Saturday, 25 September 2010


Nice Mr Cameron has given an interview to the Daily Telegraph pledging that there will be tax cuts for the middle class once the mess is sorted out. And that it will be in this parliament.

So now we know why he is rushing double plus quick, to cut the services that keep low earners and pensioners going. He needs the money for middle class tax cuts.

This is a wide ranging interview in which he takes time out from the serious stuff to tell us that his new daughter sleeps in a cardboard box. Isn’t that sweet...just like tens of thousands of people all over the country...except her cardboard box is inside a posh council house in Downing street, or an even posher one in the country at Chequers, whilst most of the rest of them are under bridges..

He warns the police not to be alarmist over the cuts. He tells them not to suggest that the cuts will mean fewer police on the streets. I expect they are supposed to say. “No bother Dave. We can do exactly the same as before with only 75% of the money....” Having backed the new MPs’ expenses watchdog when he was looking for disgruntled people’s votes, he is now going to reform it because some MPs are a bit upset that the world doesn’t stop and bow to them. Clearly the cuts for normal people don’t apply to MPs.

He says too that Universal benefits could be at you may have to go beg for your pension, and prove you are a pauper before you can get your winter fuel allowance, despite having paid National INSURANCE all your life. Maybe MPs should be means tested for their expenses in these times when we are all in this together. After all David himself claims for mortgage payments on one of his three houses despite being indecently rich and having a wife who earns in excess of £300,000 a year.

He has backed both William Hague and Andy Coulson, and feels that people have been unfair to them. Poor Mr Coulson is being punished twice he tells us! And presumably we should take Mr Hague at his word and not doubt either his sexuality or his judgment which by most people’s standards is simply abysmal.

He describes how he sees it when this is all over, remembering he has told us services will never return to how they were in the past, but promises middle class tax rebates before the next election.

With Mr Osborne’s spending review just over 3 weeks away, Cameron very generously tells us that he intends to trust the public to accept the truth about spending cuts.

Accept the truth...? From a politician? After what we have had over the last year? You must be having a laugh Mr Cameron.

All I’ll say to you is “Wisteria”.
Pics: Mr Cameron's collection of houses.


  1. Tut, tut, tut Tris another outrageous tranche of unnecessary Lib Dem bashing?

  2. tris,

    I don't give a toss, if you'll pardon the expression, about Hague's sexuality but the nasty and arrogant Coulson is a different kettle of fish. It makes you wonder what he knows that forces Cameron to protect him. Perhaps the News of the World could do an investigation?

  3. I see the hand of the puppet master general behind all that Coulson malarkey namely one Rupert Murdoch citizen of the US. The Tories needed him on board and so gave Coulson a plum job at Tory Central they get the Sun to help them won it and Murdoch gets an insider at Tory HQ that owes him a favour or six. The Tories can't get rid of him even when the mud is coming thick and fast because unlike Lord Ashcroft RM gets what he pays for!

  4. Wisteria indeed tris, and Munguin what is Uneccessary about politico bashing lib/dumb or otherwise, its a national sport second only to complaining about the weather!

  5. Sorry Indyanhat, that's not a serious comment its a bit of an in-joke around here. Dean likes to accuse this blog of unnecessary Tory bashing so lately I have been getting that comment in before him and I have deliberately mixed up the Tories and the Lib Dems as a bit of a joke between me and Tris implying that they are more or less the same.

  6. Munquin,

    I've invited Rupert out for a sail in my boat in the Western Isles. Do you know any frog-men? I'll bet Dean does!

  7. Thats nice Brownlie sure you and he will have a whale of a time, might I suggest you stop off in Bangor to collect little ted and I will send you the frog footman from Alice in Wonderland to join your party and treat you all to a bombe suprise (with sprinkles).

  8. Dean I'm sure you could do better than that! Might I suggest:

    “Outrageous anti-Tory biased clap trap of the very worst kind, a total mockery of objectivity that disregards all the wonderful things that the coalition has done”

    That sort of thing!

