miliband may not be the only person to have trouble with things that were said. Ed made it clear that he was against the tight restrictions the last government introduced, curtailing personal liberty with the excuse of the Bush/Blair “war against terror”. This put him at odds with Postman Pat, another trade unionist. And Ed has backed Ken Clarke’s policies of intelligent sentencing, which Jack Straw described as madness. (Jack Straw is more of a Michael Howard type of man.)

We shall see what the next few days bring, but as the papers are totally obsessed with this, now might be a good time to bury bad news as Labour comes apart at the stitches.

(In the second picture wee Spud looks as if he doesn't even recognise the guy on the platform, don't you think?)


  1. Wee spud? Now now Tris, it's said the skull is looking for the post of shadow chancellor. Have just written a wee thing for morning about it.

  2. Ah, as I said to Grahamski on the fake Hootsmon;
    "Dave, sorry David, in his speech said how "special" Ed was and how he needs "support"

    Brothers eh...?

  3. LOL LOL LOL LOL... Shadow Chancellor?

    You have to be kidding.

    I know Osborne's not exactly overloaded with brains, but for goodness sake, Spuddy is even less cerebral...

    That would be good for a laugh.

  4. Aye Conan, they are a load of chancers. They'd sell their own grandmothers into slavery if they thought it would advance them, so brothers have no chance.

    I always thought it was wrong to have two brothers in the Cabinet, and then a husband and wife too. It was bound to cause problems.

  5. Guido's got a nice wee cartoon over at his place... and I have to say I agree with his analysis.

  6. I HATE red ed, and his communist marxist rubbish. I feel for David HE WON! .... or at least he won among 2/3 of the anti-democratic 'electoral college'.


  7. Dean next 18 years, you will be lucky to make it to 2015 the way the coalition is going. Rather strong to say you hate someone you don't know isnt it?

    I hope that the Labour party might actually get back to being a party of labour. What a refreshing change, instead of a perty full of chancers and quislings who only want to get their hands on the keys to number 10 and keep them rather like the Conservative Party really and God knows one of them is enough! But now we seem to have three if Ed can redress that then good!

  8. Red Ed's stupid tax policies would hammer my old man on the marginal rates. I don't like anyone who stands up and argues that where you come from is more important than what you can contribute - and this little cretin is as bad as Ian Gray [another person where 'Hate' isn't too strong frankly].

    As for our party winning, it is now ours to lose, 'cos wee Reddie Eddie isn't winning on his own - he's the next Lord Kinnock [such great socialists these noble PEERS are!]

  9. Oh I do hope so. Another New Socialist democratic movement to merge with Cleggy's lot after the next election!

  10. Dean: He's not a communist. He's not even red. He's possibly a bit more pink than Blair and his brother, but they are too right wing for many of the right wing parties.

    Remember that Blair and Bush and Berlusconi and Jose Maria from Spain were the right wing coalition that went to war in Iraq... the right wing French president (Chirac) was against.

    Labour must be an opposition party and to be effective at all there has to be at least a little difference in their policies from the right wing coalition.

  11. Oh and Dean: an electoral college is just that.

    You can't go around saying that part of the votes don't count becasue you don't like the result.

    The Conservative group in the Scottish parliament would be a rump of (I think) 3 were it not for the people who were elected, including the leader, on lists.

  12. Munguin: I agree. Blair sold his soul to the devil for the keys to No 10 and then he sold ...well, what ever there was left, to be Mr Bush's puppet.

    All his princples went out the window when he discovered that fame fortune and a "legacy" were more iportant than being able to look at yourself in the mirror.

    (And the Pope accepted that monster into his church!!!!!!!! I wonder how much that cost Blair.)

  13. I think OR, that Mr Clegg is now firmly rooted in the Tory camp. He's slightly to the right of Dave, and he pointed out to his followers at their conference that the Liberals were not and never had been a left wing alternative to Labour.

    If the Liberals fall apart at the end of the coalition, whenever that is, I suspect that Clegg and many of his people will join the Tory party. A few will join, and may already have joined, the Labour party.

    You'll never get Cleggy there though!!

    That's not the right sort of place for Westminster old boys.

  14. I think it’s a bit early in the day to be saying we "hate" anyone. And it’s also a bit early to be judging Ed on policies he has not yet espoused as leader of the Labour Party. Let’s wait and see how things pan out.

    Dean its very touching that you are concerned for people on the margin. I don't suppose that stretches to all the vulnerable people who will be forced to have benefits cut because the Tories think they are a bunch of scroungers. Depression, I imagine is not a condition in the Tory lexicon despite there so called greatest leader being afflicted with it big time and resorting to the bottle as a result. But that's okay if you are born in Blenheim Palace I guess!

    Lets also wait and see how the opinion polls respond after all Dean a leaderless Labour Party had closed the gap on the Tories to one point according to yougov. While if you factor in the eight English by elections since May I think they would be five points ahead. I expect a fillip for Labour for having chosen a leader of any kind so that should see them comfortably ahead of your lot. A good start I would say.

  15. I think Mr Clegg is firmly a person of the right how could he not be after all he is swimming in loot! The Liberals must be mad to let Clegg wreck their party Lord Palmerston will be turning in his grave to think his Liberal Whigs have finally been merged into the Tories. With the Liberals having haemorrhaged half their support and down almost to single figures in the polls it seems they have their course set for oblivion. A reckoning will have to come it might be the AV referendum or it might be the regional assembly election, how convenient that they are on the same day!

  16. I shall take no lectures on poverty, hardship or the poor! It was this Conservative led government which has taken the poorest paid out of paying tax altogether.

    It was this coalition which has restored the link between pensions and earnings [or inflat, whatever is higher].

    I shall take no lectures on the poorest off, because we are the Party of the people.

    As for we Reddie Eddie, he's got Charlie Weelan's hand so far up the hootcha that you can't spot the strings!

  17. Dean I don't think glove puppets have strings!

  18. Thanks for the usual Tory homilies do you never get tired of that mantra? They really are getting a bit worn out and threadbare. Dean you will have to find some other populist things that the Tories have done for the people and use them instead. Rather difficult though, but good hunting!

    Here is my response to the two things: The Tories always do a few small good things to offset the huge load of manure coming the poor’s way later down the line. Mrs Thatcher, if you remember, immediately increased the old age pension by £5 (a huge amount in 1979) and then went on to her magnum opus and removed the link between pensions and earnings and instead linked them to the official (massaged) inflation figures, so that ever since pensioners have been getting worse off. So your lot removed the link Dean you are only redressing an old wrong there.

    Poorest paid out of tax Dean was that not a Lib Dem policy? I don’t remember the Tories mentioning that before the election perhaps you can give us all a steer to the relevant bit in their manifesto.

  19. Strong language from Dean I see he might regret that further down his 'political career'. def:
    1. (Medicine / Pathology) a person afflicted with cretinism: a mentally retarded dwarf with wide-set eyes, a broad flat nose, and protruding tongue
    2. a person considered to be extremely stupid

    More like this one.

  20. Oops CH.. Poor old Muddle. he certainly shouldn't be in chanrge of elecetions until this is cleared up.

    Poor old Fluffy.