Wednesday 19 November 2014


Laughable: The British authorities couldn't cope
with more than 3 or 4...But they can elsewhere...
Fortunately for democracy, not everywhere is as crap as the UK
(or as corrupt).


  1. I have been very lazy but as we really should not be bothering with live TV, nothing on the box and the bit that is we normally download these days. So am off to do my bit, it is in my name you see.
    Yes and the bit about the Television debates, don't think it is that they can't just that they won't.

    1. I read somewhere, Helena that they thought it would be rather over complex to have the Greens, SNP, Plaid, as well as the two major parties, the Libs and Ukip.

      So they are certainly giving the impression that, whilst other countries' broadcasters can cope with a debate of that size, the British ones can't.

      And looking at some of the moderation we have been having recently, they are probably right. They couldn't cope with it.

      Maybe we could get RTE to organise it and send one of their interviews over to moderate.

  2. I am watching the PMQ now...God please let Scots vote that Anas Sarwar out. PMQs have always been tedious to watch anyway.

    1. I gave up on it a long time ago. If I want to see primary school children shout and squabble then I'll pop down to the nearest school.

      It annoys me greatly that we have to pay them £66,000 a year each to make farmyard noises.

  3. Tris

    The WBC, sorry BBC ,will never allow the SNP a platform, esp with the recent polls that continue to show the SNP set for a major Westminster breakthrough if the polls are even close to being true. Now, like you, I don't see the SNP getting anything like 30 + seats but even 20 upsets the apple cart and they will not risk it.

    The Unionists want the independence debate put to bed, it's not going to be but they want that. Other than a few here and there online demanding a new referendum most yes voters have moved on, it's unionist fear that is keeping it up front and centre, they are just too thick to see it. That doesn't take away from the debate format being wrong, esp for the greens but it's not Westminsters role to give the so called smaller parties a voice. The last thing they want is people voting in high numbers in what they see as their elections, the Tories would rather suffer a Labour Government than have real gains for the SNP and Greens etc.

    The system is a con and all set up to maintain the status quo, a term or two in Government, life not a total failure. Luxury travel on the speech circuit, a few non executive directors roles, a wee charity here and there and set for life. Look at me I achieved a lot and I have set it all up firmly for the next Oxford/Cambridge elites and not so bright people to continue the line of posh folk keeping the poor in their place. Downton Abbey goes on.

    I hate the UK.


    1. I don't think they have quite got the message that thy don;t set the whole agenda any more Bruce.

      They may be able to refuse to have Plaid and the SNP and Greens in the debate, but with the strength of the pro independence parties I just don;t see how they can stop the message getting out.

      Really they are talking to the very poor and the very old, who don't have internet.

  4. I don't have a T.V. in my living room any more Tris I just have a very, very, VERY large computer monitor. LOL