Thursday, 30 September 2010


Hazel Blears must be one of Labour’s biggest liabilities in their search for a new path and a return to government. Having fiddled at every turn, (although the police found nothing over which they could prosecute her) and good Blairite as she is, done her best to undermine Gordon Brown, she went on tv to wave about a cheque for £13,000 that she had “withheld” from the Inland Revenue, as if she was doing us all a massive favour.

Despite all that she did; all the nest lining and troughing, she was re-elected to her constituency, albeit with a reduced majority. What hope is there for the country if we elect that calibre of MP. And that calibre of MP is promoted to Cabinet level.

I’ve never come across a less able or seemingly less intelligent cabinet minister. And Mrs Blears is also a not to terribly accomplished liar. The above video shows her being caught on lying though her teeth in another “rock the boat” moment on the Daily Politics Show.


  1. Convenient amnesia - I believe it's called!

  2. Lying though your teeth because you are a corrupt, empty-headed, self-satisfied, waste of ginger chipmonk DNA is my preferred terminology brownlie.... but then what's in a word or two between mates....? :)