Saturday, 4 September 2010

It appears the Irish don’t much care for Tony Blair.

His appearance in at Eason’s bookstore in O’Connell Street, Dublin, for a book signing was met with jeering anti-war protesters.

Eggs and shoes (a huge insult in the Arab world) were thrown at him, but none hit him (which makes him a damned sight luckier than many of the poor, utterly innocent Iraqis he managed to kill with his enthusiasm for believing every word his friend George W Bush told him, not to mention the British troops who, but for him, would be alive today).

Around 300 flag carrying and banners waving protesters clashed with gardai, pushed down barriers and chanted “arrest the butcher Blair” or “hey hey Tony hey, how many kids have you killed today?” and “Tony Blair war criminal”. All of which seems fair enough to me. I mean, if you can’t take it, don’t dish it out.

The only thing I was dubious about was that the protesters abused people who bought his book. OK. I wouldn’t read it, never mind buy it, and the thought of meeting him and having him sign something that I own is repugnant to the point of nausea, but Ireland’s a free country, and if people want to meet him, fair enough. They didn’t send planes to wreak mayhem on the streets of Baghdad. They didn’t kill and maim kids.

One woman tried to make a citizen’s arrest on Blair, but for some reason the garda didn’t seem to want her help in arresting this particular crim. She told of being grabbed by 5 security men and dragged away. I image that these will be security people paid for by the British state. The woman, Kate O’Sullivan shouted: "There are half a million people dead in Iraq. How can you live with yourself? You've committed war crimes."

Needless to say Blair appeared unaffected by this.

Four men were arrested during the protest and charged under the Public Order Act although not, it would seem Ms O’Sullivan.

People like Blair live in a bubble, far away from us little people, transported in first class cabins, chauffeur driven Mercedes limos, presidential or royal suites at hotels. Today Dublin, tomorrow Cairo. They are entertained in presidential palaces or prime ministerial residences. Their routes are planned for them; they wait for nothing. The “ordinary”people they meet are handpicked to say exactly what they are told to say, and in his everyday life he will be surrounded by toadying lickspittles. Blair will have little, if any, grasp on reality.

I’m delighted that the Dubliners shone a little light on that particular reality for him.

He may find, if he has an extended tour of signings, that that reception will be repeated wherever he goes.

Actually, given that we went in Iraq to (excuse number 6) liberate them from the tyranny under which they lived; given that we went there to bring them democracy and freedom, can we expect Mr Blair to be signing his book in Waterstones in Baghdad? Or not?


  1. The Irish don't live in a police state like the UK.

    He's in London this week by the way!

  2. I hope he doesn't come to this country.

    I can't see him getting a big welcome in Edinburgh...

  3. Was this his first signing engagement?

    Shame his goons can't issue instructions to the people on the streets on how to behave when his emminence appears!

    Well there you are Tony that's your footnote in history secure! Not what you wanted? It's a shame that isn't it.

  4. Yes it was Munguin...

    Actually I think it's a shame that they don't teach Irish people how to throw straight!

  5. The BBC reported it as 'a small gathering of protestors' yet when I saw the news on Sky there were rather more than a handful. That's the BBC for us Tris.

    What I did see was an disproportionate amount of police holding the protestors back. Why does this man command such security when the common person can't get a policeman to appear if they're being burgled?

    Oh, did you read about the chap who heard his car being started up in the night, leapt out of bed, rushed out onto the drive and jumped into the passenger seat and said "where we going?" - all undertaken totally naked.

    The car thief ran off. Now I'm not advocating...

  6. Lawlessness. Be anti-war, that is fine in my book. But this is tantimount to rebellion, chaos and anarchy.

    The Gaurda ought to have been tough on these anarchist, peaceniks.

  7. Och dean ... you're a student ...let your hair down..throw an egg or two at a mass murderer.

    He's got plenty of other Armani suits...

  8. SR:

    Yes you're right about this fool and his security.

    It doesn't matter what it costs to keep him safe while the rest of can't be protected from naked men getting into cars. We were just going for a bit of a joy ride and this bloke got in...starkers.....

    Pffff... the embarrassment. What if one of my mates saw me?