Sunday 9 November 2014


Can't think of a better way of using the money.
Better Together, pooling resources, sharing MISERY risks?
To borrow a phrase, NO THANKS!
...then he disappeared, then he resigned.
She doesn't do irony, does she...?

... and that's big enough.

Not that he'll see it that way.
We agree on that then!
Can't be released while Tony Blair lives?
What is there to hide about setting up regional government
 in line with the demands of the Council of Europe?
Blair will have found something, I've no doubt.
The Liberals listen attentively to one
of their Cabinet Ministers...
...while the Sheffield Ukip candidate's family
turn up in force to listen to him.
...the Scottish Tories applaud Ruth...
...and Dundee stands for Nicola Sturgeon.

Enough said!

And finally...

Seen on Twitter.
As far as I can ascertain this is genuine.
Munguin warns...
Don't call premium numbers (starting with 09)!


  1. Well I like, no too tame, I love the random thoughts with pictures. The last one is good advice, too many people will have parcels on their way and considering the amount of people I have watched queueing at the Post Office pre Christmas, some may be taken in. Hektor gets his bones delivered by a very conscientious Yodel Courier, who delivers generally in the evening and we had a delivery on Friday, so he is now in possession of all his chews and bones is content to say that Christmas has been delivered for him.
    Been onto Live Stream, things seem to be going well in Barcelona, they at least had control of broadcasting unlike us. So wishing them all the best, though I think it is in the bag. I noticed yesterday that the Fraudulent Princess Cristina was let off with the more serious money laundering charge, still got the fraud one to face, aye right.

    1. Thank you. :)

      Yes, my thoughts too, this morning, are in Catalonia.

      Royals all over the world are let off with stuff that they should go to prison for doing. It really is high time that we stopped seeing them as a breed apart, or the rest of us a s a sub-species.

      I see the Queen is being praised for going to the Cenotaph in spite of the terror threat, real or imagined.

      I wonder if they will get round to thinking how brave the people who marched, the observers, the press, and indeed all the people who carried out the same duties, unprotected as the queen would be, by the SAS and Royal Protection squad.

  2. Thanks tris, enjoyed and shared as usual AYE

  3. As to the last bit,
    This article from 2011 says that the scam was shut down in 2005. I don't think there has ever been a premium rate number that cost £315 just to dial. It's one of those zombie warnings that comes round ever so often and refuses to die; the "forward this to everyone you know" is a dead giveaway.

    1. Thanks Alan... Mind, it's always best to be safe rather than sorry...

      It's a timely reminder to people to NOT phone 09 numbers. It may not be £315, but it costs a fortune, and they find ways of keeping you in the line for as long as they can.

  4. Labour are "offering a discount to join their party. £5 and available to 14 year olds upwards. :) :) :)

    Useless ignorant and out of tune . Like my old guitar .

    Ha The bastards are usually robbing the poor and pensioners , now it's school kids.


    Great pics Tris , get the message out anyway possible. :)

    1. Yeah Richy, I read something like that in the Herald.

      According to the article there, their membership is around 13,500 and they have had a post referendum boost of around 1.000. They are scrubbing the 6 months waiting time that usually applies, so that people can vote right away for the leader... which I think is perfectly reasonable.

      Going after 14 year olds? Jeez, I'd rather my kids spent money on fizzy drinks and crisps... much less harmful than a dose of Spud!

      Talking of Labour, I see that the repugnant Blair had the nerve to turn up at the Cenotaph today.

      Considering how many kids he sent to their deaths with inadequate equipment, I'm surprised some of the troops didn't turn a gun on him.

      Still I bet they all had a splendid lunch afterwards at our expense.

    2. Jeez, 13,500 well one would never think there were 1,000 people who were daft enough to join that bunch of bozo's. I bet had they decided to either join the fight for independence or stay neutral they might have got a whole lot more.

    3. They just phone canvassed me to ask who I'd be voting for in the General Election.

      I said: 'do you mean the English elections?' He said: 'The British ones'.

      I said... "ah right, you mean the ones for the parliament in England? ...well, I'm a socialist so I won't be voting for the Tories, or Labour."

      I wish I'd thought to say something about ...especially not if you have that right wing war monger as your leader, but he was gone before I thought of it.