  9. Tory bashing is a national sport like wellie winging is to agricultural shows or this legalised benefit scrounger.

  10. Cynical; That is outrageous. Why does Brenda and her blood sucking brood need all these palaces anyway? It would never do for them to all live in the one now would it after all Buck House only has 300 rooms. If it were up to me they would be told to pick one and then the rest would be turned into affordable housing. But of course the Tories have done away with affordable housing and the green belt. And of course they are so rabidly pro-royal maybe they will look more sympathetically on Brenda’s request. Now that they have done away with all these QUANGOs there wont be any slush fund to help poor people save energy.

  11. Cynical, I hate to be cynical but you really must not give me an excuse for another anti-royal rant. That frothing republicanism is a really ugly trait! But I can't stop myself!

  12. I am quite generous especially when open goals are handed on a silver salver, posh eh.

  13. hey guys

    Sorry, I’ve not been around to respond to any comments today. I see that Munguin has kindly stepped into the breach.... just let’s say, if you buy a Mercedes Benz don’t whatever you do, expect that the quality of after sales service will in any way approach the outrageous kind of price that you will have paid for the car.

    That said, I’m home at last.....

  14. Brownlie ....

    I think what's important about Hague as relates to this story is not what he was or was not up to, which is none of our business; more it is about the judgement of the man who is Foreign Secretary, that, given the rumours which have abounded about him for 13+ years, he was stupid enough to chose, out of all his staff, to spend the nights, on several occasions with the youngest and best looking, giving the excuse of saving money, when he is a millionaire; that he later took this guy on trips abroad and paid for his air fares (no savings there), and then appointed him as an advisor, over the number of advisors allowed by the PM, when he knew nothing about foreign affairs.

    Silly man. Does he take this silliness into negotiations with Americans, or Europeans or whoever....

    As for Coulson. If he was the editor and he didn’t question how his staff were getting all this dirt on other people...especially royals, who can pull even more strings than Mr Murdoch can, then he really is a nob! And he’s advising the PM


  15. Munguin: The trouble with Rupert Murdoch is that he's too powerful by half.

    He knows stuff about everyone who's anyone.... possibly even you!

    He can get what he wants, or he prints it... and he doesn't even live here, so no-one can lift him....

  16. Wisteria indeed Indyanhat.... It cost us rather a lot to remove it from Mr Cameon's chimneys. As you can see there's rather a lot of it....

    I wish mine would grow like that. It's really weedy and pathetic by comparison!

    I wonder if Mr Cameron's under-gardner's deputy's assistant might get me a cutting?

  17. Yep CH... You have to hand it to good Queen Bess... she's not backwards when it comes to going forwards. You should see the money that she and Chick sting the EU for in Farming Grants.... No wonder they are nearly as rich as....Rupert Murdoch

  18. He he... Dean. :D)

  19. Brownlie...a propos of nothing in particular, can you maybe recall how that nice Robert Maxwell met his end?

    You didn't know him perchance... ?

    Of course not.

    So you'll have never been out in a boat with him I suspect?

    Silly if.

    Splash, glug, glug, glug.

    Frogmen....? Sasha Distel, Nicholas Sarkozy, Claude Wolff....

  20. tris,

    I know for a fact that some years ago Labour politicians used to take their advisers on trips with them - the difference being that they claimed from the public purse for them.

    As for Robert Maxwell, I've got no idea what happened to him. I do recall something about a riddle called Liddell who stalwartly bore the weight of Fat Bob's expectations. I understand that she was an expert on matters "down under" but don't know where she is nowadays.

  21. Was Mrs Liddell not (and she's now Baroness Liddell of Coatdyke ...yes really Coat DYKE!!) ambassadress to Australia, a fabulous job with a massive salary and fabulous mansion with scores of servants?

    That's how to get on in the world... and shows that by now she is indeed very familiar with a much more agreeable down under!!