Tuesday 4 November 2014

More random thoughts...

A real prime minister.
An unreal prime minister
A real socialist
A real two faced bastard
(not you Annabel)
A Labour health secretary worth his salt
A Labour health secretary worth diddly squat.
A man who better hope he keeps his MEP job
with the free healthcare in Belgium...
Paul Nutcase, MUP (PET)
If at first you put one over on the daft voters
carry on and do it again. They may not have got wise to you.
This was in Wales. The Welsh for Car Park is Parcio
How thick and insulting would you need to be to put up a sign
in the wrong language?
That's ASDA thick as well as Cameron's
Wet Tissue!
All good reasons Eck, but the last one is a corker.
And finally...
Wouldn't want to deliver it to the wrong place, 
would we?


  1. Do you think that, Nye Bevan would feel the same about modern Labour; as he did about the Tories?

    1. In a word. Yes.

      It wasn't the Tories he hated; it was what the Tories did to other human beings less favoured in the British class system than themselves that he detested.

  2. Brings it home to you just how far Labour have moved from their principles. And Jimnarlene, Nye would feel the same about NuLabour.

    Can I ask are we going to get daily pictures of my MP? Have I not suffered enough? I wish we could unseat him but that means voting Tory who were second in the seat. I don't think a pro-indy candidate stands a chance in East Ren.

    1. I guess that he is hot news at the moment. London Labour and the BBC have decided that he is to lead Scottish Labour strongly in the direction of London, and that like it or not we are going to be dragged, screaming if necessary, into the right wing nuttery that he seems to like. But I will try to keep his pictures as small as possible to spare you the nausea.

      In order to unseat someone like him, and stop him dragging Scottish Labour even farther to the right, I would consider any possibility. Voting Tory, even UKIP if it got rid of him.

      I see that, like me, you are not buying the idea that the pro-independence parties will win 50+ seats in the election.

      My advice would be to take local advice. Maybe there is a plan!!!

    2. Think you have problems P.P.?

      Dan Suff where I live we already have a Tory M.P., a BLUE Tory M.P. In fact he is Scotland's pet Tory. We suffer the same problem you do though, only in reverse, cause to get rid of the pet BLUE Tory the second placed candidate is a RED Tory!

    3. Lol Arbroath! I think Murphy is probably to the right of your Tory. But ask yourself this. Leaving aside "notional" parties, who would you rather have Mundell or Murphy? Or is that a choice no-one should face :-)

    4. Ewwww... hard one. I wouldn't like to have to make that choice.

      It's a bit like having to choose between yer girlfriend and yer dog!

    5. BBC Reporting Scotland is to have a make over after the Labour Party in Scotland elect their new temporary Chairperson - It is to be called -The Jim Murphy Show. It will star Jim Murphy directed by Jim Murphy etc etc

    6. Just imagine paying £145 a year for that...

      Glad we don't!

  3. It seems there are still a stubborn remnant of Labour supporters who believe that the modern Labour party is still the party of yester-year and that Murphy will renew their fortunes. I was reading Iain McWhirter discussing the fact that Murphy was strongly in favour of the Iraq invasion, strongly against an investigation, in favour of nuclear weapons and facilities, university fees and "reform" of the NHS and claimed that Murphy will be able to set all that aside. I don't fecking think so!

    1. He's for everything that hurts ordinary people and for nothing that is good for them.

      He also voted with the Tories on the welfare cap, which might be fine (after all why should someone not working get £26,000 a year, you could argue) if it were not for the fact that most of this is money used to pay landlords massive rents in some English cities where rents can be £20,000 a year adn more, for relatively modest accommodation.

      He's a nasty piece of work. I can;t help but wonder how he managed to spend 9 years at Glasgow Uni and didn't even get a ordinary bachelor's degree... 9 YEARS.

      He'd not have been able to do that if he had to pay the fees that he voted for, in England, but wasn't entitled to vote for in her own country.

  4. I just want to congratulate Munguin and Tris for giving me a really good laugh first thing this morning. I had a good chortle at the Gunpowder delivery picture.
    Indeed Nye Bevan and Clem Atlee would certainly not recognise the Labour Party of today, we who have watched it happen don't either but imagine coming back today and seeing what the organisation, born from poverty forcing people back into poverty. If you were writing a book, people would regard it as a fairy tale.
    I have my own cross to bear, with Cara Hilton and Thomas Docherty as my representatives. I suppose it could be worse I used to have Bill Walker and Willie Rennie, though not both at the same time. So I can fell for Jimnarlene having to tolerate the Smurphy.
    I have just had to unsubscribe to Labourhame, though I did not actually subscribe to it I can only imagine I got involved because of my letter writing for Wings, I wonder if they actually thought I was interested in becoming a member. A wee bitty difficult seeing I am a member of the SNP and do they not read anything, I wasn't nice when I got the e-mail from Ed.

