Thursday, 17 October 2013




  1. Tris

    I tried the shopping around thing, even haggled with EDM or whatever they are called in the Wellgate and you just can't save hundreds. Once you get them to take you through all the crap you can actually be a lot worse off. The sad reality is that many people will have to choose when to eat or heat again. Of course this will effect the elderly and the poor, what a country this is and the government and the opposition will do nothing at all. Oh they will get a soundbite in the paper and a rant on BBC Question Time tonight but in the main they will do jack. What a country we live in and to think we can't manage our affairs. Did you hear Danny Alexander today asking the mortgage sector to put the frieghtners on people taking out a mortgage, how low will these toilet bugs go.


    1. Bruce, did you try the compare thing. I was offered a saving of over £100. Do you mean that there are catches in this?

      I didn't hear Danny Alexander ...presumably the new story is there will be no mortgages in an independent Scotland, because despite the fact that most international financial organisations seem to think we will be in the top ten of rich countries, no one will lend anyone any money incase Scotland sinks without a trace.

      If that's the story, someone needs to put a lot of bleach on Alexander and flush him down the toilet. Still people who sell their sister down the river for a bit of preference with a mad phone throwing nut job can't really be trusted at all, can they?

    2. Tris

      Douglas Alexander is Wendy's brother, Danny is the LibDem that resembles Beaker from the muppets But you are right the ConDemLabs do all merge into one!!

      o/t my paws are a bit older today, it's my birthday. With a zero on the end of it EEKKKKK..

    3. Ooops, Sorry. I keep on getting these two mixed up.

      OK... got it now. Danny Alexander is the guy who was elected as a Liberal but who has become a true blue Tory, right?

      Happy birthday to you; Happy birthday to you;
      Happy birthday dear Panda; Happy birthday to you.


    4. PS 20 isn't that bad!

  2. Yep... This is too much.

    If they kick off, tell them to go to China...

  3. From memory, I've switched twice (and switched my Mum once, as in her energy supplier, not her.) Each time was for better customer care but it also worked out cheaper - for the first couple of months.

    For my crappy wee flat with no gas supply, I got it down to £19pm, I never used the heating or the oven (can't cook.) Within a couple of months it rocketed up to £49pm. I never figured out how or why.

    My mum is now paying a dual fuel bill of £218 a month! (Yes, I deployed an exclamation mark goddammit! And another...) Again, I look at her bills and glaze over - I have no idea how or why they are so high. I try to add it up, put in meter readings and on the one hand, she goes into credit (quite a lot) but it seems to drain away by the next bill date. She's paying £218 a month but her bills come in quarterly. Her mid-May to mid-Aug bill is £261.01 - how the fuck is she still paying £218 a month? Obviously her winter bills are higher (about double from memory) but even so?

    I think the whole switching thing is a con as well. Ok, the first couple of bills might be lower but they soon hike up.

    Hope nobody objects to the personal example, I don't want anyone flaking out a la Wings last night. ;-) But as an example, I just think switching only works in the short term, once they have you signed up, its back to open season on price hikes.

    They say its because of the futures markets (on which I blogged ages ago.) But even so, the price still goes down occasionally, they manage to put it up but it never goes down?

    I've come to the conclusion, they're just robbing bastards.

    That is all. Have at me. ;-)

    1. You are correct pa, Ive switched a few times and hey presto after a short while the bills get bigger and bigger. I read a while back cant remember where, the energy companies want at the least £2,000 from every house hold in the country

    2. Thanks Pa. You seem to be saying pretty much what Bruce was.

      So I guess my enthusiasm for the change thing was misplaced. I have to say that when I heard on the news this morning that Eton Toff had said that swapping supplier was the answer, I was very suspicious, on the basis that his lips moving indicate that a lie is being perpetrated, so I suppose I will stay with Scottish Gas and be robbed by them.

      The story about your mum worries me. I know she doesn't keep well, and probably stays in the house a lot of the time, so I guess her bills would be higher, but £218 a month? No, wait £218 a month!!!? That is over £2,600 a year.

      That has to be wrong. Nightmarish though it is to contact them by phone (your call is important to us but we are experiencing very high traffic at the moment) you have to.

      I missed the discussion at Wings... but we don't do flaking out here, so you're pretty safe to say whatever you think is relevant without fear of condemnation.

      Must go and read up to find out what it was all about.

      As for the futures markets, the future may well be be orange after all. That's the colour of explosions, isn't it?

    3. Anon: It will be a cold day in hell before they get £2000 out of me.

      I have to admit to being parsimonious with my heating.

      But that's another confirmation.

      I won't swap.