Sunday 16 November 2014


Eat too much, tubby?
Feeling bilious?
Shame. Now you know how we feel when we see you.
Apparently Baldermort hates this reminder of the day
someone handed him his backside on live tv. So I like to repeat it
from time to time.
I know politicians tell lies. It's part of the job description.
But you do have to ask if he's ever told the truth in
his entire life. Anyone got an example?
As you can see he doesn't even do the tipping himself.
The bloke in this pic is slim and has hair.
I see IDS hasn't capped this benefit claimant!
Pucker up.... Ewwww
I wish I hadn't said that.
Doesn't he look like a Vampire?
Has anyone seen him in daylight?
Simple reason for this.
He's a lazy, self important bastard!
Better Together in incompetence
Poor? Ill? Unemployed? Old?
Young? Not titled? Got no donation money ready?
Well... you might as well die then.
I see most of them couldn't be bothered showing up.
Or were lying drunk somewhere on subsidised booze.
Or too busy filling in their expenses.
Well, he's not going to recommend handing that
 one over to the Scottish government, is he?

David Cameron has said 'Conspiracy theorists' will have 
to look elsewhere. No cover up at No.10


  1. Yes, we live in a sick Westminster system. Where does my own MP, John Thurso, stand on any of these issues? God only knows, because he appears to have fallen mysteriously silent, before and after the referendum, like many another Lib Dem.
    Let's have a list of Name & Shame Westminster MPs who do nothing to represent their electorate.

    1. I think that is a fairly long list, although I have to say my own MP is excellent. He of course is SNP deputy leader Stewart Hosie. So he probably doesn't count.

      Is Mr Thurso not some sort of an earl or marquis or something like that?

  2. John Thurso is voluble in the case of mine I have Thomas Docherty who thinks he represents the Vatican.

  3. Boy Tris that is a strong lot of photo's, you should get them put in the Main Stream Media, oh heck, I remember now, they look after those people.

    1. The way the media is going we'll soon probably have more page views than many of them...


    There was an accusation on a previous post, from some anonymous contributor, that the SNP was giving away membership for less than the price of a fish supper to the unwaged.

    They should have checked with Labour what they were doing. It appears anyone can get a £5 membership of Labour now. Not that many seem to want it.

    Try 50p and see if you have any luck...

    1. 13500 labour members paying £5 most pay considerable more
      = 67500 paying snp members or fairweather nats who
      will melt like snow off a dyke when they have to pay 50p
      a month more..

      I want to start making a monthly payment of:
      or other (min £1)

      No mention of being unwaged just a figment of your
      imagination or a sign of reluctance to admit the snp
      are offering membership almost for free.

      you really should stop doing this to yourself


      £3 a month is £36 a year
      £5 a month is £60 a year
      £8 a month is £96 a year
      £12 a month is £144 a year
      £1 a month is £12 a year.

      If you are unwaged you can pay an annual fee of £5 I assure you. I know several people who have paid it.


  5. Despite having no connection to the Labour Party, I've received an email to vote in the Scottish branch managers election.
    As i'm a member of the SNP, i'll do the honourable thing and vote for Murphy. :-)

    1. You must be one of their phantom members, Jutie. You know, if you ahven't got any friends, make them up!

      Dead right there. Vote Murphy.

      He's the absolute kiss of death.

    2. Juteman, I am only sorry I wrote back and told them where to stick their e-mails. Somewhere along the line they got the idea that I was interested in becoming a member, strange cause like you am a member of the SNP and not just since the referendum finished, not that being a member since then is in any way wrong I should add. I wonder if they take all the people they think are members off we will arrive at the true number.

    3. I once wrote a very stiff email of complaint to and about, some Edinburgh Labour MP who a few years ago, thought it would be a good idea to take a prostitute to his office in Westminster and do the do, on Remembrance Day.

      They didn't have the courtesy to reply to the complaint, but they did add my address to their contacts, and I was sent emails for a while telling me all the wonderful things he was doing.

      Eventually I had to send a very strongly worded email telling them to get me the hell of their list because I wasn't interested in what the dirty little bugger was up to.

      I think he lost his seat.

  6. There are not enough Salma Yaqoob's in this world - more's the pity! Seeing Jimmy Saville with Thatcher reminds me that when Cyril Smith was mentioned in the Westminster bars two senior Tories were mentioned as well.

    1. I agree. She's a star.

      I think that there are many people who may have been mentioned in conversations that involved Cyril Smith. With Barbara Castle's papers being released from the Bodlian, I suspect many of them will have been having uncomfortable nights.

      However, I'm absolutely certain that, in time honoured British fashion, the names at the top will somehow be covered up and we will be thrown a few scapegoats warned to keep their mouths shut about their betters, on pain of, quite literally, death.

    2. So true Tris, those who should be facing the firing squad get protection. Jimmy Saville was protected because of those he knew and was involved with.

    3. Well, Helena, if the rumours and theories going about have some measure of truth in them, this scandal goes quite far up the political and establishment tree.

      It appears that people from the BBC, the commons and lords, the police, the London law establishment, entertainers (including cuddly nicey ones) and even Buckingham place are implicated.

      Now this may be speculation; it may be conspiracy theorists, or over excited journalists, but it seems to me that there is rarely this much smoke without some sort of fire.

      Quite simply the establishment in London cannot afford to have these matters released to the public in any form at all. It would destroy them.

      We are all a bit easy going about stuff these days... we all know they steal money; we all know they abuse their privileges; we all know they are unpleasant lying bastards... and we moan about it and do very little. But the one thing that we will not accept is abuse of children.

      And again, articles in papers like the Independent have it that this was not some sort of teenage thing that would be legal today, but wasn't in the bizarre legal framework of the 80s. These rumours relate to children. And that is wrong, no matter what one thinks of the law.

      I've read that there were investigations that were closed down by people like Hague or Brittan; we all know the "mess" May has made of it appointing two pairs of "safe hands" to look into the allegations.

      I also read that in some cases men in dark suits with bulges in jackets marched into detectives' offices and demanded all the paperwork relating to their investigations... with extreme menaces.

      They simply couldn't afford anything really damaging to come out. Not about people who are alive. Even lowly ones might spill the beans on their betters.

      I suspect that as these people die off we shall hear more about them.

  7. Have just tried to pop into Niko's bar for a pint and it seems it's by invitation only????

    1. I just tried it with the same response, John. I haven not been invited to this blog...

      We've not seen Niko for a few days. I hope he's OK.

    2. Och, I thought our Mr Anon was Niko, me bad. Do you think he may have had a bad experience, I promise it wasn't me.

    3. Well, I wondered about that, but give Niko his due, he's never hidden behind another name, no matter how controversial he's being, he does it in his own name.

    4. tris

      Its me been back to Belfast to to my brothers funeral he died suddenly
      of a stroke so as you can imagine have been a bit distracted.
      shut everything down to aid the process of grieving..

    5. Niko: Deeply sorry for your loss, mate.

      So little anyone can say at a time like this.

      I'm pretty sure though, I can speak for all of us here when I say we're thinking of you right now with affection.

      Buddy hugs from us all at Munguin.

    6. tris

      appreciate the sentiment Ill bounce back soon me brother would
      expect nothing less .

    7. Of course you will, Niko, but it is a terrible shock and it takes some adjusting to.

      There's nothing more that you can do but to take your time, and remind yourself from time to time what he would have expected of you...