  5. Should have read " Feel for Jimnarlene"

    1. I'm glad you got a laugh Helena.

      I got a load of emails just before the referendum from Better Together... Johann, Alistair, even that revolting Dougie Alexander and the saviour of the world.

      I was obliged to mark them down as junk mail along with the garbage I get from Nigerian princes promising me a share in their royal fortunes if only I send them my bank details.

      Jolly decent chaps these Nigerian princes, don't you think?

      I see no one blew up the house of commons this year...

      Oh well... {sigh}

    2. Thankx Helena, but your sympathy; while appreciated is off the mark.
      Cathy Jamieson is my MP, sympathy required; however......
      My MSP is Willie Coffey SNP and my local councillor is Bobby McDill SNP; so not all bad.

  6. I think 'hating' anyone is a sign of either very strong conviction in politics, or a sign of a small minded ideologue...

    1. I'm pretty sure Nye Bevan wasn't small minded, Dean. He loathed or hated the Tory Party for what it had done to people.

      Hard not to hate when you see people struggling to work, pay for food and keep themselves warm, working down a mine in foul and dangerous conditions, watching their children die of unnecessary disease because of the cold damp conditions of their homes and inadequate food, while the mine owners, living in massive houses run by servants, worked in comfortable, safe offices, were driven around in cars, and ate as well as they wanted... and there was nothing anyone could do about it.

      I know what you mean. Hate is a negative emotion. Normally nothing good comes out of hating your enemy, but if that was what it took for Mr Bevan to do what he did, then in this case it was a positive thing, and many people are alive today because of that hatred of the Tory party, and the conviction that things HAD to change.

      Frankly, I'd rather have one Nye Bevan than 100 Andy Burnhams and a million Jeremy Hunts.

    2. I still hate and I do mean hate, with the passion of a trillion tortured souls, Thatcher. This is born through experience, of her obliteration of communities and cohesive working class society, not small minded ideologically.

    3. Yes. Her policies quite literally killed so many people.

      She took away what little life they had. Many had horrible jobs, but at least they had jobs, and the pride that comes with having a job, a reason to get up in the morning.

      She took them away, and the jobs that were supported by them, and left communities with nothing but desolation and decay.

      She killed people. So that the city of London could prosper, or what she would call prosper.

      I'd not have thrown water on her if she was on fire.

    4. I wouldn't piss on her..........
      I did however party like it was 1999 (to paraphrase a diminutive entertainer), when she left this mortal coil. Not my proudest achievement, but I despise that evil feker, with every fibre of my being.

    5. As someone once said. I wouldn't piss on her if she was on fire, but if she weren't....

  7. I really do hate the British establishment Dean, be they blue or red.
    They derive more than hate for what they are doing to the poor and vulnerable.

    1. Yes, I think I have a k loathing for the sense of entitlement and the sense of superiority that they have.

      The fact that the police, newspapers, BBC, commons, lords and royals, the church and top civil servants, probably the courts and just about every other establishment organisation is corrupt to the core, and being protected by the secret services and funded by the City, the world's more corrupt financial centre ... an that they try, not once, but twice, to fool the idiot public by appointing one of their own to look into some of the corruption and fight against outside (EU) interference in their corruption, sickens me to the core.

    2. I tend to loathe our so called masters, I have difficulty with the 55% as well but then after reading a post by some ill informed punter down south I tended towards the thought that with the amount of bad propaganda people here were being stuffed with you could see some of them had difficulty making up what passes for their mind.
      Unfortunately the average person does not see far enough, that the Tories and fellow travellers intend taking us out of not only Europe but in destroying both the NHS and the welfare state. You have to be particularly thick not to see both Labour and Tory would be quite happy not to be paying out money for both of these things, more to spend on self aggrandisement and war.

    3. Their priorities are all wrong.

      Fix the NHS; fix education; fix the pothole filled roads; the broken train service; the dangerous state of some of the infrastructure... then worry about how Iraq is running itself, or what's going on in Chile, or Uganda, Malaysia or Laos.

      Forget that you once ruled a quarter of the world. It was a long time ago and it was wrong even then.

      How people can be proud to be the UK government looking at the horrific way in which this supposedly rich country treats its people beats the hell out of me.

      I detest people who think it's OK for children to go to school hungry, regardless of whether their parents are working or not, while the country throw state dinners for dictators at hundreds of pounds a plate.

  8. I do not for one minute think that these are Munquin's "random thoughts" but a carefully collated afore-thought denigration of our rulers at Westminster - god bless them and give them the wisdom to make decisions on our behalf!

    1. No no no no, Mr Brownlie.

      Munguin is a simple animal; he wouldn't dream of doing anything to undermine the power structure in the beloved UK.