Thursday, 30 September 2010


Subrosa and I have agreed to take week about at writing up a short report on the spectacle of comedy that is First Minister's Questions at Holyrood.

This week it's her turn. You can find her report and a video of the proceedings here


  1. I feel let down as I pressed something and my previous post went into the abyss passing Iain Gray on the way as he crawled as fast as he could creeping on all fours.

  2. Sorry mine is a little brief towards the end Tris. I was interrupted then Blogger wouldn't publish it for ages and I finally managed just before I rushed off to my hobby on the tables. ;)

  3. CH: GGRRRRRR. I hate it when that happens. I try to remember to type my post up in Word first then copy and paste, specially if it is (as so many of mine seem to be) long and rambling!!

    All I can say is I hope your post knocked the silly little man back into the abyss!! It's where he belongs.

  4. LOL @ SR.

    I wouldn't want to keep you from your strip poker!!!

    Blogger seems to have these days. Sometimes it the pictures that won't upload and sometimes the posts. CH just lost his.

    Did you win? Or did you have to drive home in a blanket?

  5. Same old same old, our next First Minister making a total prat of himself. This week joined by Auntie! I see S/R does not have a video so you can see it here:

  6. Goldie made an interesting point.

    What if using the independent sector can aid, rather than hinder the delivery of free at the point of need healthcare?

    Surely we run the risk of allowing the means of delivering healthcare to become principles themselves if we continue to believe that the public and independent sectors are mutually exclusive?

  7. What is most amazing is that even the BBC thought that Iain Gray was crap, if you watch the footage into the assessment of everybody’s performance at the end. They seemed to think that over the last few weeks he has been putting in a stronger performance than usual. That is equally amazing, I’m assuming that they are not watching old reruns of when Jackie (Lord Emmerdale) was FM, they certainly can’t have been watching the same FMQs as me. Oh how silly I forgot it’s the BBC and they are practically the fourth part of Labours electoral college.

  8. Has anyone a link to a You Tube as the bbc player doesn't work outside UK

  9. It's not on Youtube yet Bugger.

    I don't know if this will work....

    Alternatively this audio may work where you are:

  10. Yes Munguin. If the BBC thought he was bad, when last week they thought he was doing well.... phhhheeeewwwwww.

    I wonder if they have time to replace him before the next election. I hear there is a performing seal in the zoo just up the road....

  11. Dean: My worry about letting the private sector in to health care in any way, is that they must make a profit.

    Because of a lack of NHS dentists I have had to go private, and I started off with a not unaffordable monthly payment which has gone up by about 5 times the rate of inflation, every year, and is now a pretty crippling expense, given that I already pay for dental care through my NI payments. (and this insurance doesn't cover much more than the ordinary everyday things like fillings and cleaning and stuff.

    I'm all in favour of looking at every possibility, but getting the private sector involved in owning the buildings has been an horrific mistake. 1/10th of the NHS budget (in England) goes on repayments for PFI! for buildings that are already showing signs of wear and tear... and we are resposible for the repairs.

    The private sector have taken us for a ride there.

  12. Thanks Tris the STV link works

    Everytime I watch this I think that Iain Gray cannot get any worse and each new time he confounds me.


    I have a wee column on wine on Newsnet Scotland

    It is under the Interests tab

  13. You're welcome Bugger....

    Send me a lik for your column and I'll have a wee skeck... not that I know about wine. It must be a couple of years since I drank any LOL....